Adjectives for Deviation

Adjectives For Deviation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing deviation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with 'deviation' reveals a spectrum of precision and implication. Terms like 'standard', 'average', and 'mean' deviation provide a foundational understanding of data's spread around a central value, hinting at the reliability or predictability of a set. On the other hand, 'maximum' and 'slight' deviation introduce degrees of variation, with 'maximum' pointing to the significant outliers of a dataset and 'slight' suggesting minimal divergence from the norm. 'Ulnar deviation', a term specific to anatomical description, exemplifies how context drastically shifts an adjective's impact. Each adjective, when combined with 'deviation', unveils unique dimensions of analysis and interpretation, showcasing the diverse ways we can quantify and articulate variation. Explore the full list of adjectives used with 'deviation' to deepen your understanding of this complex noun.
standardThe standard deviation of the sample is 2.5.
averageThe average deviation of the data provides a measure of the spread of values.
meanThe mean deviation of the data is 5.3.
maximumThe maximum deviation from the mean was 10%.
ulnarThe wrist was held in slight ulnar deviation by a cast.
relativeThe relative deviation of the measured value from the true value is 2.5%.
sexualSexual deviation is a departure from what is considered normal and acceptable sexual behavior.
significantThe information you provided exhibits a significant deviation from the original data.
lateralThis patient exhibits lateral deviation of the eyes, which is a sign of a neurological problem.
rightThe car's right deviation caused it to crash into the tree.
minimumThe prism's minimum deviation occurs when the incident angle is equal to the refracting angle.
slightestThe slightest deviation from the plan would result in catastrophic failure.
absoluteResearchers developing new treatments for COVID-19 closely monitor the absolute deviation of viral load from baseline.
radialThe patient exhibited radial deviation of the wrist.
verticalThe pilot corrected the vertical deviation by adjusting the elevator.
angularThe angular deviation of the beam was measured to be within the acceptable range.
markedThe investigation found that there was a marked deviation from the standard operating procedures.
conjugateThe patient's eyes showed conjugate deviation to the left.
positiveThe variance of the net income is due to a positive deviation in the sales.
leastThis option has the least deviation from your input.
negativeThere was a negative deviation in the company's financial performance this quarter.
secondaryThe secondary deviation of the accelerometer data revealed a subtle tremor.
squaredThe squared deviation of the sample is 10.
skewThe patient presented with left skew deviation indicating a right-sided brainstem lesion.
smallestThe analyst recorded the smallest deviation in the experimental data.
trachealThe tracheal deviation was to the right.
squareThe square deviation of the data was 0.5.
largestThe largest deviation from the mean was observed in the experimental group.
systematicThe systematic deviation from the mean was caused by an error in the data collection process.
septalThe patient had a significant septal deviation to the left.
geometricThe geometric deviation of the measurements is 0.05.
ocularThe patient presented with mild ocular deviation indicating a possible nerve injury.
residualThere was still some residual deviation from the standard deviation.
medialThe patient had a left medial deviation of the gaze, consistent with a left third nerve palsy.
apparentThe witness's apparent deviation from the truth raised suspicion.
extremeThe company's extreme deviation from its original business plan led to its eventual downfall.
correspondingPay attention to the corresponding deviation from the expected increase in revenue.
minorThe minor deviation in the path led him astray.
upwardThe upward deviation in her test score was a pleasant surprise.
axisThe patient's ECG showed left axis deviation indicating a possible underlying heart condition.
pooledThe pooled deviation of the data set was calculated to be 0.5.
temporaryThe results were clearly skewed by a temporary deviation in the data.
tonicThe patient presented with tonic deviation of the eyes to the right.
downwardThe downward deviation from the expected results was concerning.
medianThe median deviation is a measure of the variability of a set of data.
allowableThe allowable deviation for the product's weight is 5%.
fractionalThe fractional deviation is calculated as the difference between the experimental and theoretical values divided by the theoretical value.
permissibleThe permissible deviation is within the tolerance limits
manifestThe court found that the agency's decision was not supported by the evidence and constituted a manifest deviation from the statutory standard.
grossThe results of the experiment showed a gross deviation from the expected values.

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