Adjectives for Difficulty

Adjectives For Difficulty

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing difficulty, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe difficulty not only captures the intensity of a challenge but also the subtle emotional and psychological nuances it brings. Describing something as having great difficulty evokes a sense of monumental challenge requiring significant effort and resilience. Contrastingly, little difficulty suggests a hurdle that is easily overcome, implying confidence and competence. Words like much and more indicate varying degrees of hardship, while greatest and considerable difficulty underscore the severity and potential struggle involved. Each adjective paints a unique picture of the obstacles faced, providing insight into the speaker's perspective. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with difficulty below and enhance your descriptive prowess.
greatThe injured hiker escaped the wilderness with great difficulty
littleShe finished the marathon with little difficulty
muchHe managed to finish the race with much difficulty
greatestHe completed the task with the greatest difficulty
considerableHe finished the task with considerable difficulty
moreStudying for a test proved more difficulty than I expected.
greaterWe are facing greater difficulty with this new software program.
seriousThe team faced serious difficulty in achieving their goal.
realI solved the puzzle with real difficulty
mainThe main difficulty with this project was finding the right people to work on it.
extremeThe extreme difficulty of the task made it nearly impossible to complete.
majorHe faced major difficulty in completing the task.
onlyThe only difficulty is to see the customs of the people.
chiefThe chief difficulty involves selecting the right colors for the design.
furtherThe student faced further difficulty in understanding the complex mathematical problem.
lessThe task was completed with less difficulty than anticipated.
particularThe new program was met with particular difficulty by students.
practicalThe project was temporarily paused due to practical difficulty
financialHe found himself in financial difficulty because of losing his job.
utmostWe completed the task with utmost difficulty
principalThe principal difficulty with the premise is that the moon is not made of cheese.
technicalWe apologize for the inconvenience caused by the technical difficulty
fundamentalThe research team encountered a fundamental difficulty in obtaining accurate data due to the unreliable nature of the sensors.
obviousMy parents moved abroad with obvious difficulty
inherentThe inherent difficulty of the problem made it challenging to solve.
leastThe task was completed with the least difficulty
insuperableThe project faced insuperable difficulty due to unforeseen technical challenges.
relativeI found that the relative difficulty of the tasks was moderate.
apparentThe task was completed with apparent difficulty
slightestI breezed through the test with the slightest difficulty
peculiarThe unusual object was obtained with peculiar difficulty
respiratoryMy respiratory difficulty made it hard to breathe.
enormousWe had enormous difficulty in finding a parking place.
equalThe two tasks presented equal difficulty
slightHe completed the task despite slight difficulty
insurmountableThe climber was faced with insurmountable difficulty as he attempted to scale the sheer rock face.
immenseThe climber faced immense difficulty scaling the sheer cliff face.
graveThe team overcame grave difficulty to secure the victory.
extraordinaryThe problem posed an extraordinary difficulty
undueThe unreasonable noise caused undue difficulty in students' focus.
infiniteThe labyrinth posed an infinite difficulty challenging even the most skilled of navigators.
conceptualThe conceptual difficulty of the problem was too great for me.
unusualHe finished the task despite encountering unusual difficulty
addedThe addition of this new element to the equation created added difficulty
unexpectedThe hikers encountered unexpected difficulty due to the sudden change in weather.
diagnosticThe patient's diagnostic difficulty was the result of an atypical presentation of the disease.
tremendousI managed to finish the marathon with tremendous difficulty
logicalThe test presented a logical difficulty that proved challenging for the students.
intrinsicThe task's intrinsic difficulty was what made it so challenging.
consequentThe consequent difficulty of the project led to its abandonment.
moderateThe students experienced moderate difficulty solving the complex math problems.
formidableThe mountaineers overcame formidable difficulty to reach the summit.

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