Adjectives for Difficulties

Adjectives For Difficulties

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing difficulties, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the complexities of difficulties can dramatically alter perceptions and outcomes depending on the adjectives used to describe them. Words such as many, highlight the quantity, emphasizing the vastness of challenges faced. Financial and economic specify the nature, pointing to monetary aspects, while great and serious denote the intensity and potential implications. Even practical difficulties stress the hands-on challenges that require immediate solutions. Each adjective opens a new dimension to understanding the complexity of problems, providing a nuanced view that can shape our response and resolution strategies. Discover how different adjectives unveil unique aspects of difficulties in our comprehensive list below.
manyI have faced many difficulties in my life, but I have never given up.
financialThe company announced that it is facing financial difficulties
greatThe project was completed with great difficulties
seriousThe project faced serious difficulties and was ultimately abandoned.
practicalThe project was delayed due to practical difficulties
economicThe country is facing economic difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
technicalWe are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.
certainThe project faced certain difficulties in its early stages.
majorWe all had to face major difficulties during this period of isolation.
considerableConsiderable difficulties arose when the team embarked on the expedition.
presentThe present difficulties of the company seem insurmountable.
specialHer special difficulties include dyslexia, poor comprehension, and inability to retrieve information.
greaterAlthough they had to overcome greater difficulties they finally achieved their goal.
similarHer friend had similar difficulties learning French.
greatestOur greatest difficulties lie in the conflicts between our knowledge and our capacity for action.
realWe did experience real difficulties during our recent travels.
emotionalShe struggled to cope with her emotional difficulties
severeThe team faced severe difficulties in completing the project on time.
particularThe students faced particular difficulties in the more advanced chapters of the book.
furtherThe project faced further difficulties after the main investor pulled out.
insuperableThe team faced insuperable difficulties in completing the project.
inherentThere were inherent difficulties with the project.
enormousThe project was fraught with enormous difficulties from the start.
legalHe faced legal difficulties after being accused of fraud.
insurmountableThe expedition faced insurmountable difficulties in navigating the treacherous terrain.
graveThe project faced grave difficulties due to the lack of funding and manpower.
obviousThe project was fraught with obvious difficulties
numerousThe project faced numerous difficulties and setbacks.
administrativeThe project faced administrative difficulties involving delays in approvals.
internalThey were having internal difficulties with their fundraising strategies.
peculiarWe faced peculiar difficulties in completing the project on time.
potentialWe must be aware of the potential difficulties that may arise from this project.
maritalShe is going through marital difficulties and needs some support.
chiefThe patient's chief difficulties are nausea and vomiting.
initialShe persevered through initial difficulties to succeed in her career.
psychologicalThe patient was experiencing a range of psychological difficulties including anxiety and depression.
additionalThey faced additional difficulties in their quest for success.
conceptualStudents who didn't pass due to conceptual difficulties should meet with their teachers for additional support.
methodologicalThe researchers faced methodological difficulties in conducting the study.
mechanicalDue to mechanical difficulties the flight was delayed by several hours.
domesticShe was experiencing domestic difficulties at the time.
formidableThe team faced formidable difficulties on their arduous trek.
experimentalScientists were faced with insurmountable experimental difficulties throughout the process.
pecuniaryThe company is facing pecuniary difficulties due to the recent economic downturn.
theoreticalResearchers faced theoretical difficulties in explaining the results.
unexpectedWe encountered unexpected difficulties in the completion of the project.
immenseThe pioneers faced immense difficulties to establish the new settlement.
minorThere were minor difficulties in completing the project.
tremendousThe explorers faced tremendous difficulties on their expedition to the uncharted island.
academicThe student's academic difficulties had always been a source of concern for her parents.
extremeOur team persevered despite encountering extreme difficulties
interpersonalDue to his interpersonal difficulties Matthew was unable to maintain a healthy relationship with his boss.
fewerThe team faced fewer difficulties during the second half of the game.
fundamentalWe encountered fundamental difficulties in completing the project on time.
unforeseenThe project was delayed due to unforeseen difficulties
innumerableThe project faced innumerable difficulties along the way, but it was completed on time and within budget.
diagnosticThe patient has a complex medical history with diagnostic difficulties
mathematicalTom has mathematical difficulties so he is not able to solve even simple tasks.
behavioralStudents with behavioral difficulties need specialized support and intervention.
logicalThe logical difficulties with the proof led to a re-examination of the theorem.
temporaryThe company is facing temporary difficulties but is expected to recover soon.
operationalThe company has been facing operational difficulties lately.
extraordinaryThe team faced extraordinary difficulties due to the complex nature of the project.
unusualThe students faced unusual difficulties during the exam.
cognitiveHe struggled with cognitive difficulties related to dementia.
endlessThe endless difficulties made the journey seem insurmountable.

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