Adjectives for Designs

Adjectives For Designs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing designs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe designs can significantly impact the perception of your project. Whether you're discussing new techniques that push the envelope, experimental ideas that challenge norms, different concepts that stand out, various styles that cater to diverse tastes, or geometric patterns that add complexity, each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning. An original design not only sets a trend but also encapsulates creativity at its peak. The nuances of these descriptors help to convey the depth and breadth of creativity involved in the creation process. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'designs' to enhance your discourse.
newI'm excited to see the new designs for the website.
experimentalWe will adopt a more flexible approach to the experimental designs that we use
differentThis store sells clothes with different designs
variousThe store had various designs of furniture to choose from.
geometricThe geometric designs on the quilt were intricate and beautiful.
originalHer clothing line features original designs that are sure to turn heads.
alternativeWe are considering alternative designs for the building.
floralThe wallpaper had delicate floral designs in light blue and white.
evilThe evil designs of the villain were finally revealed.
simpleThe artist designed the logo with simple designs
complexShe marveled at the complex designs woven into the ancient tapestry.
factorialFactorial designs are useful statistical techniques for studying many factors and their interactions.
intricateThe ancient tapestry was adorned with intricate designs
ambitiousHe has ambitious designs to become the CEO of the company.
architecturalThe architect showcased his groundbreaking architectural designs at the exhibition.
traditionalThe walls were adorned with traditional designs
basicThese basic designs are characterized by their simplicity and ease of use.
geometricalThe intricate geometrical designs on the wall added a touch of elegance to the room.
elaborateThe intricate patterns on the tapestry featured elaborate designs
decorativeThe cathedral's facade was adorned with intricate decorative designs
beautifulThe artist's beautiful designs were admired by all.
aggressiveThe company has aggressive designs on the global market.
standardThe company released new standard designs for its products.
abstractThe abstract designs on the canvas were a testament to the artist's creativity.
grandHer ambitious plans for the future involved grand designs
longitudinalAs longitudinal designs observe the same sample multiple times over a period of time, they are useful for examining changes in variables over time.
conventionalThe architect incorporated conventional designs into the building's exterior.
industrialThe industrial designs of the new cars are very sleek.
subjectThe subject designs were very creative.
futureThe architect presented her future designs to the client.
earlierThe new designs were more efficient than the earlier designs
optimalThe team has created optimal designs for the new software.
ornamentalHer clothes had colorful ornamental designs embroidered on them.
typicalThe architecture features typical designs of the period.
innovativeThe tech company's innovative designs have taken the world by storm.
numerousThe architect displayed numerous designs for the new building.
sinisterBe careful of that man; he has sinister designs
preliminaryWe only have the preliminary designs for the new building at this time.
sectionalThe interior featured sectional designs showcasing a combination of patterns and textures in the upholstery.
detailedThe old, worn journal was covered in intricate, detailed designs
complicatedThe tapestry had intricate and complicated designs that seemed to tell an ancient story.
boldThe interior designer used bold designs to create a striking and unforgettable space.
secretThe scientist had secret designs for a new invention.
latestExplore our latest designs today.
treasonableThe enemy has treasonable designs for our great nation.
caseThe case designs are in high demand.
artisticThe living room was adorned with artistic designs
russianThe interior designer incorporated intricate Russian designs into the opulent dining room.
successfulOur successful designs have increased sales by over 20%.
wickedThe wicked designs of the villain were thwarted by the brave hero.
organizationalAgile organizational designs help companies adapt to changing markets and customer needs.
sophisticatedThe walls were adorned with sophisticated designs
advancedWe use only the most advanced designs when creating our products.
uniqueThe fashion show showcased unique designs that were both eye-catching and innovative.
newerSome of the newer designs come equipped with special features.
contemporaryThe new range of sofas features modern and contemporary designs
imperialThe new emperor had imperial designs on the neighboring kingdom.
structuralThe team presented the structural designs for the new bridge.

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