Adjectives for Determination

Adjectives For Determination

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing determination, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'determination' can subtly shift its meaning, enriching your narrative with precise nuances. A 'self determination' speaks to the empowerment of an individual or community, whereas 'quantitative determination' leans into the scientific realm, suggesting a measured approach. An 'accurate determination' points to meticulousness and precision, while a 'final determination' conveys a sense of conclusivity. When discussing broader concepts, 'national determination' hints at collective willpower within a country, and 'direct determination' emphasizes an uncompromising approach. Each adjective-layer adds depth, portraying a wide spectrum of determination contexts. Explore the full list of adjectives to fully grasp the versatility and power of 'determination' in your writing.
quantitativeThe quantitative determination of bioethanol content in gasoline was carried out by gas chromatography.
accurateThe accurate determination of the environmental parameters is essential for a reliable ecological assessment.
finalThe final determination was not made without careful consideration.
directHer direct determination helped her succeed.
experimentalExperimental determination is essential for confirming the accuracy of the model.
grimHer eyes held a grim determination as she faced the challenge.
preciseThe precise determination of the date was impossible.
firmEmbarking on the audacious quest with a firm determination the intrepid explorers ventured into the uncharted territories.
exactThe exact determination of the cause of the problem was not possible.
judicialThe judicial determination was based on the evidence presented in court.
doggedHe pursued his dream with dogged determination
colorimetricThe colorimetric determination of the intensity of the color is made with respect to a standard solution of known concentration.
fixedThe team continued marching with fixed determination while facing the snowstorms.
strongDriven by strong determination they persevered through countless obstacles.
fierceThe lioness pursued her prey with fierce determination
completeHe set out on his journey with complete determination
rapidAmidst the crisis, they acted with rapid determination making quick and decisive choices.
initialHis initial determination paid off with a promotion.
geneticThe genetic determination of an individual's traits is influenced by a complex interplay of genes and environmental factors.
absoluteShe marched towards her goal with absolute determination her eyes blazing with an unyielding fire.
spectrophotometricThe spectrophotometric determination of trace elements in biological materials is a valuable tool for assessing their nutritional status.
blankShe stared at the problem with blank determination
sheerShe climbed the mountain with sheer determination
resoluteHe adhered to his plan with a resolute determination
quietShe sat in the back row with quiet determination
gravimetricThe gravimetric determination of metal ions involves their precipitation as slightly soluble compounds which are then weighed.
graphicalThe graphical determination of the location could not be found.
stubbornHe approached the task with stubborn determination and unwavering resolve.
preliminaryAfter preliminary determination investments were rejected after scrutiny and analysis.
suddenWith sudden determination she resolved to achieve her goal.
structuralThe new method of structural determination allows researchers to identify proteins that are difficult to crystallise.
clearHe forged ahead with clear determination
molecularThe molecular determination of the protein structure is essential for understanding its function.
correctThe correct determination will ensure the success of this project.
multipleThe professor's multiple determination of the students' grades was based on their performance in class and on their performance on the final exam.
independentThe committee made its independent determination based on the evidence presented.
ultimateThe team displayed ultimate determination in their pursuit of victory.
subsequentThe subsequent determination made by the jury was met with a sigh of relief.
objectiveThe objective determination of the jury was based on the evidence presented in court.
volumetricThe volumetric determination of the sample was carried out using a graduated cylinder.
empiricalThe empirical determination of the boiling point was 100 degrees Celsius.
causalThe scientist's causal determination led to the discovery of a new element.
chromatographicThe chromatographic determination of pharmaceuticals in environmental samples was performed using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
qualitativeThe qualitative determination of environmental contaminants has become increasingly important.
sternHe marched towards the enemy with stern determination
reliableShe proved her reliable determination to succeed through years of hard work.
desperateHe clung to the rope with desperate determination his knuckles turning white.
inflexibleHer inflexible determination to succeed pushed her through the countless obstacles in her path.
photometricThe photometric determination of iron was made with 1,10-phenanthroline.
carefulThe scientist proceeded with careful determination his every step guided by meticulous precision.
analyticalThe analytical determination of the chemical composition of the alloy was carried out using an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES).
calmShe faced the challenge with calm determination
mindedWith single-minded determination, she pursued her goal relentlessly.
jointThe two countries expressed their joint determination to work together to solve the regional crisis.
ruthlessHer ruthless determination pushed her to the top of her field.
mutualThe mutual determination of each party to resolve their differences amicably led to a peaceful resolution.
consciousI approached the task with conscious determination willing my mind to focus and conquer.
priorThe prior determination was based on extensive research and analysis.

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