Adjectives for Denial

Adjectives For Denial

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing denial, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the nuanced English language, adjectives play a crucial role in shading meanings, especially when paired with potent nouns like 'denial'. A 'self denial' carries a tone of sacrifice or introspection, while a 'such denial' nuances towards specific, undeniable facts. 'General denial' suggests a broad, sweeping refusal, verging on the dismissive. On the other hand, 'complete' or 'total denial' intensifies the absolute nature of the rejection, leaving no room for doubt. Meanwhile, a 'flat denial' dismisses without the need for explanation, exuding finality and decisiveness. Each adjective alters the landscape of denunciation, illustrating the language's rich tapestry. Immerse yourself in the full array of adjectives linked with 'denial' and explore the subtle differences each one brings below.
selfHer self denial was admirable.
suchHer such denial of her guilt left the jury doubtful.
generalThe lawyer entered a general denial on behalf of his client.
completeShe responded with complete denial
flatShe met his accusation with a flat denial
totalShe lives in a state of total denial
absoluteHe asserted that the claim was not true, making an absolute denial
explicitThe witness's explicit denial of the charges was shocking.
outrightShe met his outright denial with a raised eyebrow.
officialThe official denial of the allegations cast doubt on their validity.
mereThe mere denial of a fact does not make it false.
categoricalThe accused issued a categorical denial of any wrongdoing.
veryHe was very denial about his hair loss.
muchThere was much denial in the air.
indignantShe gave an indignant denial of involvement in the scandal.
implicitAlthough he said nothing, his silence was an implicit denial of the accusation.
formalThe company issued a formal denial of any wrongdoing.
virtualWe will always choose open access over virtual denial
initial"Of course," he said, pausing briefly in initial denial "I stole it. I'm the thief."
massiveThe company's financial records exhibit massive denial of revenue.
systematicThe systematic denial of human rights is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.
vehementThe politician's vehement denial of the corruption charges did not convince the public.
constantIn spite of constant denial the truth was revealed.
persistentHer persistent denial of the affair raised suspicions
utterShe listened to my accusations with utter denial
asceticHis ascetic denial of worldly pleasures was a testament to his deep devotion.
apparentHer apparent denial of the accusation seemed sincere.
vigorousDespite the mounting evidence against him, the suspect offered a vigorous denial of any wrongdoing.
extremeIn extreme denial he refused to acknowledge the irrefutable evidence.
deliberateShe was devastated by her mother's deliberate denial of her childhood abuse.
radicalHer radical denial of the consequences was astounding.
partialShe only admitted to a partial denial of the charges.
psychologicalHer psychological denial of the situation prevented her from taking any action.
firmThe company responded with a firm denial
clearShe gave a clear denial of any wrongdoing.
subsequentThe subsequent denial led to widespread criticism.
bareShe met his accusations with a bare denial
angryHis angry denial only served to make his guilt all the more apparent.
unqualifiedThe CEO responded with an unqualified denial to the allegations of misconduct.
continuedShe found herself in a cycle of continued denial
ultimateShe resorted to the ultimate denial by claiming she had no knowledge of the matter.
consciousThe conscious denial of a problem only serves to make it worse.
collectiveThe collective denial of the society about the climate change prevented the necessary actions to be taken.
rigidShe responded with rigid denial when asked about their relationship.
dogmaticHer dogmatic denial of the truth made further conversation impossible.
unconsciousHer unconscious denial of the truth was evident in her evasive answers.
blankThe suspect met our questions with a blank denial of any wrongdoing.
boldHe made a bold denial** when asked if he was the one who stole the money.
widespreadThere was widespread denial about the severity of the pandemic.
blatantJohn's blatant denial of his involvement in the crime aroused suspicion.
distinctHe handed his boss a distinct denial
heroic"It was a heroic denial," he said, "but it was also a lie."
promptThe report received a prompt denial from the administration.
verbalDespite his verbal denial his body language gave him away.
resoluteDespite the mounting evidence, he maintained a resolute denial of his involvement.
sweepingThe company issued a sweeping denial of the allegations against it.
flagrantHer flagrant denial of any wrongdoing only served to cast further suspicion upon her.
arbitraryThe arbitrary denial of our request was unacceptable.

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