Adjectives for Dependence

Adjectives For Dependence

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dependence, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the array of adjectives linked with the noun 'dependence' unveils the depth and variety of relationships and conditions it can imply. From 'mutual dependence' that highlights interdependence and support, to 'economic dependence' underscoring financial reliance, each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning. 'Physical dependence' speaks to a bodily need, while 'strong dependence' amplifies the degree of reliance. The term 'linear dependence' introduces a mathematical or systematic aspect, and 'absolute dependence' suggests a total reliance without alternatives. These nuanced interpretations reveal the complex web of connections and dependencies in our world. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives describing 'dependence' below.
mutualThe ecosystem exhibited a mutual dependence between its various species.
economicThe nation's political weakness and economic dependence made it vulnerable to foreign influence.
physicalShe had developed a physical dependence on tranquilizers and sleeping pills.
strongThe strong dependence on technology makes life easier.
absoluteThe child's absolute dependence on her mother made her feel safe and secure.
completeThe child's complete dependence on her parents was a source of great stress.
greaterSocial media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have led to a greater dependence on technology in our daily lives.
heavyThe company's heavy dependence on a single supplier made it vulnerable to supply chain disruptions.
totalThe child's total dependence on his parents left him unable to make his own decisions.
psychologicalThe addiction to alcohol is due to psychological dependence
angularThe angular dependence of the scattering cross-section is significant.
interThe inter dependence of the team members was evident in their successful collaboration.
financialFinancial dependence can lead to stress and anxiety.
excessiveExcessive dependence on technology can lead to a lack of social skills.
directThe machine's direct dependence on human control has been severed.
spatialThe spatial dependence of the data was evident in the clustering of points in certain areas.
muchHe was very much dependence on his father.
temperatureThe temperature dependence of the reaction rate constant is given by the Arrhenius equation.
lessContinuous integration tools use versioning to track changes and enable less dependence on individual team members.
utterThe utter dependence on technology has made us vulnerable to cyber attacks.
exponentialThe experimental results show an exponential dependence of the reaction rate on temperature.
continuedContinued dependence on heavy equipment is not a sustainable solution to the problem.
closeResearch on close dependence is still ongoing.
observedThe researcher observed dependence in the data.
explicitThe model's accuracy showed an explicit dependence on the number of training examples.
externalThe company is working to reduce its external dependence on imported raw materials.
extremeThe patient's extreme dependence on the drug made it difficult for him to function without it.
sensitiveSmall changes in initial conditions of a chaotic system can produce large and unpredictable changes in the system's future behavior, known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions.
chiefThe chief dependence of the city is on tourism.
technologicalOur technological dependence has made us more isolated and less social.
literaryMartin's literary dependence on Hemingway is evident in his understated prose style.
physiologicalJennifer's physiological dependence on caffeine led to her daily consumption of several cups of coffee.
causalThe behavior of the system is highly sensitive to the initial conditions due to its causal dependence
colonialThis country has suffered from colonial dependence for centuries.
overOver dependence on imported goods has made the country vulnerable to economic sanctions.
soleTheir sole dependence was on the selling of the property.
reciprocalThe two species had evolved a reciprocal dependence on each other.
quadraticThe force of friction is in a quadratic dependence on the velocity
markedThe child showed marked dependence on his mother.
opiateIndividuals with opiate dependence often experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug.
necessaryThe necessary dependence of electricity on coal is a major problem.
magneticThe magnetic dependence of the susceptibility was determined by measuring the magnetic moment as a function of the applied magnetic field.
nonlinearThis system demonstrates nonlinear dependence of the response upon the waveform shape.
exclusiveThe new system operates without exclusive dependence on any one component.
psychicThis addiction has led to the development of a psychic dependence on drugs.
apparentThe apparent dependence of oil prices on the economic growth rate was revealed by several studies.
radialOne can replace the approximate expression with a Gaussian function that depends just on the radial dependence
partialThis is an example of the partial dependence of GDP per capita on education.
slightThe patient has a slight dependence on opioids.
structuralThe team's structural dependence on the experienced players was evident in the crucial match.
statisticalThe variables in this dataset exhibit statistical dependence
infantileHer infantile dependence on her parents was evident in her every action.
timeThe time dependence of the function was established by analyzing its behavior.
abjectHe had sunk into an abject dependence on alcohol.
undueThe undue dependence on imported oil created a vulnerability for the country.
ultimateThe child's ultimate dependence on the parents might turn into a threat for their adulthood.

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