Adjectives for Designation

Adjectives For Designation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing designation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'designation' can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, offering a richer and more precise expression. An 'official designation' carries the weight of authority, implying formal recognition, while an 'original designation' speaks to the roots and authentic origins of a term or title. 'General' and 'common' designations often refer to widely accepted or understood terms, whereas a 'special designation' highlights uniqueness or a particular distinction. Opting for an 'appropriate designation' suggests a careful consideration of context and suitability. Understanding these subtle differences can enhance your communication, making it more specific and impactful. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can perfectly align with 'designation' to express exactly what you intend.
officialThe Secretary of State had the official designation of 'Secretary of Foreign Affairs'.
originalThe original designation was intended to be a temporary measure.
generalThe general designation for the force acting on a point particle is force.
commonThe common designation for this type of software is 'middleware'.
specialThe company has been given a special designation by the government.
appropriateThe appropriate designation for the job title is project manager.
properThe proper designation for that item is 'widget'.
specificThe specific designation of the project was to develop a new software application.
numericalThe numerical designation for the project is 12345.
usualIt goes by its usual designation not its technical name.
subsequent"As a subsequent designation of the subject of the statute, the phrase is 'any such employees'"
formalThe document's formal designation is 10-K/A.
latterThe latter designation refers to the more recent name for the organization.
correctThe bank employee asked me to write my correct designation on the form.
genericThe generic designation of the product is "Aspirin".
presentMy present designation is a software engineer in a tech company.
beneficiaryI named my spouse as the primary beneficiary designation on my life insurance policy.
professionalJohn Smith's professional designation is an accountant.
convenientThe convenient designation allowed for easy identification of the items.
betterThe manager is looking to hire individuals with better designation than their current applicants.
legalThe proposed bill requires a legal designation for all citizens.
accurateThe accurate designation of the species is crucial for its conservation.
geographicalThe wine label carries a geographical designation of Sonoma County.
formerThe former designation of the program was Project Y.
alternativeThe company decided to use an alternative designation for its newest product.
simpleThe username 'testuser' has the simple designation of 'test'.
collectiveThe collective designation for three or more organisms that have the same genetic makeup and are formed by the asexual reproduction of a single parent is a clone.
preciseThe radar system's precise designation of the target made it easy to track its movements.
ethnicWe respect your ethnic designation
mereThe mere designation of a person as a manager does not necessarily confer upon them the authority to make decisions.
arbitraryThe arbitrary designation of Monday as the beginning of the week is a matter of convention.
separateThe building has separate designation for smoking and non-smoking areas.
standardThe standard designation for this product is XYZ-123.
technicalThe technical designation for this type of equipment is a "spectrophotometer".
serialMy serial designation is B1-66ER.
ancientThe book's ancient designation is el pla de les olles
traditionalThe traditional designation of the former princely state of Kochi was Paravoor.
territorialThe Supreme Court ruled that the state's territorial designation was unconstitutional.
conventionalTheir conventional designation is DB301 and DB306.
familiarThe familiar designation of the product is 'ABC'.
tribalThe tribal designation of the Navajo is Diné.
clearThe contract needs to have a clear designation of the parties involved.
selfThe so-called self designation is a label that people choose for themselves.
exactThe exact designation of the species is still unknown.
suitableThe board of directors is responsible for the suitable designation of officers.
earlierThe earlier designation was put in place for security reasons.
eponymicThe word "eponym" is an eponymic designation
preferredI'd like to use my preferred designation which is [name].
historicThe historic designation of the building was a major victory for the preservationists.
frequentThe frequent designation of the individual as a criminal was inaccurate.
descriptiveThe descriptive designation of the product is 'high-quality'.
aptThe apt designation of his new job title was 'Chief of Staff'.
uniqueEach license has a unique designation that can be used to identify it.
falseThe defendant argued false designation of origin with respect to the plaintiff's trademark.
geographicThe geographic designation protects origin-based food products that adhere to traditional preparation and use local ingredients.
symbolicThe symbolic designation for gold is Au.
divineThe divine designation was a testament to her unwavering faith.
vagueThe vague designation caused confusion among the team members.
peculiarThe peculiar designation of the artifact puzzled the researchers.
distinctiveThe company's distinctive designation set it apart from its competitors.

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