Adjectives for Development

Adjectives For Development

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing development, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the context of 'development', adjectives play a critical role in emphasizing various facets, each denoting a unique focus and intent. 'Economic development' underscores growth in financial terms, indicative of prosperity and enhanced living standards. 'Further development' suggests an ongoing process, a journey of improvement or expansion. The term 'industrial development' harks back to an era of mechanization and infrastructure, often linked with technological advancement. 'Social development', on the other hand, points to the evolution of societies, cultural norms, and communal relationships. 'Human development' brings a personal dimension, emphasizing education, health, and well-being, while 'sustainable development' champions long-term ecological balance. Each adjective enriches the noun, offering a lens through which we can explore the varied dimensions of progress. Explore the full list of adjectives and nuances they bring to 'development' below.
economicThe project is aimed at promoting economic development in the region.
furtherFurther development of the project is expected to take another year.
industrialThe city has experienced significant industrial development in recent years.
socialThe child's social development was progressing at a normal rate.
humanThis book examines human development through the lens of culture and society.
sustainableSustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
earlyEarly development is a critical period in a child's life.
historicalThe historical development of this region has been marked by a series of wars and conquests.
rapidThe city has undergone rapid development in recent years.
cognitiveThe child's cognitive development was assessed using a standardized test.
futureThe company is investing heavily in future development
normalThis child is at the expected milestones for normal development
intellectualIntellectual development refers to the gradual acquisition of knowledge and skills that enable a person to think critically and creatively.
ruralRural development is a complex and multifaceted process that requires the involvement of a variety of stakeholders.
professionalProfessional development is key to staying ahead in today's competitive job market.
recentI'm excited to share the recent development in our project.
agriculturalThe agricultural development fostered the growth of the local community.
fullArtificial intelligence is still under full development
mentalReading books is essential for a child's mental development
urbanUrban development is a complex process involving planning, design, construction, and management of the built environment in cities.
nationalNational development is essential for the well-being of a nation.
physicalHer physical development was remarkable, with strong muscles and good coordination.
moralMoral development is the process of learning to distinguish between right and wrong.
personalPersonal development is an essential aspect of growth and improvement.
technologicalTechnological development is rapidly changing the way we live and work.
subsequentThe subsequent development of the project was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.
laterLater development of the algorithm enhanced its efficiency and accuracy.
regionalRegional development is the process of improving the economic and social well-being of a particular region.
culturalCultural development is important for the growth of a society.
embryonicEmbryonic development is a complex process that involves the growth and differentiation of an embryo.
spiritualSpiritual development is the process of growing and evolving on a spiritual level, deepening one's connection to the divine.
gradualHer company noted a gradual development in her marketing ideas
emotionalSarah's early emotional development was hindered by her mother's absence.
capitalistThe economic model based on capitalist development is driven by private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.
commercialThe commercial development was planned to be completed in two phases.
psychologicalThe child's psychological development was hindered by the lack of social interaction.
progressiveSustainable development requires a progressive development of economic, social, and environmental objectives.
educationalThe new educational development program is designed to help students succeed in a rapidly changing world.
successfulThe project team's successful development of the new software led to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.
fetalFetal development is the process of growth and development of the fetus during pregnancy.
healthyThe child's healthy development was evident in their physical, mental, and emotional growth.
highestThe city is the highest development in the area.
slowThe movie had a slow development but it was still an enjoyable watch.
overallThe investment's overall development is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
technicalTechnical development is crucial for any business in the modern age.
unevenThe city exhibited uneven development with some neighborhoods thriving while others struggled.
organizationalThe company's organizational development efforts were designed to improve employee engagement and productivity.
evolutionaryThe evolutionary development of the human species has been a long and fascinating journey.
abnormalAbnormal development can result in a variety of health problems.
logicalThe logical development of the argument was sound and persuasive.
adolescentDuring adolescent development teenagers experience significant changes in their physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities.
institutionalThe project aims to support institutional development and capacity building for environmental protection.
residentialThe town council approved the residential development plan.
continuousThe company's research and development team is committed to the continuous development of new products.
continuedThe organization supported the continued development of students.
termThe term development refers to the process of creating new products or services.
extensiveThe extensive development of the city has led to a significant increase in its population.
theoreticalThe journal is dedicated to the publication of theoretical and experimental research as well as the theoretical development in the field of aerospace sciences.
psychosexualPsychosexual development is a term used to describe the development of a person's sexual identity and sexual orientation.
plannedThe city council approved the planned development for the new housing project.
postnatalThe baby's postnatal development was normal.
muscularChildren with muscular development problems may need physical therapy to improve their range of motion and strength.
remarkableThe advancements made in the field of AI in the past few years are a testament to remarkable development
constitutionalThe new law is a significant step in the constitutional development of the country.

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