Adjectives for Design

Adjectives For Design

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing design, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'design' can dramatically alter the perception of any project or concept. 'Experimental design' evokes a sense of innovation and breaking boundaries, while 'original design' highlights uniqueness and creativity. An 'architectural design' places emphasis on the structured, often monumental aspects, while 'basic design' suggests simplicity and fundamentality. The 'overall design' encompasses a holistic view, and 'structural design' focuses on the core framework that supports everything else. Each adjective serves to paint a different shade of meaning, guiding the audience's understanding towards a specific interpretation. Dive into the full list below to explore the myriad ways adjectives can enhance and refine the concept of design.
experimentalThe experimental design was carefully planned to ensure that the results were reliable and valid.
originalThis new product boasts an original design that sets it apart from the competition.
architecturalThe architectural design of the building was both elegant and functional.
basicThe basic design of the house was simple and elegant.
overallThe overall design of the building was stunning.
structuralThe structural design of the building was very impressive.
interiorThe interior design of the room was modern and elegant.
graphicThe graphic design for the website was modern and engaging.
grandEvery detail of the universe has been crafted as part of the grand design
finalThe final design has been approved by the client.
simpleThe furniture has a simple design making it easy to match with any decor.
urbanUrban design is the process of shaping the physical environment of cities and towns.
detailedThe architectural team are deep into the review stage of the detailed design
properThe project was a success due to its proper design
modernThe living room featured a striking blend of modern design and cozy accents.
factorialThis factorial design experiment tested the effects of three factors on the response variable.
optimalThe optimal design of the system was determined by using a combination of mathematical modeling and experimental testing.
aidedComputer-aided design is used to create designs for buildings, products, and other objects.
preliminaryThe preliminary design for the new building has been completed.
organizationalThe organizational design was created to improve efficiency and communication within the company.
industrialThe industrial design of the product was highly functional and visually appealing.
initialThe initial design of the building was very different from the final product.
conceptualThe conceptual design was innovative and groundbreaking.
carefulThe careful design of the building ensured its stability during the earthquake.
instructionalInstructional design is the systematic process of creating, developing, and delivering tailored learning experiences.
poorThe broken staircase was a poor design
mechanicalThe mechanical design of the new engine is very efficient.
intelligentThe theory of intelligent design is a controversial concept that has been debated by scientists for decades.
randomizedThe research team utilized a randomized design to ensure that the results were unbiased and representative.
conventionalThe conventional design approach was inadequate for our cutting-edge project.
institutionalThe effectiveness of any policy depends on institutional design
logicalLogical design refers to the structural and functional details of a system that describe how the system will operate.
standardThe standard design of the building was approved by the committee.
traditionalThe traditional design of the house was inspired by Japanese architecture.
effectiveThe effective design of the product has led to a significant increase in sales.
orientedThe product team emphasized an oriented design to enhance user experience.
rationalThe iterative and data-driven approach facilitated by the rational design paradigm enables efficient refinement of therapeutic candidates.
modularThe modular design of the software allows for easy maintenance and upgrades.
complexThe complex design of the building was inspired by traditional Islamic architecture.
successfulThe product's successful design led to high sales figures.
functionalThe kitchen had a functional design with everything within easy reach.
typicalThe kitchen features a typical design for the area with dark wood cabinets and granite countertops.
geometricThe intricate geometric design of the rug caught her eye.
efficientThe efficient design of the new building resulted in significant energy savings.
environmentalThe environmental design of the building incorporated sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems.
uniqueThis season's collection has some unique designs.
floralThe floral design was elegant and sophisticated.
formalThe building had a formal design with clean lines and symmetrical proportions.
levelThe level design of the game was intricate and challenging.
contemporaryThe contemporary design of the living room is both stylish and comfortable.
decorativeThe decorative design of the room was inspired by the Art Deco period.
visualThe visual design of the website was modern and eye-catching.
elaborateThey choose not to opt for elaborate design but plain appearance.
intricateThe intricate design of the mosaic was a testament to the artist's skill.
longitudinalWe used a longitudinal design to follow the development of the children over time.
creativeThe creative design of the new building was inspired by the surrounding nature.
classicalThe room features a classical design with intricate carvings and elegant moldings.
alternativeThe architect proposed an alternative design that incorporated sustainable elements.
soundThe movie's sound design was impeccable, creating an immersive and thrilling experience.
consciousThe app's conscious design makes it easy for users to navigate.
suitableThe architects proposed a suitable design for the new museum.
balancedThe experiment used a balanced design to ensure that all variables were equally represented.
integratedThe new office building features an integrated design that seamlessly blends form and function.
innovativeThe sleek and innovative design of the new smartphone captivated consumers.

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