Adjectives for Diameter

Adjectives For Diameter

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing diameter, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'diameter' unveils a world of precision and detail. From the 'internal diameter,' focusing on the innermost measurements, to the 'outside diameter' that encompasses the external boundary, each adjective adds a layer of specificity. The 'average diameter' offers an insight into the mean measurement, bridging the gap between extremes. Meanwhile, 'same diameter' emphasizes equality in dimensions, and 'small' or 'large' diameter instantly scales an object's size in our minds. These carefully chosen adjectives not only refine our understanding but also enrich our descriptions, making communication in science, engineering, and everyday conversation more accurate. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that give nuance to 'diameter' below.
internalThe internal diameter of the pipe is 10 cm.
outsideThe outside diameter of the pipe is 12 inches.
averageThe average diameter of the new pizza is 16 inches.
sameThe two pipes have the same diameter
smallThe small diameter of the pipe allowed for easier installation.
largeThe pipe has a large diameter
meanThe mean diameter of the conductor is 2.54 mm.
maximumThe maximum diameter of the circle is 10 cm.
insideThe inside diameter of the pipe is 10 centimeters.
largerThe pipe with a larger diameter will be subjected to higher pressure.
smallerThe tube has a smaller diameter than the pipe.
innerThe inner diameter of an object must be measured carefully.
outerThe outer diameter of the pipe is 2 inches.
greatestThe greatest diameter of the universe is about 93 billion light years.
inchThe pipe has an inch diameter
externalThe external diameter of the pipe is 10 inches.
apparentThe apparent diameter of the star was about 20 arcseconds.
minimumThe minimum diameter of the new pipe is 10cm.
posteriorThe posterior diameter of the pelvis is the distance between the sacrum and the coccyx.
effectiveThe effective diameter of the pipe is 10 cm.
nominalThe nominal diameter of the pipe is 100 mm.
greaterThe greater diameter of the large circle measures to 2 cm more.
verticalThe vertical diameter of the circle is equal to its horizontal diameter.
largestThe galaxy has the largest diameter
anteroposteriorThe anteroposterior diameter of the skull was measured at 170 mm.
uniformThe glass fibers have uniform diameter
equivalentThe equivalent diameter of a non-circular duct is the diameter of a circular duct that would have the same pressure drop and flow rate.
angularThe angular diameter of the Moon is about half a degree.
horizontalThe horizontal diameter of the circle is 10 centimeters.
smallestThe smallest diameter of a circle is zero.
longestThe longest diameter of the ellipse is 10 cm.
medianThe median diameter of the coffee beans was 6 millimeters.
overallThe overall diameter of the bearing is 20 mm.
equalThe two circles have equal diameter
equatorialThe equatorial diameter of the Earth is 12,756.2 kilometers.
semiThe semi diameter of the Earth is approximately 6371 kilometers.
actualThe actual diameter of the pipe is 20mm.
luminalThe luminal diameter of the proximal tubule was measured.
constantThe steel rod has a constant diameter throughout its length.
obliqueThe oblique diameter of the ellipse is the length of the major axis.
sagittalThe sagittal diameter of the fetus was measured to be 9.5 cm.
rimThe rim diameter of a car wheel determines the size of the tire that can be fitted.
hydraulicThe hydraulic diameter of a non-circular duct is defined as four times the flow area divided by the wetted perimeter.
criticalThe critical diameter of the steel bar is 12 mm.
interiorThe pipe has an interior diameter of 2 inches.
minorThe minor diameter of the pipe was 2.5 inches.
molecularThe molecular diameter of the gas is 0.3 nm.
topThis giant sequoia tree has a top diameter of 27 feet.
widestThe widest diameter of the pipe is 12 inches.
polarThe polar diameter of Mars is 6792 km.
footThe foot diameter of the gorilla is between 15 and 20 cm.
longitudinalThe longitudinal diameter of the femur was measured from the greater trochanter to the lateral condyle.
aorticThe measurement of this patient's aortic diameter was approximately 5 cm.
lessThe less diameter of the particle, the greater the charge required to keep it stably.
maximalThe maximal diameter of the given circle is calculated as 2 times the radius.
biparietalThe biparietal diameter of the fetal head was measured at 8.5 cm.
correctThe pipe has the correct diameter and can be installed.
longerThe circle with the longer diameter has a greater area.
sectionalThe sectional diameter of the elliptical vault is 220mm.
cornealThe corneal diameter of the right eye was 12.0 mm.
leastThe least diameter wire which had survived the test was two and one-half feet long.
narrowThe tube has a narrow diameter
suitableThe pipe has a suitable diameter for the water flow.
correspondingThe corresponding diameter of the sphere is 12 cm.
basalThe basal diameter of the tree was 12 inches.
exactThe exact diameter of the wheel is 20 inches.
variableThe pipe has a variable diameter along its length.
shortestThe circle has the shortest diameter among all the shapes.
minimalThe minimal diameter of the circle is five centimeters.
atomicThe atomic diameter of a carbon atom is 0.154 nanometers.

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