Adjectives for Derby

Adjectives For Derby

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing derby, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a derby can significantly alter the perception of an event or item. A brown derby may evoke imagery of earthy, rugged quality, whereas a black derby often depicts a more formal or classic elegance. The mention of a first derby highlights its groundbreaking or debut nature, offering a sense of novelty and excitement. Conversely, a late derby might carry a tone of nostalgia or an end-of-an-era sentiment. An annual derby underlines tradition and anticipation, while an old derby speaks to heritage and timelessness. Each adjective opens up a new facet of understanding, painting a richer picture of the subject. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'derby' to appreciate the nuances each brings.
brownWhen I went to the restaurant, I wore my new brown derby
firstThe first derby was a great success.
blackHe wore a black derby on his head.
lateThe late derby was a thrilling race to the finish.
annualThe annual derby was a fiercely contested race.
oldHe had kept his old derby hat, and he wore it to the party.
lordLord derby won the Epsom Derby a record nine times.
chelseaThe Chelsea derby is a football match between Chelsea and Fulham.
lastI can't believe we lost the last derby
grayThe man wore a gray derby and a long black coat.
localThe local derby between Manchester United and Liverpool is always highly anticipated.
presentThe horse race was a present derby
batteredThe boxer took a vicious swing and connected hard with his opponent's battered derby
famousThe famous derby drew thousands of spectators.
nextI'm so excited for the next derby
poorThe poor derby horse stumbled and fell, leaving the track in chaos.
bigThe big derby is scheduled for next week.
ladyThe lady derby was a thrilling spectacle of speed and skill.
greenThe man in the green derby tipped his hat to the lady.
crownedThe Crowned derby porcelain factory was established in 1750.
hardThe horse won the hard derby race.
rollerThe roller derby team celebrated their victory with a post-game party.
presidentialThe presidential derby will be a close one this year.
stiffThe sharp-dressed guest wore an imposing stiff derby
nottinghamNottingham derby is a popular football club in England.
boxThe box derby was a thrilling race between the homemade cars.
aerialThe aerial derby attracted the best fliers from around the world.
nearbyThe nearby derby was a smashing success.
110The 110 derby was an exciting and close race.
rigidThe rigid derby hat sat atop his head like a solitary sentinel.
toppedThe ringmaster wore a shiny topped derby and a red mustache.
generousThe generous derby organizers provided free food and drinks to all the participants.
jauntyThe jaunty derby sat atop his head, casting a playful shadow over his face.
greasyHe stepped onto the track, his greasy derby hat tilting precariously on his head.
dentedThe dented derby rested atop his head like a forlorn crown.
greyHe wore a grey derby on his head.
strangeThe strange derby was a spectacle to behold.
pearlSusan wore a pearl derby to the Kentucky Derby.
dullThe dull derby drew a disappointing crowd.
dayThe day derby was a close race between the two horses.
secThe sec derby is a type of horse race.
stylishThe man at the horse track wore a stylish derby
familiarThe familiar derby still sits on the shelf.
preThe fans were excited for the pre derby match.
tiltedThe tilted derby sat lopsidedly on his head.
flatWhen the derby horse was exhausted, it ran flat derby
celebratedThe celebrated derby was a thrilling event that drew a huge crowd.
stimulatingThe stimulating derby kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.
decentHe watched a decent derby on Sunday
kentuckyThe Kentucky derby is a horse race held annually in Louisville, Kentucky.
princelyThe winner of the prestigious tournament was greeted with a stately cheer and a princely derby
demolitionThe demolition derby was a chaotic spectacle of metal and mayhem.
rustyThe rusty derby sat in the driveway, collecting dust.
pessimisticThe pessimistic derby was a gloomy affair.
conservativeThe politician wore a conservative derby to the event.
pinewoodThe pinewood derby is a racing competition for small, wooden cars.
coloredThe colored derby clashed with the rest of his suit.
fourteenthThe fourteenth derby was a thrilling event.
shamThe sham derby was a disappointing event.
latestHe was unlucky to get injured in the latest derby match.
dustyThe dusty derby match was a memorable one for all involved.
centuryThe century derby is a horse race that has been run annually since 1884.
forthcomingThe forthcoming derby is expected to be a close one.
maxon"Maxon Derby" was really exciting.
warThe war derby between the two bitter rivals was a fiercely contested match.

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