Adjectives for Developing

Adjectives For Developing

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'developing' to enhance your vocabulary. Our guide includes 'late,' 'summary,' 'developed,' and 'part,' each illustrated with a sentence. Perfect for writing or study, explore our resource for adjectives for developing and refine your language skills today.

lateThe late developing child showed significant progress in language skills.
summaryThe report is in the summary developing phase.
partThe part developing rapidly is artificial intelligence.
selfThe self developing software is an advanced program that can improve its performance over time.
selectedThis is a selected developing sentence.
endogenousThe endogenous developing processes are frequently compromised in patients with systemic autoimmune diseases.
manyMany developing countries are struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic.
newlyThe newly developing area in the city is attracting a lot of attention.
exogenousThe exogenous developing countries have lower levels of economic development.
furtherThe organization will continue further developing digital services.
fastThe technology is fast developing
worthThe skills of effective communication are worth developing
spatiallyThe precipitation is spatially developing throughout the area, which is apparent in the radar data.

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