Adjectives for Difference

Adjectives For Difference

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing difference, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the difference can dramatically alter the meaning and impact of a sentence. A significant difference implies noteworthiness and importance, suggesting that the outcome or change is far from trivial. Conversely, describing a difference as only or little minimizes the distinction, often implying that it's negligible or less than expected. The adjective great highlights vast disparities, emphasizing a larger scale of change or contrast. Similarly, important elevates the relevance or value of the difference, indicating that it carries weight in its context. The term potential difference, however, introduces the concept of future possibilities or unactualized changes. Each adjective unravels unique nuances, prompting readers to delve deeper into the subtleties of variance. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to fully capture the essence and magnitude of differences.
significantThere was a significant difference in the results of the two groups.
onlyThe only difference between the two paintings was the color of the vase.
littleThere was little difference between the two cars.
greatThe two products had a great difference in quality.
importantThere is an important difference between the two approaches.
potentialThe potential difference between the two points is 12 volts.
muchI did not notice much difference between the two options.
majorThe two algorithms show a major difference in terms of accuracy.
essentialThe essential difference between the two approaches is that the first one is based on a static model of the world, while the second one is based on a dynamic model.
mainThe main difference between the two cars is the price.
fundamentalThe fundamental difference between the two theories is their treatment of time.
bigThe big difference was in the way they treated their customers.
realThe real difference was in the details.
markedThe two paintings exhibited a marked difference in style.
considerableThere was a considerable difference between the two teams.
slightThere is a slight difference between the two versions.
basicThe basic difference between cats and dogs is that cats are carnivorous and dogs are omnivorous.
strikingThe newest car model exhibited a striking difference in performance compared to its predecessor.
vastThere is a vast difference between the two options.
culturalThe cultural difference between the two countries was evident in their customs and traditions.
wideThere is a wide difference between the two products.
crucialThe crucial difference between the two plans is in the funding model.
meanThe mean difference between the two groups was not statistically significant.
substantialOur expectations of the financial outcome have undergone a substantial difference
chiefA significant chief difference appeared between the two groups.
obviousThe obvious difference between the two concepts is in their scope.
finiteThe finite difference method is a numerical technique used to solve differential equations.
qualitativeThe qualitative difference between the two products was evident in their performance and durability.
principalThe principal difference between the two is that one is a noun and the other is a verb.
greatestThe greatest difference between the two theories lies in their respective assumptions about the nature of human nature.
keyThe key difference between the two theories is that the first one assumes a constant rate of growth, while the second one assumes a variable rate of growth.
racialAlthough the racial difference undeniably exists, all peoples of all races share a common human nature.
clearThere was a clear difference between the two outcomes.
averageThe average difference between the two groups was significant.
radicalThe two plans proposed radical differences in terms of their funding and implementation.
noticeableThe student made a noticeable difference in her grades after working with a tutor.
apparentThere was an apparent difference between the two pictures.
appreciableThe data showed an appreciable difference between the two groups.
enormousThe two methods made an enormous difference in solving the problem.
hugeThis new system makes a huge difference compared to the previous one.
absoluteThe absolute difference between 5 and 7 is 2.
criticalThe critical difference between the two groups was statistically significant.
distinctThe two paintings have a distinct difference in style.
remarkableThe remarkable difference between the two options was immediately apparent.
subtleIt's a subtle difference but it makes all the difference.
profoundThere was a profound difference between the two candidates' ideologies.
observedThe observed difference in the two samples was significant.
practicalThe practical difference between the two products is negligible.
relativeThe relative difference between the two numbers is 0.1.
notableThere was a notable difference in the quality of the two products.
maximumThe maximum difference between two numbers is 10.
slightestThe slightest difference in pressure caused the balloon to burst.
lessThere was less difference in the two pictures than I thought.
biggestThe biggest difference between the two cars is their size.
tremendousThe arrival of the new technology made a tremendous difference to our productivity.
vitalThe only vital difference is in execution.
sharpThe sharp difference in their opinions led to a heated argument.
interestingThe study revealed an interesting difference in the results.
structuralThe two buildings had only a slight structural difference
dramaticThe recent change in weather has made a dramatic difference in the landscape.
perceptibleThere was a perceptible difference between the two versions of the software.
largestThe largest difference between the two numbers is 12.
quantitativeThe quantitative difference between the two groups was significant.
ontologicalThe ontological difference between being and beings is a fundamental concept in philosophy.
correspondingThe corresponding difference in the weight of the two objects was only about two pounds.
leastThe two numbers with the least difference are 5 and 7.
characteristicThe characteristic difference between the two sisters was their eye color.
immenseThe change in his behavior made an immense difference in his relationships.

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