Adjectives for Deposits

Adjectives For Deposits

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing deposits, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Discovering the right adjective to describe deposits can vividly alter the perception and value of the subject. A large deposit evokes the sense of vast wealth, while an alluvial deposit hones in on its geologic characteristics and possible locations. Terms like rich highlight the deposit's value, potentially in minerals or resources, contrasting with glacial, which refers to its formation history and age. The adjective total provides a quantitative assessment, focusing on the extent or worth of the deposits. Similarly, ore deposits specify not just the type, but also hint at the composition and exploitation potential. Each adjective nuances our understanding, hinting at origins, value, and potential uses. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with deposits to unlock a treasure trove of descriptive possibilities.
largeShe should have thought twice before putting such large deposits of cash into her account without a clear explanation.
alluvialAlluvial plains are formed from alluvial deposits
richThe mine contains rich deposits of gold and silver.
glacialThe glacial deposits are a reminder of the last ice age.
totalThe total deposits for the month were over one million dollars.
oreGold is a precious metal that is found in ore deposits
extensiveThe city has extensive deposits of coal that have fueled its economy for many years.
marineNumerous marine deposits are associated with this unit at different places.
secondarySecondary deposits of the gravel bar often contain sizeable gold nuggets.
recentI checked my bank account and saw recent deposits
thickThick deposits of fog obscured the nearby trees.
naturalThe natural deposits of the area were discovered in the 19th century.
fatExcess fat deposits can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.
foreignThe financial institution is required to report all foreign deposits in excess of $10,000
calcareousThe buildup of calcareous deposits on the limestone caused the cave to grow gradually over time.
similarWe identified similar deposits in the Mississippi Basin.
valuableWe stumbled upon valuable deposits whilst exploring the uncharted territory.
vastThere are vast deposits of oil in the Middle East.
denseThe dense deposits of minerals in the area made it a valuable mining site.
lacustrineThe lacustrine deposits contain abundant organic matter.
superficialThe superficial deposits were found to be composed of a mixture of sand, gravel, and clay.
massiveArchaeologists discovered massive deposits of ancient artifacts at the site.
heavyThe bank required heavy deposits before approving the loan.
quaternaryThe quaternary deposits were composed primarily of late Wisconsin glacial drift and lacustrine clays.
granularThese granular deposits are composed of a mixture of sand, silt, and clay.
archaeologicalThe archaeological deposits at the site were extensive.
fluvialFluvial deposits provide valuable information about the past environment and can be used to reconstruct paleo-landscapes.
bearingThe bearing deposits contain copper, lead, and zinc.
commercialCommercial deposits are the funds that businesses deposit in banks.
stratifiedThe ice cliffs shown above revealed sedimentary structures within the polar layered deposits and some of the lowest stratified deposits in the Vastitas Borealis Formation.
checkableThere were hardly any checkable deposits until he started working.
olderThe older deposits are not included in the present data set.
termTerm deposits are long-term investments that offer a fixed interest rate.
ancientThe team surveyed ancient deposits for fossilized remains of the extinct species.
continentalThe continental deposits of the Eocene epoch are rich in fossil mammals.
deepThe company has deep deposits of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.
immuneLupus nephritis is caused by immune deposits in the glomeruli, which can result in glomerular scarring and loss of function.
tertiaryThe geological structure of the regions is composed mostly of tertiary deposits
hugeThe company has huge deposits of minerals in its mines.
volcanicVolcanic deposits are the end result of a volcanic eruption, including ash, lava, and pyroclastic material.
richestThe richest deposits of silver were found in Bolivia
organicThere are significant organic deposits in this area.
amyloidAmyloid deposits are typically found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease.
typeHe made type deposits to the bank.
calcificCalcific deposits were visible on the radiographs of the lungs.
bottomThe ocean floor was covered in bottom deposits
sandyThe sandy deposits were a result of the erosion of the sandstone cliffs.
numerousThe bank account had numerous deposits
domesticThe domestic deposits in the bank have shown a steady increase over the last few years.
laterThe savings account can be increased by later deposits
gradeThe bank may accept grade deposits against uncollected funds.
femaleThe female deposits were high in the bank account.
residualWe must exercise extreme caution in interpreting the significance of these residual deposits
unconsolidatedI found many unconsolidated deposits on this rainy day.
shallowThe shallow deposits were quickly exhausted.
likeShe made like deposits in the bank on Fridays.
enormousThe bank has enormous deposits in its vaults.
immenseThe area has immense deposits of coal and iron ore.
substantialHe had saved substantial deposits for his retirement.
softThe soft deposits of the riverbed were easily eroded by the strong current.
grainedThe grained deposits were a mixture of sand and gravel.
fossilScientists study the fossil deposits to learn about the history of life on Earth.
cretaceousCretaceous deposits may contain well-preserved fish fossils.
fixedI have fixed deposits in two different banks.
youngerRadiocarbon dating indicates that the younger deposits date back to approximately 2600 BP.
sedimentaryThe sedimentary deposits revealed the ancient history of the region.

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