Adjectives for Destruction

Adjectives For Destruction

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing destruction, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'destruction' paints vivid pictures of annihilation and loss, but the adjectives preceding it can significantly alter its impact and frame our understanding. 'Mass destruction' speaks to the scale of devastation, often invoking a sense of collective suffering or loss. 'Own destruction,' on the other hand, hints at a more personal, perhaps self-inflicted devastation. Terms like 'total' or 'complete destruction' amplify the extent, leaving no room for salvage or recovery, while 'self destruction' introduces a poignant narrative of internal conflict. 'Utter destruction' further emphasizes the exhaustive nature of the ruin. Each adjective layers the noun with nuanced meanings, inviting readers to explore the depths of desolation and its varied contexts. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'destruction' to uncover the intricate tapestries of narrative woven by these words.
ownThe company's reckless spending led to its own destruction
totalThe earthquake caused total destruction to the city.
completeThe complete destruction of the building left it in ruins.
utterThe utter destruction left nothing but chaos in its wake.
finalThe final destruction of the planet was inevitable.
extensiveThe extensive destruction left the city in ruins.
certainThe inevitable outcome of his reckless actions was certain destruction
physicalThe earthquake caused widespread physical destruction
creativeCreative destruction is the process of innovation and technological advancement that leads to the decline of existing industries and the rise of new ones.
mutualThe opposing forces faced the threat of mutual destruction
wholesaleWholesale destruction has become the norm in many countries that are struggling with civil war.
environmentalEnvironmental destruction is a serious problem that we need to address.
rapidThe rapid destruction of the forest was a tragedy.
partialThe building suffered partial destruction in the fire.
massiveThe earthquake caused massive destruction to the city.
widespreadThe widespread destruction caused by the storm left thousands homeless.
muchThe earthquake caused much destruction
ultimateThe ultimate destruction of the world is a possibility that we must always be prepared for.
furtherThe further destruction of the rainforests will have dire consequences for the planet.
progressiveThe progressive destruction of the environment is a serious threat to our planet.
jointThe inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis leads to cartilage damage and joint destruction
redThe red destruction left a trail of devastation in its wake.
inevitableThe inevitable destruction of the world was a chilling prophecy.
entireThe entire destruction was caused by the earthquake.
suddenThe sudden destruction of the city was a devastating sight.
immediateThe immediate destruction of the building was necessary to prevent further loss of life.
actualThe actual destruction of the building was a tragedy.
nuclearThe effects of nuclear destruction are devastating.
terribleThe fire caused terrible destruction
eventualThe eventual destruction of the planet was a sobering thought.
deliberateThe deliberate destruction caused widespread damage.
possibleThe possible destruction of the building was a major concern.
considerableThe tornado left considerable destruction in its wake.
gradualThe gradual destruction of the rainforest was a tragedy that could have been avoided.
imminentThe imminent destruction of the city left its inhabitants in a state of despair.
severeThe earthquake caused severe destruction to the city.
excessiveThe hurricane caused excessive destruction leaving behind a trail of shattered buildings and uprooted trees.
eternalThe evil will face eternal destruction
everlastingTheir everlasting destruction awaits them.
universalThe impending war could bring about universal destruction
violentThe violent destruction caused widespread damage.
subsequentThe subsequent destruction of the building was a tragedy.
ecologicalThe unrestrained progress of industrialization and deforestation is causing irreversible ecological destruction
absoluteThe earthquake caused absolute destruction to the city.
impendingThe impending destruction of the city was imminent.
consequentThe reckless driver's actions led to the consequent destruction of the car.
bonyThe tumor had progressed, resulting in significant bony destruction
instantThe sudden surge of energy caused instant destruction of the entire facility.
periodontalSevere periodontal destruction led to tooth loss.
corticalThe cortical destruction resulted in a significant loss of function.
indiscriminateThe indiscriminate destruction caused by the war left the city in ruins.
mediatedThe mediated destruction of the old building made way for a new one.
ruthlessThe ruthless destruction left the city in ruins.
cellThe process of cell destruction is called apoptosis.
wartimeThe wartime destruction had left the city in ruins.
enormousThe earthquake caused enormous destruction to the city.
cellular Cellular destruction occurred due to the improper waste disposal.
virtualThe virtual destruction of the city was a terrible sight.
speedyThe speedy destruction of the building was a sight to behold.
slowThe slow destruction of the old building was a sad sight to behold.
thermalThermal destruction is a process that uses heat to break down or destroy a substance.
nearThe village was near destruction after the storm.
vastThe earthquake caused vast destruction leaving countless people homeless.
scaleThe scale destruction caused widespread damage.
accidentalThe accidental destruction of the artifact was a great loss.
permanentThe permanent destruction of the building left a lasting scar on the community.
senselessThe senseless destruction wrought chaos upon the once-thriving city.
bilateralThe bilateral destruction of the corpus callosum is a severe form of damage to the brain.
sureThe impending storm brought with it the promise of sure destruction
prematureThe premature destruction of the building was a tragedy.
mechanicalThe mechanical destruction of the building was a devastating sight.
wilfulHe was punished for wilful destruction of property.
immuneThe immune destruction of healthy tissue can lead to a variety of autoimmune diseases.
willfulThe court found that the defendant was guilty of willful destruction of property.
unnecessaryThe unnecessary destruction caused by the storm was heartbreaking.

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