Adjectives for Dictionaries

Adjectives For Dictionaries

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dictionaries, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of dictionaries reveals a rich tapestry of language and knowledge, tinted by the adjectives we use to describe them. Whether it's a biographical dictionary that delves into the lives of individuals, an English dictionary focusing on the nuances of the English language, or a bilingual dictionary connecting two cultures, each adjective adds a layer of specificity and purpose. Not to be overlooked are standard dictionaries that guide us through everyday vocabulary, or the importance of having several dictionaries to broaden our understanding. These adjectives not only define the type of dictionary but also the unique journey of discovery they offer. Dive deeper into the fascinating world of dictionaries and explore the full range of adjectives that bring their pages to life.
biographicalResearchers use biographical dictionaries to gain insights into historical figures and their contributions to society.
englishI always keep several english dictionaries in my desk.
mostI consulted most dictionaries but none had the definition I was looking for.
bilingualBilingual dictionaries can be very useful for students learning a new language.
standardStandard dictionaries provide comprehensive listings of words, their definitions, etymologies, and pronunciations.
severalSeveral dictionaries were consulted for the research.
generalI consulted general dictionaries to clarify the meaning of the word.
modernShe always kept modern dictionaries by her bed stand.
medicalOur medical dictionaries offer definitions of a wide range of words related to health and medicine
americanWe consulted various American dictionaries to find the most common word spellings.
unabridgedYou can find many unabridged dictionaries in the library.
historicalThe historical dictionaries are full of information about the past.
variousI consulted various dictionaries to find the correct spelling of the word.
monolingualStudents can use monolingual dictionaries to look up words in their native language.
specializedResearchers used specialized dictionaries to translate the ancient texts.
frenchI love to browse through old french dictionaries
majorStudents can use major dictionaries to enhance their vocabulary.
etymologicalAlthough English etymology has been studied since at least the 15th century, only since the 19th century have etymological dictionaries been created that rely on scientific methods and principles.
currentCurrent dictionaries are already likely biased, with stereotypes present in the definitions for many words.
bestThe best dictionaries are those that are comprehensive and up-to-date.
specialThe highly technical article relied heavily on special dictionaries
latinStudents love using Latin dictionaries
chineseMy Chinese dictionaries are filled with useful words and phrases.
classicalThe library has a wide range of classical dictionaries
technicalTechnical dictionaries are essential tools for students and professionals in any field.
foreignI use foreign dictionaries from time to time.
electronicElectronic dictionaries have become an essential tool for students and language learners.
recentRecent dictionaries have added many new words to keep up with the ever-changing language.
languageI often use language dictionaries to learn new words and phrases.
spanishI have a few spanish dictionaries
ordinaryConsult the ordinary dictionaries for the meaning of this word.
largerThese larger dictionaries would be able to define terms that even specialized dictionaries might miss.
germanI searched the meaning of the word in german dictionaries
onlineStudents use online dictionaries to enhance their vocabulary.
readableThe company's annual report utilizes readable dictionaries making it easy to interpret.
britishBritish dictionaries list words in alphabetical order.
earlierEarlier dictionaries often gave only one spelling of a word
arabicThe student borrowed arabic dictionaries from the library.
legalI often consult legal dictionaries to understand the precise meaning of legal terms.
contemporaryThe majority of contemporary dictionaries do not include information about the category of the gender of a word.
japaneseJapanese dictionaries contain many kanji, words, and phrases with their definitions and readings.
olderThe older dictionaries did not include the word 'selfie'.
multilingualI consulted several multilingual dictionaries before translating the document.
geographicalI have looked over some geographical dictionaries recently.
comprehensiveStudents who need to learn the complete meaning of words and their usage should utilize comprehensive dictionaries
scientificI consulted several scientific dictionaries for the precise definition of the term.
centuryI consulted several century dictionaries to understand the etymology of the word.
greekI have several Greek dictionaries and also an unabridged English version for everyday use.
numerousThere are numerous dictionaries in the library.
availableThe library has a plethora of available dictionaries for language learners.
subjectSubject dictionaries are specialized dictionaries that focus on a particular subject area, such as medicine or law.
smallerShe collects smaller dictionaries and antique maps.
russianI need to find some Russian dictionaries for my class.
purposePurpose dictionaries provide information for a particular purpose, such as a dictionary of synonyms or a dictionary of rhymes.
laterLater dictionaries afford us a better glimpse into the lives of the common people.
usefulWe have useful dictionaries for many languages.
musicalMusical dictionaries are books that list and define words related to music in a language.
earliestThe earliest dictionaries were in fact word lists, such as the Ebers Papyrus (c. 1550 BCE), which is considered the earliest medical text.
conventionalPeople often check conventional dictionaries to find out the definitions of unfamiliar words.
sanskritSanskrit dictionaries contain words in various languages, including English.
encyclopedicThe students gathered around the professor's desk, eager to learn more about the encyclopedic dictionaries
italianI have a few Italian dictionaries
abridgedStudents used abridged dictionaries to find the meaning of the word.
biblicalThe library has many biblical dictionaries
authoritativeStudents trust the authoritative dictionaries that their university provides.
lineHe used line dictionaries to find the words that were out of place.
specialisedMedical professionals use specialised dictionaries to translate technical terms.
volumeThese volume dictionaries can be in any valid JSON format.
philosophicalPhilosophical dictionaries are excellent resources for studying the history of philosophy.
africanThe university library has a collection of African dictionaries
rhymingConsult rhyming dictionaries for helpful verses.
theologicalThe library has a selection of theological dictionaries

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