Adjectives for Description

Adjectives For Description

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing description, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'description' can significantly alter the perception of the content it is meant to depict. A 'detailed description' promises an in-depth exploration, while a 'brief description' sets the expectation for a concise summary. When something is given a 'general description,' it implies a broad overview without delving into specifics. On the other hand, 'complete' and 'full descriptions' suggest thoroughness and comprehensiveness, ensuring nothing is left out. An 'accurate description' is crucial for reliability, indicating the information is precise and trustworthy. Each adjective navigates the reader's anticipation, shaping how they engage with the text. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'description' to enhance your writing.
detailedThe detailed description of the painting provided a comprehensive overview of its history, symbolism, and techniques.
briefThis is a brief description of something.
generalThe general description provided a basic overview of the product.
completeThe complete description of the product includes its dimensions, weight, and materials.
fullThe full description of the product is available on the website.
accurateThe geographical map is an accurate description of the local area.
shortThis is a short description
aboveThe above description provides a detailed overview of the product.
vividHe painted a vivid description of the fiery sunset, capturing the vibrant hues that streaked across the sky like celestial brushstrokes.
originalThe original description of the painting is not available.
physicalShe has a physical description that is tall and thin.
furtherPlease provide further description of the issue.
adequateThe book contains an adequate description of the main character's motivation.
bestThis is the best description of the product.
graphicThe book contained a graphic description of the battle.
verbalShe gave a detailed verbal description of the suspect to the police.
excellentThe article provided an excellent description of the city's history.
mathematicalDeriving a mathematical description of the phenomenon.
exactThe new equipment provided was an exact description of what the company had ordered.
clearThe manager gave a clear description of the job requirements.
preciseThe architect's precise description of the building left no room for error.
comprehensiveThe course included a comprehensive description of all the topics relevant to the field.
betterThe movie could have used a better description
quantitativeThe quantitative description of the data showed a significant increase in sales over the past year.
formalThis is a formal description of the situation.
fullerThe detective gave a fuller description of the suspect.
mereThe wizard gave a mere description of the artifact's power, but it sounded like a fearsome weapon indeed.
minuteHe gave a minute description of the events leading up to the accident.
correctThis is a correct description
structuralThis is a structural description of the building.
technicalThe technical description of the product includes its specifications, features, and capabilities.
clinicalThe patient presents with a clinical description including fever, malaise, and muscle aches.
foregoingIn the foregoing description we mentioned the steps needed to complete the task.
scientificThe scientific description of the species is extensive and detailed.
elaborateThe elaborate description of the painting captivated the viewer's attention.
theoreticalThe theoretical description of quantum mechanics is based on the idea that all particles have both particle and wave properties.
conciseThe concise description summarizes the main points succinctly.
thoroughThe thorough description of the product includes its dimensions, weight, and materials.
carefulThe careful description detailed the intricate carvings on the ancient artifact.
linguisticThe linguistic description of the text is complex.
objectiveThe objective description of the painting is that it is a landscape with a river running through it.
systematicIn this study, a systematic description of the histopathology of SARS-CoV-2 in the cardiovascular system is provided.
classicThe classic description of a red apple is 'round and rosy'.
realisticThe artist presented a realistic description of the city.
phenomenologicalThe phenomenological description of the experience includes a vivid account of the sensory qualities, emotions, and thoughts that were present.
appropriateThe appropriate description of the painting is that it is a masterpiece.
thickThe thick description of the ancient temple provided a detailed account of its architectural features, cultural significance, and social impact.
lengthyShe gave a lengthy description of her travels.
statisticalThe statistical description of the data showed that the mean was 10 and the standard deviation was 2.
functionalThis mobile phone has a functional description of making calls and sending messages.
extensiveThe extensive description of the painting mesmerized the viewers.
geographicalThe geographical description of the Amazon rainforest includes its dense vegetation, vast river network, and diverse wildlife.
fairShe gave a fair description of the car accident.
famousThe famous description of the Mona Lisa is that of a woman with a mysterious smile.
livelyThe vibrant hues of the sunset cast a lively description across the water, turning it into a canvas of swirling colors.
exhaustiveThe exhaustive description captured every intricate detail and left no room for ambiguity.
explicitHer explicit description of the crime scene helped the police to visualize the incident.
genericThis is a generic description
levelThis level description includes a detailed explanation of the tasks to be completed.

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