Adjectives for Dice

Adjectives For Dice

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dice, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'dice' can dramatically alter the meaning of your sentence, adding layers of complexity and nuance. Whether you're describing the 'small dice' used in a travel board game, the 'loaded dice' that tilt the game unfairly, or the 'fair dice' ensuring an unbiased outcome, each adjective unveils a new aspect of this seemingly simple object. With variations like 'inch dice' for size reference, 'sided dice' to specify types, and 'false dice' hinting at deceit, the adjectives paint a vivid picture of the scenarios in which they are used. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'dice' and uncover the intricate stories they tell.
smallThe small dice landed on a six.
inchThe sharp inch dice cut into the wood.
loadedThe casino was caught using loaded dice resulting in the arrest of several employees.
sidedThe casino only used six-sided dice
falseThe cheater was caught using false dice in the poker game.
fairThe probability of rolling a 6 on a fair dice is 1/6.
largeI shook the large dice until it landed on a six.
ordinaryI rolled the ordinary dice and got a six.
fuzzyThe fuzzy dice dangling from the rearview mirror added a touch of whimsy to the otherwise serious vehicle.
redThe red dice landed on the table, showing a five.
crookedThe crooked dice always landed in her favor.
whiteThe white dice rolled a seven.
fineShe cut the meat into fine dice
coggedThe cogged dice rolled across the table, landing on a seven.
twoHe tossed two dice onto the table.
tinyThe tiny dice rolled onto the floor.
finelyThe chef finely diced the onion, creating tiny cubes that would evenly distribute flavor throughout the dish.
honestHe rolled the honest dice and it landed on a six.
geneticScientists roll the genetic dice with CRISPR gene-editing technology.
woodenHe rolled the wooden dice across the table.
goldenThe golden dice rolled across the table, making a distinct sound.
cubicalThe board game used cubical dice to determine each player's move.
trueI rolled a pair of true dice
luckyHe had incredibly lucky dice always rolling the number he wanted.
unbiasedThe unbiased dice rolled a six.
standardI love rolling the standard dice
bigThe big dice rolled across the table.
balancedI rolled the balanced dice and got a four.
regularRoll the regular dice and move your token to the corresponding number of squares.
weightedThe gambler used weighted dice to increase his chances of winning.
perfectHe always seemed to roll perfect dice
neatThe neat dice rolled across the table.
shotHe shot dice with his friends all night.
blankThe blank dice lay on the table, inviting a roll.
hitMy character has 10 hit dice
unloadedThe gambler cheated by using unloaded dice
cosmicThe cosmic dice rolled in favor of chaos that night.
furryThe furry dice hanging from the rearview mirror swayed gently with the movement of the car.
stickThe gambler's fingers danced across the stick dice his desperate plea for luck whispering on the stale air.
cubicI found out the volume of a cubic dice
greenShe rolled the green dice and hoped for a six.
sacredThe tribe's fate hung in the balance as they cast the sacred dice
theThe dice rolled a seven.
blueJohn was rolling the blue dice
threeI rolled three dice and got a total of eleven.
brownHe rolled the brown dice across the table.
tetrahedralThe tetrahedral dice rolled a four.
electronicThe electronic dice rolled a six.
giantThe giant dice rolled across the table.
bareThe gambler watched as the bare dice tumbled across the felt.
magicI shook the magic dice and waited with bated breath for the results.
oblongThe oblong dice rolled across the table.
imaginaryThe imaginary dice rolled a seven.
coloredThe children played with colored dice and laughed in delight.
extraI have some extra dice if you need them for the game.

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