Adjectives for Den

Adjectives For Den

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing den, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'den' conjures images of cozy, secluded spaces, but the adjectives used with it can paint a myriad of pictures. A 'little den' suggests a charming, perhaps cramped space, inviting a sense of intimacy. In contrast, an 'own den' emphasizes personal or private use, offering a glimpse into the owner's sanctuary. The atmosphere shifts with 'dark den,' hinting at mystery or possibly neglect. 'Small' echoes sentiments of 'little,' focusing on size but also potentially coziness. An 'old den' might evoke a sense of history, nostalgia, or the need for renovation, while 'underground den' adds an element of intrigue or seclusion from the outside world. Each adjective not only describes but also invites us to envision unique stories and emotions tied to these spaces. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'den' to life below.
littleShe crept into her little den tired from the hike.
ownThe fox has its own den
darkThe dark den was a haven for the weary traveler.
smallThe boy hid in the small den
oldThe old den was filled with dust and cobwebs.
undergroundThe fox hid in its underground den to escape the rain.
veryThe very den of the beast was hidden behind the waterfall.
privateThe private den was a cozy sanctuary where he could relax and unwind.
foulThe foul den stank of rotting flesh and excrement.
cozyI curled up with a book in front of the fireplace in my cozy den
filthyThe filthy den was a breeding ground for disease.
dismalThe dismal den was dark and dreary.
miserableThe miserable den was filled with nothing but the sound of dripping water.
lowThe low den was a haven for the animals.
gloomyThe ominous figure emerged from the gloomy den its eyes glinting with malice.
secretThe children built themselves a secret den among the trees.
horribleHe hid in a horrible den
paneledThe paneled den was filled with the rich smell of mahogany.
comfortableThe comfortable den was a cozy refuge from the cold winter weather.
vileI cannot visit that vile den again.
wretchedThe wretched den was crawling with vile creatures.
deepThe fox's deep den was hidden amidst the dense undergrowth.
chineseThe chinese den was full of people.
blackThe dragon disappeared into its black den
rockyThe bear emerged from its rocky den
narrowThe narrow den was filled with the musty smell of old books.
smokyThe smoky den was filled with the aroma of tobacco and the sound of laughter.
loathsomeThe loathsome den emitted a foul stench that permeated the village.
noisomeThe noisome den was filled with the stench of decay.
italianThe Italian den had delicious pizza.
warmMy dog loves sleeping in the warm den
tinyLois discovered a tiny den while playing in the forest.
dingyThe dingy den was filled with old newspapers and empty beer cans.
veritableThe bees had built a veritable den within the hollow of the tree.
snugMy dog loves to sleep in his snug den
dreadfulThe dreadful den reeked of dampness and neglect.
notoriousThe police raided the notorious den of thieves.
subterraneanThe hobbits took shelter in a subterranean den to escape the storm.
regularThe dogs search for toys in their regular den
horridThat horrid den was his sanctuary.
wangWang den in de ijskast is kapot.
strangeI stumbled upon a strange den during my walk in the woods.
communalThe bears live in a communal den during the winter.
hiddenThe hiker discovered the hidden den while exploring the forest.
vastIn the vast den the echoes of the forgotten whispered through the silence.
widerWir stehen auf einem viel wider den Himmel breiter gewordenen Balkon.
squalidThe group fled to the squalid den seeking refuge from the storm.
solitaryThe grizzly bear retreated to its solitary den to hibernate.
lonelyThe lonely den was a place where the wolf could rest.
savageThe savage den was a dangerous place to be.
darksomeThe darksome den was home to a cunning fox.
dirtyI can't believe I left my dirty den like this.
mereHe has been ill for mere den four weeks.
cosyI love to relax in my cosy den and read a book.
spaciousThe spacious den had plenty of room for the family to relax.
dryThe dry den was a place where he could finally rest and relax.
hugeThe bear lived in a huge den with its cubs.
famousThe cave has long been a famous den for lions.
evilThe evil den was filled with darkness and despair.
linedThe team will meet at the lined den at 6 PM.
murkyThe explorers ventured into the murky den their footsteps echoing in the darkness.
natalA coati mundi spends its first few days of life living in the natal den
rapThe rap den was packed with people who were there to see the latest up-and-coming artists.
drearyI spent my life in this dreary den unaware of the beauty that lay just beyond its walls.
emptyThe empty den echoed with the sound of her footsteps.
stuffyThe stuffy den was filled with the musty smell of old books.
safeThe dog ran to its safe den
accursedThe accursed den was a foul place, filled with the stench of decay and the sound of dripping water.
awfulThe house was abandoned, with an awful den that smelled of decay.
obscureThe obscure den was a place where secrets were whispered.
dangerousThe hiker stumbled upon a dangerous den its entrance concealed by dense undergrowth.

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