Adjectives for Device

Adjectives For Device

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing device, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a device can significantly alter the perception of its functionality and innovation. A simple device might imply ease of use, while a mechanical device suggests a reliance on physical parts and processes. Contrastingly, an electronic device is perceived as more modern, often incorporating digital technology. The usefulness of a device is often highlighted when described as useful, emphasizing its practicality in everyday life. If a device is called similar, it might indicate its comparability to others on the market, whereas a special device stands out due to unique features or capabilities. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe devices and the nuances each brings below.
simpleThe simple device was easy to operate.
mechanicalThe mechanical device was whirring loudly.
electronicI left my electronic device at home.
usefulThe new invention was a useful device for everyday life.
similarThe similar device was also used in the other experiment.
specialThe special device allowed us to communicate with the astronauts on the space station.
protectiveThe protective device was able to stop the potentially fatal blow.
externalConnect the external device to the computer using a USB cable.
literaryThe author's use of metaphors and similes is a clever literary device
ingeniousThe ingenious device was able to solve the problem in a matter of seconds.
automaticThe automatic device performed the task efficiently.
rhetoricalThe orator used rhetorical devices to persuade the audience.
effectiveThe effective device facilitates efficient communication.
particularThe particular device was not specified in the request.
nuclearThe nuclear device was so powerful that it destroyed the entire city.
mobileI use my mobile device to stay connected with friends and family and browse the internet.
explosiveThe police found an explosive device in the suspect's car.
electricalThe faulty electrical device was quickly replaced.
peripheralThe peripheral device was connected to the computer.
savingPlease remember to back up your computer regularly, as a reliable saving device can prevent data loss due to mechanical failure or accidental deletion.
terminalThe computer keyboard is a terminal device used by many people for remote communication.
opticalThe optical device was used to magnify the image.
convenientThe convenient device made it easy to complete the task.
heuristic"The so-called heuristic device is not mentioned in the article and is therefore difficult to match with a specific sentence."
activeThis active device consumes less power than other devices.
standardThe standard device is a laptop computer.
favoriteI cannot live without my favorite device which I use to do everything.
remoteHe used a remote device to control the system.
medicalThe medical device was implanted in the patient's body.
mnemonicI used a mnemonic device to remember the order of the planets in our solar system.
portableI carry my portable device everywhere I go.
suitableI need a suitable device to do this.
mereThe mere device of a locked door was not enough to keep the determined burglar out.
technicalThe technician carefully inspected the technical device to ensure it was functioning properly.
likeThe child acts like device and objects.
excellentThe latest smartphone is an excellent device for communication and entertainment.
powerfulThe scientist invented a powerful device
contraceptiveThe contraceptive device was effective in preventing pregnancy.
appropriateThe doctor used the appropriate device to stitch the wound.
digitalI spend a lot of time on my digital devices, but I try to take breaks.
stylisticThe author's use of the stylistic device of hyperbole was very effective in conveying the character's emotions.
sensitiveHandle the sensitive device with care.
assistiveA wheelchair is an assistive device that can help a person with mobility impairments move around.
cleverThe clever device allowed them to complete the task with ease.
favouriteMy favourite device is my smartphone.
prostheticShe has a prosthetic device to assist her mobility.
typicalThe typical device uses a variety of sensors to collect data.
wirelessI used my wireless device to connect to the internet.
overcurrentThe overcurrent device tripped, cutting off power to the circuit.
intrauterineAn intrauterine device (IUD) is a long-term, reversible method of birth control.
controlledThe controller can be used to control the controlled device
magneticThe scientist used a magnetic device to separate the metal shavings from the sawdust.
measuringThe measuring device was carefully calibrated before use.
structuralThe structural device of the building was designed to withstand earthquakes.
familiarI'll need my familiar device to help me with this task.
electricThe electric device was plugged into the wall.
dramaticThe sudden shift in lighting was a dramatic device used to emphasize the character's emotional turmoil.
artificialThe artificial device was implanted in the patient's brain to help them regain their mobility.
efficientThe computer an efficient device for writing documents.
strangeThe strange device sat on the table, humming softly.
logicalThe debug logical device provides additional debug capabilities
shapedShe used a specially shaped device to knead the dough.
poeticThis poem utilizes a number of poetic devices, such as alliteration, assonance, and metaphor, to create a vivid and memorable image.

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