Adjectives for Departure

Adjectives For Departure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing departure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'departure' can significantly alter the perception and emotional impact of a sentence. A 'new departure' offers a sense of fresh beginnings and optimism, whereas a 'radical departure' suggests a bold and transformative change. The word 'sudden' infuses the context with a sense of urgency or surprise, instantly changing the narrative's pace. 'Significant departure' implies a profound or impactful change, providing depth to the discussion. The term 'final departure' carries a sense of conclusiveness and permanency, often evoking emotional responses. Similarly, an 'abrupt departure' highlights an unexpected or unanticipated change, adding a layer of shock or disruption. Each adjective nuance enriches the story, allowing for a tailored narrative experience. Explore the full list of adjectives below to vividly depict every departure.
newWe are taking a new departure in the way we think about our business.
radicalThe company's new marketing strategy is a radical departure from its traditional approach.
suddenTheir sudden departure left me feeling confused and abandoned.
significantThe company's significant departure from its traditional business model has led to increased profitability.
finalThe final departure of the plane was delayed by two hours.
abruptThe abrupt departure of the CEO left the company in turmoil.
majorThe company's major departure from its traditional business model has led to increased profits.
earlyI regret that I must take an early departure this evening.
hastyHe made a hasty departure before anyone could ask any questions.
imminentThe imminent departure of the flight caused a flurry of last-minute preparations.
importantThe important departure from the original text was the addition of a new character.
impendingI hurried to pack my suitcase in anticipation of my impending departure
hurriedTheir hurried departure left behind a room full of unanswered questions.
speedyThe train's speedy departure left many passengers behind.
intendedThe intended departure time is 10:30 AM.
completeThe new policy represents a complete departure from the previous administration's approach.
dramatic"Time to leave this place," he told himself, marking his dramatic departure
sharpLast Tuesday's meeting marked a sharp departure from previous ones.
clearThe company's new strategy marks a clear departure from its traditional approach.
wideThe wide departure from traditional practices left many feeling confused and disoriented.
slightThe slight departure from the norm didn't go unnoticed.
voluntaryHe chose voluntary departure over deportation.
distinctThis brand's new design constitutes a distinct departure from its previous collections.
strikingThe play's striking departure from traditional storytelling techniques divided critics.
considerableThe company's new strategy represents a considerable departure from its previous approach.
seriousHer serious departure from the plan put the entire mission at risk.
freshThis trip marks a fresh departure from our usual summer destinations.
actualPlease find the actual departure time on your boarding pass.
fundamentalThe fundamental departure from traditional approaches to education has led to innovative learning methods.
substantialThe contract was found to be in substantial departure from the requirements of the agreement.
quickHe made a quick departure after the boss walked in.
instantThe plane left on instant departure due to the incoming storm.
preLet's confirm the pre departure procedures.
temporaryThe team's temporary departure from the tournament has been met with disappointment.
boldThe entrepreneur's bold departure from the traditional business model led to unprecedented success.
notableHer recent work marked a notable departure from her earlier style.
interestingThe plane made an interesting departure
prematureThe premature departure of the flight caused widespread distress among the passengers.
drasticThe new CEO's policies represent a drastic departure from those of his predecessor.
unexpectedThe unexpected departure of the CEO sent shockwaves through the company.
forcedThe forced departure of the refugees was a tragic event.
rapidThe rapid departure of the train left many passengers frustrated.
subsequentHe asked for a subsequent departure due to issues with his flight.
slightestWe must avoid the slightest departure from the proper practice in this instance.
eventualThe eventual departure of the visitors was met with relief.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary departure from traditional thinking has led to a paradigm shift.
definiteThe train's definite departure time was announced over the loudspeaker.
permanentI have decided to make a permanent departure from this place.
safeThey wish him a safe departure from the airport.
gradualWith a gradual departure the sun dipped behind the horizon.
novelThe novel departure from traditional design principles generated a flurry of excitement.
secretThe team’s secret departure from the hotel went unnoticed.
welcomeThe new project manager is a welcome departure from the previous one.
apparentThe apparent departure of the guests took the host by surprise.
leastMy least departure was from New York to Los Angeles.
remarkableThe zoo's remarkable departure from traditional animal enclosures was a resounding success.
startlingThe politician's startling departure from his usual viewpoints stunned the audience.
deliberateThe deliberate departure from the norm was met with both praise and criticism.
unusualThe official announcement concerning the unusual departure of the president left everyone in a state of shock.
strangeThe strange departure of the astronaut left the mission in disarray.
swiftThe swift departure of the train surprised many passengers.
promptHe had to make a prompt departure to catch his flight.
sadThe sad departure brought tears to her eyes.
obviousThe obvious departure from the norm was met with skepticism.
violentThe plane's violent departure startled the passengers.
untimelyHer untimely departure shocked and saddened the entire community.
peacefulI hope your peaceful departure will grant you everlasting bliss.

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