Adjectives for Dig

Adjectives For Dig

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dig, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'dig' can dramatically alter the tone and focus of a sentence, highlighting various aspects from the scale and intensity to the method and purpose of the action. A 'sharp dig' can imply a precise, perhaps sudden action, while a 'little dig' might denote a minor, possibly playful effort. The terms 'archaeological' and 'archeological' suggest a professional, historical exploration, imbuing the scene with a sense of importance and discovery. Opting for a 'subtle dig,' on the other hand, introduces an element of nuance, perhaps in conversation, suggesting a gentle hint or critique. Each adjective opens up a unique narrative window, inviting readers to explore the myriad possibilities housed within the simple act of digging. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'dig' and see how they can transform your sentences.
archaeologicalThe team scoured the site looking for any remnants of the ancient civilization, they called it an archaeological dig
archeologicalThe archeological dig unearthed ancient pottery shards and arrowheads.
littleShe gave him a little dig about his new haircut.
lastThe last dig of the archaeologist bore fruit.
sharpThe sharp dig of the needle brought tears to her eyes.
subtleThe meeting was 'productive,' in a subtle dig at the attendees' previous lack thereof.
finalWith his final dig the archaeologist unearthed the ancient artifact.
acuteThe gopher was in acute dig
gentleHer gentle dig at his ego made him reconsider his actions.
chronicThe chronic dig has unearthed ancient artifacts.
bigThe Big dig was a massive infrastructure project in Boston that rerouted a major highway underground.
nastyThe nasty dig was meant to hurt her friend's feelings.
viciousThe critic's vicious dig at the author's writing style left a lasting wound.
obviousHe made an obvious dig at his opponent's lack of qualifications.
totalThis new album is a total dig
dirtyThe coach gave him a dirty dig for missing practice.
slyHer sly dig at the opposition left the room murmuring.
recentThe recent dig unearthed a trove of ancient artifacts.
occasionalOur hike was mostly smooth with only the occasional dig
dryThe dry dig unearthed ancient artifacts hidden for centuries.
quickThe forward made a quick dig to the left to dodge the incoming tackle.
vigorousThe archaeologist examined the site with a vigorous dig
exploratoryArchaeologists conducted an exploratory dig at the site to determine its potential.
ongoingThe ongoing dig has uncovered several ancient artifacts.
fossilThe fossil dig was an exciting adventure for the young explorer.
quietThe quiet dig of the spoon against the bowl soothed her.
successfulThe successful dig unearthed ancient artifacts.
compareCan you compare dig with dig?
suddenThe sudden dig unearthed a treasure trove of ancient artifacts.
savageThe comedian's savage dig at the politician had the audience roaring with laughter.
spitefulHe couldn’t help but take a spiteful dig at his rival.
anthropologicalThe anthropological dig uncovered ancient artifacts that shed light on the region's history.
turbidThe turbid dig on the old farm forced its closure after a century in business.
extraThe team put in extra dig to win the championship.
ironicShe asked me if I had any cash. She knows I'm ironic dig broke.
extensiveThe extensive dig unearthed fragments of ancient pottery.
violentThe storm surge from the hurricane caused a violent dig into the coastline.
latestThe latest dig revealed fragments of ancient pottery.
gradeThe students received a grade dig from their teacher.
humorousHer cooking was so bad, even the flies did a humorous dig by bringing their own food.
underwaterThe underwater dig uncovered ancient artifacts hidden beneath the waves.
maliciousThe article contains a malicious dig at the company's reputation.
deliberateThe deliberate dig through the historic site unearthed several significant artifacts.
cruelHis cruel dig left me feeling humiliated.
simulatedUsing a simulated dig researchers discovered a trove of ancient artifacts.
fulminantThe last spiteful fulminant dig left a sour aftertaste.

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