Adjectives for Diamonds

Adjectives For Diamonds

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing diamonds, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Diamonds, often revered for their unmatched brilliance and beauty, come in various forms that evoke distinct feelings and portray different levels of opulence. Whether they are small and delicate, adding a subtle hint of elegance to a piece, or large and commanding, making a bold statement, the adjective preceding 'diamonds' paints a vivid picture of their allure. Industrial diamonds, vital for manufacturing, remind us of the stone's versatility beyond adornment. Conversely, rough diamonds provide a glimpse into the stone's raw, natural beauty before transformation, while black diamonds intrigue with their rare, exotic charm. Each descriptor, from small to many, nuances the perception and value of diamonds. For a full exploration of the worlds encapsulated by these adjectives, discover the extensive list below.
smallThe necklace was adorned with small diamonds
industrialIndustrial diamonds are used for cutting and polishing hard materials.
largeThe necklace was adorned with several large diamonds
roughThe jeweler examined the rough diamonds with a magnifying glass.
blackThose black diamonds are the most expensive of all.
manyI was astounded to see so many diamonds in my grandfather's safe.
syntheticThe jeweler created a ring with synthetic diamonds
realI prefer real diamonds over cubic zirconia.
tinyThe princess gazed at the dress, adorned with tiny diamonds that sparkled like a thousand stars.
naturalNatural diamonds are the most coveted type of diamond.
fewShe had few diamonds of her own.
moreShe wears more diamonds than any other woman in the world.
whiteThe necklace was adorned with sparkling white diamonds
blueThe blue diamonds sparkled in the sunlight.
uncutThe thieves escaped with a bag full of uncut diamonds
fineThe store had a display of fine diamonds
yellowThe yellow diamonds sparkled in the light.
artificialArtificial diamonds also known as synthetic diamonds, are lab-created crystals that possess the same chemical composition, physical properties, and optical characteristics as naturally mined diamonds.
openThe necklace was adorned with beautiful open diamonds
cutThe cut diamonds glinted in the sunlight, their facets sparkling like a thousand stars.
redThe princess received a necklace adorned with red diamonds
brilliantHer necklace sparkled with the pure light of brilliant diamonds
bigThe necklace was adorned with big diamonds sparkling in the light.
polishedThe jeweler admired the polished diamonds that sparkled in the light.
famousThe famous diamonds were on display at the museum.
smallerThe necklace was adorned with smaller diamonds creating a delicate and understated look.
valuableThe museum had a collection of valuable diamonds on display.
finestThe finest diamonds in the world were on display at the museum.
beautifulThe sky was adorned with beautiful diamonds that sparkled and shone.
alluvialA few alluvial diamonds are found in the stream.
brazilianBrazilian diamonds are prized for their exceptional quality and brilliance.
largestThe largest diamonds found on earth are usually mined in South Africa.
magnificentThe magnificent diamonds sparkled in the sunlight, their brilliance illuminating the room.
sparklingShe admired the glittering reflection of sparkling diamonds across the window
solidThe solid diamonds gleamed in the sunlight.
preciousThe necklace was adorned with precious diamonds each one gleaming with a brilliance that illuminated the night.
hugeThe necklace sparkled with huge diamonds
qualityHer engagement ring features a collection of top quality diamonds set in platinum.
southThe south diamonds were sparkling in the sun.
greenThe necklace sparkled with green diamonds
enormousHer enormous diamonds sparkled like a million stars.
coloredThe sunlight glinted off the colored diamonds casting a rainbow of light across the room.
genuineThe necklace was adorned with genuine diamonds sparkling in the sunlight.
splendidThe tiara was adorned with splendid diamonds that sparkled in the light.
liquidThe radiant liquid diamonds sparkled in the sunlight.
falseThe necklace was adorned with glittering false diamonds
indianThe Indian diamonds were renowned for their exceptional clarity and brilliance.
largerWe found several larger diamonds in the cave.
rawThe jeweler examined the raw diamonds with a critical eye.
fakeShe wore a necklace with fake diamonds that sparkled in the light.
looseThe jeweler displayed loose diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes.
roundThe necklace was adorned with round diamonds that sparkled in the light.
pinkThe stunning necklace featured a cluster of vibrant pink diamonds
perfectThe rare collection contained only perfect diamonds
brightThe necklace was adorned with bright diamonds that sparkled in the light.
enoughShe had enough diamonds to last a lifetime.
shapedThe jeweler created a stunning necklace with shaped diamonds that sparkled brilliantly in the light.
caratThe ring contains several carat diamonds
colouredThe jeweller displayed a stunning collection of coloured diamonds each one shimmering with its own unique hue.
rareThe necklace is adorned with rare diamonds that sparkle brilliantly in the light.
brownThe brown diamonds sparkled brightly in the sunlight.
concentricOn the floor, the concentric diamonds formed a stark contrast with the dull carpet.
pureThe necklace sparkled with pure diamonds
madeThe scientists have made diamonds from coal.
superbThe necklaces had superb diamonds that sparkled in the light.
doubleThe hiking trail was marked with double diamonds
smuggledThe secret agent discovered that the shipment contained smuggled diamonds
africanThe African diamonds were gleaming in the sunlight.
microscopicThe microscopic diamonds embedded in the rock contributed to its unique sparkle.
brightestThe brightest diamonds are often found in the most unexpected places.
flawlessThe flawless diamonds sparkled brightly in the sunlight.
unsetThe jeweler carefully arranged the unset diamonds in a delicate pattern.
crystalThe crystal diamonds sparkled in the sunlight.
irishI can't believe I found so many irish diamonds on the beach!
pricelessThe priceless diamonds sparkled in the sunlight.
countlessThe necklace sparkled with countless diamonds
sizedThe earrings were adorned with perfectly sized diamonds
illicitCustoms officials discovered illicit diamonds in the luggage of a traveler arriving from an African country.
minuteThe necklace sparkled in the light as its minute diamonds reflected the sun's rays.

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