Adjectives for Devices

Adjectives For Devices

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing devices, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the perfect adjective to describe devices can significantly alter the perception of the described object. Whether emphasizing the personal connection with one's own device, distinguishing between other or various kinds of devices, or delineating between electronic and mechanical gadgets, each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning. Such nuances are crucial in painting a clearer, more vivid picture in the reader's mind, enhancing comprehension and interest. The choice of adjective not only informs but also engages, inviting readers to explore the wide array of devices with a fresh perspective. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives to discover the precise word that captures the essence of your devices.
otherI have a computer, a phone, and other devices
suchI collect such devices to learn more about their history.
variousOur household has various devices
electronicElectronic devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives.
mechanicalThe engineers were working on a variety of mechanical devices
medicalMedical devices are essential for diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical conditions.
protectiveProtective devices offer comfort and safety to the wearer.
mobileMobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives.
specialSpecial devices were used to enhance the performance.
similarWe also saw similar devices in the laboratories at Cambridge and Oxford.
savingI've found several saving devices in this old thrift shop.
peripheralThe computer's peripheral devices include a keyboard, mouse, and printer.
assistiveAssistive devices can provide greater independence for people with disabilities.
electricalPeople in the kitchen should be careful when using electrical devices with wet hands.
opticalThe optical devices were used to magnify the image.
rhetoricalThe speech was replete with rhetorical devices such as alliteration, parallelism, and metaphor.
externalPlug all external devices into your computer.
simpleSimple devices can make our lives easier.
automaticAll automatic devices are designed to make life easier for their users.
technicalThe engineers used various technical devices to diagnose the problem.
wirelessWireless devices offer a convenient way to stay connected without the hassle of cables.
ingeniousEngineers used ingenious devices to create the new suspension bridge.
activeTransistors and thyristors are examples of active devices that can amplify and control current and voltage.
literaryThe author uses literary devices like metaphors and similes to make their writing more impactful.
prosthetic"Let me tell you about my experience learning to walk again with the help of my new prosthetic devices."
explosiveThe police discovered explosive devices hidden in the warehouse.
digitalDigital devices have become an integral part of modern society.
portablePortable devices can be used for a variety of tasks, making them a valuable tool for many people.
multipleMultiple devices were used to complete the task.
stylisticThe poet employs stylistic devices to create a vivid imagery in the reader's mind.
stateThe state devices are designed to protect the network from unauthorized access.
numerousNumerous devices were scattered across the workbench in various states of disrepair.
availableI need a list of all the available devices
sophisticatedScientists used sophisticated devices to probe the depths of the ocean.
mnemonicStudents employed various mnemonic devices to enhance their memorization abilities.
usefulThe engineer created multiple useful devices for the farmers.
basedWe have many based devices for sale.
magneticThe researchers created magnetic devices that can be used to manipulate objects from a distance.
technologicalI rely on technological devices for communication, entertainment, and education.
complexThe engineers designed complex devices to solve the problem.
formalThe introduction of formal devices into the curriculum has enhanced student engagement and achievement.
contraceptiveContraceptive devices are recommended to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
linguisticThe author uses a variety of linguistic devices to engage the reader.
artificialSome scientists believe that artificial devices will be able to perform human-like tasks in the near future.
remoteThe company is developing remote devices that can be controlled by a smartphone.
heraldicThe knight's shield bore ancient heraldic devices symbolizing his noble lineage.
sensitivePlease take care when handling sensitive devices
passivePassive devices are designed to receive and respond to signals without generating their own signals.
terminalThe doctor replaced his prosthetic leg with new terminal devices to improve his mobility.
optoelectronicThe development of optoelectronic devices has revolutionized the field of telecommunications.
electricThe house was filled with electric devices that made life easier.
electromechanicalThey described the electromechanical devices that NASA had to develop.
visualThe designer used bold font and bright colors as visual devices to emphasize the important information.
elaborateThe elaborate devices were designed to create a sense of awe and wonder.
adaptiveHe uses adaptive devices to make everyday tasks easier.
implantableRecent advances in implantable devices have enabled more precise and less invasive treatments.
suitableWe need suitable devices to perform the experiment.
speedThe police set up speed devices to catch motorists breaking the limit.
newerWith the advent of newer devices it is easier to stay connected than ever before.
controlledThe remote control transmits signals that are received by controlled devices
auxiliaryThe auxiliary devices were used to enhance the patient's quality of life.

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