Adjectives for Descriptions

Adjectives For Descriptions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing descriptions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjectives with the word 'descriptions' can significantly enhance the clarity and impact of your communication. Whether you opt for 'detailed' descriptions that provide in-depth understanding, 'brief' ones for a succinct overview, 'vivid' to paint a clear picture in the reader's mind, or 'various' to showcase diversity, each choice carries its own nuances. 'Such' and 'following' can serve to direct attention to specific information, further highlighting the importance of adjective selection. These nuances not only enrich your language but also enable you to tailor your message more precisely to your audience's needs. Explore the full list of adjectives paired with 'descriptions' to master the art of effective communication.
detailedThe detailed descriptions of the painting included its history, composition, and symbolism.
suchSuch descriptions of the woman are widely circulated online.
briefThese brief descriptions may be useful for your research.
variousThe museum featured various descriptions of historical artifacts.
followingThis is an example sentence with the following descriptions
vividHis vivid descriptions of the battle painted a gruesome picture in my mind's eye.
verbalThe interviewer asked for verbal descriptions of my work experiences.
generalThe general descriptions are brief but informative, providing a quick overview of each item.
accurateThe article provided accurate descriptions of the scientific experiments.
completeThe book contained complete descriptions of all the characters.
structuralThese structural descriptions are predominantly used in source codes.
graphicThe graphic descriptions of the battle left a lasting impression on his mind.
clinicalThis article provides a short clinical descriptions of the CRPS spectrum.
contemporaryContemporary descriptions of the Leviathan rely on the biblical book of Job, in which the Leviathan is described as a fearsome sea creature.
excellentDespite its age, I think the movie holds up due to its excellent descriptions
clearShe provided clear descriptions of her experience in the interview.
aboveThe above descriptions provide a comprehensive overview of the product's features and specifications.
preciseThe instructions provided precise descriptions of the assembly process.
elaborateThe intricate details and elaborate descriptions of the ancient scroll transported readers to a bygone era.
formalThe formal descriptions of the proposed system are provided in the following paragraphs.
earlierKeep in mind all of the earlier descriptions of the tiger and the bear.
technicalThe engineer provided technical descriptions of the new software application.
mathematicalMathematical descriptions provide concise and exact ways to represent complex ideas.
numerousThe article contained numerous descriptions of the event.
lengthyHer lengthy descriptions of the scenery made my eyes glaze over.
previousAccording to the previous descriptions I think this is a great product.
linguisticThe author uses several different linguistic descriptions to create a rich and vivid picture of the setting.
earliestThe earliest descriptions of the life of Moses are found in the biblical text of the Book of Exodus.
extensiveThe researcher presented the data with extensive descriptions
minuteThe forensic scientists carefully examined the evidence under minute descriptions
ethnographicThe ethnographic descriptions of the tribe provided valuable insights into their cultural practices.
theoreticalThe hypothetical models provided theoretical descriptions of the phenomenon.
adequateThe program provided adequate descriptions of the procedures.
behavioralBehavioral descriptions of the office's new hires will help with their performance reviews.
textualThe textual descriptions provided sufficient detail for me to understand the concept.
scientificThe article provided detailed scientific descriptions of the plant's anatomy and physiology.
functionalThe functional descriptions of the system are provided in the user manual.
alternativeThe alternative descriptions provide different ways to perceive the image.
carefulShe wrote careful descriptions of the events leading up to the accident.
realisticThe artist's realistic descriptions made the painting come to life.
exactThe mechanic provided exact descriptions of the car's problems during the inspection.
comprehensiveThe user interface includes comprehensive descriptions of all the functionalities.
literaryThe literary descriptions of the setting were so vivid that I felt like I was right there.
levelThe difficulty level descriptions are detailed enough for beginners to understand.
abstractThe abstract descriptions were particularly striking.
classicalThe picturesque valley, with its verdant meadows and meandering streams, evoked classical descriptions of idyllic landscapes.
usefulThe scientific journal provided useful descriptions of the experimental methods.
selfI am often drawn to self descriptions because they provide a glimpse into the inner workings of a person's mind.
semanticThe semantic descriptions are a way to represent the meaning of a sentence.
classicThe movie featured classic descriptions of the Wild West.
phenomenologicalThe study employed phenomenological descriptions to gain insights into the lived experiences of participants.
thickEthnographers must write thick descriptions of the cultures they study in order to capture the full complexity of social life.
foregoingHe completed the paper after a detailed analysis of the foregoing descriptions
conciseThe article provided concise descriptions of the different types of plants in the garden.
systematicThe study involved a series of systematic descriptions of the species.

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