Adjectives for Democrats

Adjectives For Democrats

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing democrats, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the varied landscape of 'democrats' through adjectives illuminates the diversity within the political sphere. Descriptors like 'social', 'many', 'liberal', 'southern', 'conservative', and 'northern' present a tapestry of ideologies, geographical inclinations, and population sizes. These adjectives help demystify the complexities surrounding democrats, showcasing how their identities and beliefs can vary widely. From 'social democrats' who might emphasize a blend of social justice with economic policies, to 'conservative democrats' who may prioritize traditional values within a modern political framework, each term opens a new avenue of understanding. Dive deeper into the nuances and explore a comprehensive list of adjectives that bring life to the diverse narratives of democrats.
socialThe social democrats are a political party that advocates for social justice and economic equality.
manyMany democrats voted in favor of the bill.
liberalThe Liberal democrats are a British political party.
southernThe Southern democrats were a powerful political force in the United States from the 1870s until the 1960s.
conservativeThe conservative democrats are often seen as the more fiscally conservative wing of the party.
mostMost democrats believe in a strong social safety net.
congressionalCongressional democrats have criticized the president's budget proposal.
whiteThe white democrats supported the civil rights movement.
radicalThe radical democrats are challenging the status quo.
revolutionaryRevolutionary democrats fought for a more just and equitable society.
moderateMore moderate democrats have criticized the move.
christianThe Christian democrats are a centrist political party in Germany.
formerSeveral former democrats who helped Mr. Trump win the election were in the audience.
bourgeoisThe bourgeois democrats who had led the revolution, were now in power.
germanThe German democrats were a political party in Germany founded in 1918.
loyalLoyal democrats have always been a key part of the party's base.
progressiveThe progressive democrats one of the key liberal groups in congress, pushed their agenda.
wingThe wing democrats proposed a new bill that would provide funding for renewable energy research.
fellowEveryone in this room are fellow democrats
trueTrue democrats are tolerant of opposing views.
westernWestern democrats have been working to pass a new bill that would increase funding for education.
registeredSeveral registered democrats participated in the protest.
deliberativeDeliberative democrats prioritize considering citizen preferences before making decisions.
constitutionalThe Constitutional democrats were a political party in Imperial Russia.
independentThe independent democrats are a minority in the Senate.
extremeThe extreme democrats in the party are pushing for a more progressive agenda.
traditionalTraditional democrats are worried about the party's lurch to the left.
urbanUrban democrats are generally more progressive than their rural counterparts.
influentialInfluential democrats gathered to discuss the upcoming election.
polishThe Polish democrats are a political party in Poland.
calledThe political party called democrats supports a progressive agenda.
lineLine democrats met in a secret caucus on Monday to discuss their platform.
disaffectedThe disaffected democrats voted for a third-party candidate.
ruralRural democrats often express concerns about the economy and healthcare.
enoughEnough democrats voted no that the motion failed.
ardentThe ardent democrats rallied to defend the rights of those in need.
oneOne democrats representative didn't vote.
incumbentIncumbent democrats face a tough challenge in the upcoming election.
goldThe gold democrats were a faction of the Democratic Party in the late 19th century that favored a gold standard.
deservingThe deserving democrats were rewarded for their hard work.
genuineGenuine democrats believe in a transparent and accountable government.
mindedThe minded democrats voted against the bill.
australianThe Australian democrats were a centre-left political party in Australia.
classClass democrats believe the wealthy should pay more in taxes.
seniorSenior democrats in Congress are calling for an investigation into the matter.
disgruntledThe disgruntled democrats protested the election results outside the state capitol.
fiveFive democrats were there.
participatoryParticipatory democrats are citizens who actively participate in the political process.
staunchThe staunch democrats never stray from their party's platform.
athenianThe Athenian democrats were an influential group of politicians in the 5th century BC.
honestHonest democrats are committed to serving their constituents.
fileThe file democrats are a group of people who support the Democratic Party.
ultraThe ultra democrats were opposed to the war.
fourFour democrats attended the meeting to discuss the new budget.
jeffersonianThe Jeffersonian democrats were a political party in the United States that existed from 1801 to 1825.
sevenSeven democrats are running for office.
austrianThe Austrian democrats were a political party in Austria from 1861 to 1934.
agrarianThe agrarian democrats sought to protect the interests of small farmers.
antiwarAntiwar democrats protested the Vietnam War.

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