Adjectives for Dial

Adjectives For Dial

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dial, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of communication and technology, the word 'dial' can evoke a variety of images and functions, greatly influenced by the adjectives used with it. A 'sun dial' transports us to ancient times, where time was measured by the shadow of the sun. A 'direct dial', on the other hand, speaks to our need for swift, unimpeded connections in today's fast-paced world. Descriptions like 'luminous dial' highlight the technological advances that allow us to engage with devices under low light conditions. The term 'large dial' often refers to user-friendly interfaces, whereas 'speed dial' emphasizes efficiency and quick access. Meanwhile, 'rotary dial' brings nostalgia and appreciation for the tactile interaction of past communication devices. Each adjective not only describes but significantly changes our perception and expectation of the 'dial'. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'dial' below and explore the nuances each combination brings.
sunThe old sun dial in the garden told the time accurately.
directShe works in a large office with direct dial to her boss.
luminousThe luminous dial of the watch glowed in the dark.
largeHe checked the time on the large dial of the clock.
speedI have her number on speed dial
rotaryMy elderly grandmother still uses a rotary dial telephone.
graduatedThe graduated dial on the watch face allows for precise timekeeping.
horizontalThe sundial had a large, horizontal dial for telling the time.
smallThe small dial on the radio controls the volume.
oldThe old dial was replaced with a sleek and modern one.
circularThe circular dial of the watch was adorned with intricate Roman numerals.
illuminatedHe read the time off the illuminated dial
verticalI adjusted the vertical dial on the telescope
demandThe man was using a demand dial to control the temperature.
mainThe main dial on the radio was broken.
whiteShe admired the white dial and delicate hands of the antique watch.
singleThe thermostat had a single dial for temperature control.
roundThe antique watch had a round dial with intricate engravings.
handShe still has to hand dial the phone numbers for her clients.
lowerHe adjusted the height of the seat with the lower dial
upperAdjust the upper dial to change the temperature.
automaticThe automatic dial will call the number you entered.
lightedI could see the lighted dial of her wristwatch as she reached for the back seat.
radiumThe radium dial of the watch glows in the dark.
ancientShe stared at the ancient dial wondering what secrets it held.
equinoctialAn equinoctial dial is a sundial that is designed to be used on or near the equator.
astigmaticSarah's astigmatic dial made it difficult to read the small print on the document.
hourThe hour dial on the clock was intricate and beautiful.
outerHe adjusted the outer dial which controlled the volume.
portableShe checked the time on her portable dial and gasped.
universalI reset the universal dial to the default setting.
innerThe inner dial is slightly off-center.
equatorialThe sundial maker used an equatorial dial to calibrate his new sundial.
standardThe watch has a black standard dial
inchThe inch dial indicated that the water level was rising.
silveredThe watch had a silvered dial with Roman numerals.
smallerThe smaller dial controls the volume.
phosphorescentI love the glow from a phosphorescent dial at night.
modemMy grandfather would sit for hours with his laptop and modem dial connected to the internet.
digitEnter your four-digit dial code below and connect the call.
frontHe held the phone to his ear and listened intently, his thumb hovering over the front dial
glowing"It looked like a rounded white pebble, with a glowing dial and a kind of circular base." ― Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
doubleThe double dial on the stove allowed for precise temperature control.
hugeThe clock tower had a huge dial that was visible from miles away.
revolvingMy father remembers using a revolving dial on the landline in his house.
nthI turned the nth dial to the right.
movableThe immovable dial is a testament to the passage of time.
harmonicThe harmonic dial was set so that the strings would resonate in perfect harmony.
curiousThe curious dial pointed to the wrong hour, making me wonder if it was broken.
fixedHe removed the fixed dial then threw it away in the trash.
luminescentIts luminescent dial indicates the time on its 12-hour scale.
slowThe slow dial brought him closer to his destination.
woodenThe clock had a wooden dial with Roman numerals.
moonThe moon dial showed the time of night.
topThe top dial on the radio controls the volume.
digitalThe user adjusted the time on the digital dial
fourThe four dials on the dashboard displayed essential information.
randomThe random dial on the old radio made it hard to find anything specific.
tinyHe carefully adjusted the tiny dial on the oscilloscope to improve the waveform's clarity.
quickShe added his number to her quick dial list.
mechanicalThe mechanical dial on the watch ticked loudly.

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