Adjectives for Depth

Adjectives For Depth

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing depth, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the depth of any subject can yield a myriad of insights, each shaded differently by the adjective that precedes it. Whether one delves into 'greater depth' to uncover nuanced details or discusses 'average depth' to provide a broad overview, the choice of adjective dramatically alters the perception of depth. Terms like 'more depth' suggest an ongoing quest for knowledge, while 'maximum depth' sets a tangible limit on exploration. Every adjective, from 'great' to 'considerable', paints a unique portrait of depth, inviting readers to consider not just the quantity, but the quality and implications of the depth being discussed. Dive into the full list of adjectives associated with 'depth' to explore the various dimensions they reveal.
greaterThe discussion went into greater depth exploring the nuances of the issue.
greatHer understanding of the subject displayed great depth even at a young age.
moreThe painting had more depth than the original photograph.
maximumThe maximum depth of the lake is unknown.
averageThe average depth of the ocean is about 3,700 meters.
considerableThe lake had considerable depth making it unsafe for swimming.
sufficientThe research team spent sufficient depth studying the topic.
greatestThe greatest depth of the ocean is found in the Mariana Trench.
fullHer full depth was tested by the psychological brutality of the player.
totalThe total depth of the ocean is still a mystery.
shallowThe shallow depth of the pool meant that even a small child could stand in the middle and touch the bottom.
opticalThe optical depth of the atmosphere is an important factor in determining the amount of solar radiation that reaches the Earth's surface.
certainHe was a man of certain depth and he saw the world through the lens of his own complex experiences.
meanThe mean depth of the lake is 20 feet.
effectiveThe effective depth of the footing was determined using the Terzaghi method.
minimumThe minimum depth of the lake is 10 feet.
properThe pool has a proper depth for both diving and leisurely swimming.
criticalThe critical depth of the channel is the depth at which the Froude number is equal to one.
uniformThe pool has a uniform depth of 4 feet.
veryHer very depth of wisdom is unfathomable.
constantThe diver maintained a constant depth throughout his exploration.
lowestHer reputation had sunk to its lowest depth
normalThe water was normal depth for this part of the ocean.
moderateThe divers explored to a moderate depth of 50 feet.
actualThe actual depth of the ocean is still a mystery to scientists.
entireThe diver could see the entire depth of the ocean from his submersible.
verticalIn the vertical depth of the abyss, sunlight could not penetrate.
spiritualWithin the profound tapestry of existence, the enigmatic silence of the universe whispered secrets that transcended words, inviting us to dive deep into the limitless ocean of spiritual depth
equalThe two pools have equal depth
relativeThe relative depth of the lake was measured using a sonar device.
historicalThe ancient ruins whispered tales of a civilization long past, their stories etched into the crumbling stone with historical depth
unknownThe lake's unknown depth made swimming a dangerous prospect.
variableThe variable depth of the ocean can provide a diverse habitat for many species.
infiniteBeneath the surface of the tranquil lake lay an infinite depth beckoning the curious to explore its hidden mysteries.
adequateThe river had adequate depth for swimming.
limitedThe pond was shallow, with limited depth
focalThe focal depth of the earthquake was 10 kilometers.
correctThe diver descended to the correct depth
apparentThe apparent depth of the water made it appear shallower than it actually was.
overallThe overall depth of the lake was measured to be 10 meters.
footThe foot depth of the pool is only 3 feet.
unfathomableThe ocean's unfathomable depth swallowed the sunlight.
leastThe river reached its least depth during the drought.
extremeThe underwater explorer descended to an extreme depth in his submarine.
enoughThe knowledge of the subject was not provided in enough depth
unusualHer eyes, a striking shade of blue, held an unusual depth that seemed to draw him in.
exactThe exact depth of the ocean has yet to be determined.
finiteThe pool has a finite depth
necessaryThe foundations of the building required a significant amount of excavation and concrete work before they could be constructed to the necessary depth
extraordinaryThe grand canyon has extraordinary depth
shallowerThe water had a shallower depth making it easier to wade through.
hydraulicThe hydraulic depth of a channel is the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the channel to the wetted perimeter.
slightThe slight depth of the water made it difficult to swim.
wellThe well depth was measured to be 100 feet.
immenseThe ocean's immense depth held secrets that had yet to be discovered.
strategicThe company's strategic depth allowed it to withstand the economic crisis.
correspondingThe corresponding depth of the object was 100 meters.
reasonableI carefully read the article, trying to understand every word to a reasonable depth
deepestIn the deepest depth of the ocean, mysteries lie waiting to be uncovered.
enormousThe lake had reached an enormous depth within the Earth's crust.

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