Adjectives for Differential

Adjectives For Differential

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing differential, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a differential can significantly alter the perception of your message. A semantic differential delves into meaning and context, while a total differential encompasses completeness. An exact differential speaks to precision, and a large differential emphasizes magnitude. Conversely, a partial differential hints at a subset or component, and an average differential introduces a norm or standard. Each adjective unlocks a different facet of understanding, demonstrating the power of nuanced language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'differential' below, each with its unique flavor and implication.
semanticThe semantic differential was used to measure the connotative meaning of the word.
totalA car's total differential is a series of gears that transmit torque from the transmission to the wheels.
exactThe integral of an exact differential of a function around a closed curve is 0.
largeThe company reported a large differential in sales between its two divisions.
partialThe heat equation is a linear partial differential equation.
averageThe average differential between the two teams is five points.
perfectThe total differential of a perfect differential is exact.
significantThe results showed a significant differential between the two groups.
realThe real differential between the two teams was their ability to convert chances into goals.
whiteThe white differential gearcase was a problem on early trucks.
greaterThe company's greater differential was due to increased efficiency and cost-saving measures.
ordinaryThe study of ordinary differential equations is a branch of mathematics that deals with the solutions of differential equations of the first order.
urbanThe urban differential increased from 2000 to 2010.
positiveThe positive differential diagnosis for this condition includes acute bronchitis.
normalThe normal differential of pressure across the aortic valve is 20-30 mmHg.
femaleThe alleged gender pay gap is actually a female differential due to women's personal choices such as childbearing and higher education.
racialThe racial differential in incarceration rates is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.
rateThe company offers a rate differential for employees working overtime.
ruralThe school offers a rural differential for certified teachers.
completeTo obtain the complete differential it is not enough to expand the function as far as the second order and then to retain only the second-order terms.
maximumThe maximum differential temperature between the interior and exterior of a building is 10 degrees Celsius.
compensatingEmployees working in hazardous conditions received a compensating differential
substantialThe company reported a substantial differential in revenue between the two quarters.
wideThe physician is concerned about the patient's wide differential in temperature.
constantThe differential equation has a constant differential
regionalThe company had to adjust its prices due to the regional differential in the cost of living.
relativeThe relative differential of the pressure was nearly zero along the streamlines.
linearThe linear differential equation is a differential equation that is linear in the unknown function and its derivatives.
negativeThe op-amp has a negative differential input resistance.
largerThe larger differential in profit margins is due to the company's focus on cost optimization and operational efficiency.
absoluteThe absolute differential of a function measures its total change over an interval.
southThe south differential is the difference in the price of a good or service between two regions, with the south region having a lower price.
limitedThe results of the study revealed that the continuum of care for older adults with limited differential diagnoses admitted to the inpatient unit of a community teaching hospital was fragmented.
observedThe observed differential between the two groups was significant.
smallerThe smaller differential led to a more competitive match.
considerableThe considerable differential in performance between the two teams was evident throughout the game.
actualThe actual differential in performance was negligible.
nonunionThe nonunion differential is the difference in wages between unionized workers and nonunionized workers.
greatestThe greatest differential of the function occurs at x = 2.
netThe information stored in the database does not reflect the net differential between apps and revenue.
slightThe slight differential in temperature was enough to cause the reaction to fail.
rearI need to replace the rear differential in my car.
markedThe genetic and cultural isolation of these people has led to a marked differential in the incidence of certain diseases.
minimumThe minimum differential in the data was 0.01.
overallThe overall differential was a score of 24-13 in favor of the home team.
nominalThe nominal differential of the current must be lower than 2mA.
initialThe initial differential diagnosis included pulmonary embolism.
inexactThe inexact differential is the difference between the actual differential and the theoretical differential.
correspondingThe corresponding differential of the function is 2x+1.
nonlinearThe nonlinear differential equation models the physical system accurately.
largestThe Warriors defeated the Kings by the largest differential of the season.
pressureThe pressure differential between the inside and outside of the aircraft caused the windows to bulge.
termThe term differential is often used in mathematics to describe the difference between two terms.
orderThe equation is an order differential equation.
educationalThe salary has an educational differential of 2% for those with a master's degree.
grossThe gross differential is the difference between the total amount of money earned and the total deductions taken out.
pointThe team's point differential was the best in the league.
osmoticThe osmotic differential between the two solutions caused the cell to shrink.
structuralThe structural differential in the company indicates a need for further development.
frontThe front differential was designed to handle the increased torque and power of the new engine.
favorableThe favorable differential in interest rates between the two countries made it attractive for investors to move their money overseas.
fixedThe fixed differential provides a constant or variable speed ratio between shafts.
meanThe mean differential between the two groups was significant.
hugeThe huge differential in lending rates made it difficult for small businesses to access capital.
maleThe male driver rushed to check the male differential
sufficientThe complexity associated with the control system was not balanced by sufficient differential
stochasticThe stochastic differential equation model is widely used in finance to model the price of stocks and other financial assets.
mechanicalThe mechanical differential in the car allowed it to turn on a dime.
doubleThe second double differential of the function with respect to x is equal to 2.
enormousThe research team discovered an enormous differential in the results.

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