Adjectives for Detail

Adjectives For Detail

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing detail, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the nuanced world of language, the noun 'detail' gains texture and depth when paired with precise adjectives. Adjectives like 'more', 'greater', and 'great' amplify the importance or size of details, implying a significant impact on the broader picture. 'Much' and 'considerable' suggest a level of attention or scrutiny that elevates the detail beyond the ordinary, while 'further' hints at additional, perhaps unexplored, aspects. Each adjective, when chosen carefully, paints a vivid picture, adding layers of meaning to 'detail' that enrich our understanding of the subject at hand. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'detail' and explore the subtle shifts in meaning they bring.
moreWe can't cover all the details here, but we'll give you more detail about that later.
greaterThe report delves into greater detail on the company's financial performance.
greatShe examined the painting with great detail noticing every brushstroke and subtle shade.
considerableThe painting depicted a sprawling landscape, with rolling hills dotted with vibrant wildflowers in considerable detail each petal and leaf meticulously rendered.
furtherPlease provide further detail about the issue.
minuteThe artist captured every minute detail of the scene in their painting.
fineThe painting displayed fine detail capturing every brushstroke and nuance of the subject's expression.
fullThe sun shone brightly through the full detail of the leaves on the trees.
smallestHe paid attention to the smallest detail ensuring that everything was perfect.
minutestThe scientist examined the minutest detail of the experiment.
additionalThe bank teller told me that I needed to provide additional detail on my deposit slip.
interestingThe old painting had an interesting detail a tiny signature in the corner.
minorShe looked at the minor detail and noticed a slight difference.
architecturalThe building's architectural detail reveals the architect's attention to form and function.
elaborateThe musician's elaborate detail in the composition was evident in the intricate counterpoint and the use of dissonance.
meticulousThe meticulous detail captured every nuance of the painting.
finerThe artist painted the scenery in finer detail
structuralThe structural detail of the building was very well done.
administrativeThe administrative details were handled by the secretary.
exactThe exact detail of the painting was astounding.
exquisiteThe intricate embroidery on the silk gown revealed exquisite detail in every stitch.
decorativeThe decorative detail on the cabinet was exquisite.
fullerThe engineer provided fuller detail about the complex design.
intricateThe intricate detail of the painting captivated the viewer's imagination.
biographical"The biographical detail of the author is given in the preface"
anatomicalThe procedure was successful due to the high amount of anatomical detail provided.
accurateThe ancient mariner provided an accurate detail of his sea adventures.
carefulThe painting displayed careful detail in its brushstrokes.
trivialThe trivial detail was lost in the larger story.
tinyThe tiny detail in the painting was unnoticeable to the untrained eye.
curiousThe curious detail in the painting was the small, hidden figure in the background.
excruciatingThe excruciating detail of the intricate painting left me in awe of its artistry.
slightestShe noticed every slightest detail about the scene.
anatomicThe surgeon examined the anatomic detail of the patient's knee joint.
finestThe artist paid meticulous attention to the finest detail
leastEven with the least detail the painting was beautiful.
insignificantThe insignificant detail of the painting was the tiny bird in the corner.
fascinatingThe intricate carvings on the ancient temple's facade revealed fascinating details of a lost civilization.
unimportantThe blue house had an unimportant detail of a small yellow door.
picturesqueThe picturesque detail of the rolling hills and meandering river was captured in the artist's painting.
exhaustiveThe student's comprehensive research plan, replete with meticulous data collection, rigorous analysis, and exhaustive detail culminated in a groundbreaking thesis that revolutionized the field.
ornamentalThe ornate building featured exquisite ornamental detail

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