Adjectives for Details

Adjectives For Details

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing details, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'details' can significantly impact the tone and clarity of your message. Descriptors like 'more' and 'further' suggest an addition or continuation, inviting curiosity and engagement. 'Many' emphasizes quantity, hinting at complexity or abundance, while 'full' offers a sense of completeness and thoroughness. Conversely, 'few' illuminates scarcity or selectiveness, and 'specific' signals precision and focus. Each adjective infuses the sentence with nuanced meaning, guiding the reader's perception and understanding. Unlock the power of language by exploring these and other adjectives in the comprehensive list below, tailored to enrich your communication with nuanced expression.
morePlease provide me with more details
furtherFurther details can be found in the attached document.
fullPlease provide full details of the incident.
specificThe specific details of the incident are still under investigation.
technicalThe technical details of the project were not disclosed to the public.
minuteShe examined the ancient artifact with minute details
certainHer certain details were kept secret for security reasons.
additionalThe engineer provided additional details about the project.
minorHe paid attention to the minor details such as the way she flicked her hair.
importantEnsure that all important details are included in the report.
interestingThe painting contained interesting details that hinted at a hidden meaning.
biographicalJohn Smith recently filled out his biographical details
personalSorry, I can't share personal details with anyone but the person they belong to.
practical"I need to finalize the practical details of the trip as soon as possible"
intimateThe intimate details of their relationship were not for public consumption.
completeThe project manager provided complete details about the upcoming product launch.
preciseThe delivery arrived at 3:47 PM with precise details about the package.
fineThe intricate fine details of the painting captured the viewer's attention.
exactShe provided the exact details of her travel plans.
followingPlease provide the following details
smallestThe smallest details can make the biggest difference.
structuralThe architect paid close attention to the structural details of the building.
architecturalThe intricate architectural details of the cathedral drew the attention of tourists.
experimentalThe experimental details were described in the previous section.
essentialThe essential details of the project must be communicated clearly.
necessaryThe necessary details were provided in the report.
fullerCan I get fuller details on that?
relevantThe engineer provided relevant details about the project's progress to the team during the meeting.
finerShe scrutinized the finer details of the painting, captivated by its intricate brushstrokes.
numerousThe old house was filled with numerous details from the intricate carvings on the banister to the faded paint on the walls.
administrativeWe have to take care of some administrative details before we start.
pettyArguments over petty details delayed the project's completion.
trivialThe author focused on trivial details instead of the main plot.
goryThe gory details of the crime scene sent shivers down their spine.
mechanicalThe mechanical details of the car were impressive.
anatomicalThe anatomical details of the human body are fascinating.
intricateThe intricate details of the antique jewelry caught her eye.
bibliographicalHis bibliographical details were not listed.
curiousThe curious details of the case kept the detectives intrigued.
decorativeThe ornate furniture was adorned with intricate decorative details
briefHere are the brief details about the project.
mathematicalI've been studying mathematical details for the past few years.
operationalThe operational details of the project were not disclosed to the public.
sordidShe was so ashamed that she didn't want to reveal the sordid details of her past.
pertinentProvide pertinent details for the project's successful completion.
insignificantThe teacher explained the insignificant details of the chemical reaction.
constructionalThe constructional details of the project were extensively reviewed by the city's building department.
proceduralThe procedural details of the meeting were discussed and agreed upon by all participants.
gruesomeThe gruesome details of the murder haunted her dreams.
accurateThis fact sheet provides accurate details about the potential health risks of drinking alcohol.
innumerableThe ancient scroll was filled with innumerable details about the kingdom's history.
graphicThe autopsy report contained graphic details of the victim's injuries.
tinyShe noticed the tiny details in the painting, such as the brushstrokes and the texture of the canvas.

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