Adjectives for Digit

Adjectives For Digit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing digit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'digit' becomes incredibly versatile when paired with descriptive adjectives, each bringing its own nuance to the number it describes. A 'three-digit' number suggests a broader range than a 'two-digit' one, hinting at greater value or scale. 'Double' and 'single' digits play into the perception of quantity and simplicity, while 'signed' digits introduce the concept of positive or negative values, essential in mathematics and computing. Moreover, 'binary' digits dive into the realm of computing, representing the most basic form of data. Each adjective not only modifies the digit but also enriches the context in which it is used, revealing the importance of precision in language. Discover more adjectives that bring digits to life below.
threeI need to input a three digit number between three hundreds to four hundreds.
twoThe two digit number is twelve.
doubleThe population of the small town had increased to double digits.
singleThe answer is a single digit number.
signedThe signed digit representation of -12 is 10 1.
binaryThe storage of a binary digit is the base for digital circuits.
randomThe random digit generated was 5.
fiveThe winning lottery ticket had a five digit number.
multiThe answer was a multi digit number.
sixI have a six digit code for the door.
significantThe number 12.34 has three significant digits.
fourThe four digit number is 1234.
tripleThe temperature reached triple digits yesterday.
checkThe check digit is used to verify the accuracy of the other digits in a number.
oneThe answer is a one digit number.
nineThey had a nine digit account number.
eightThe company assigned an eight digit employee ID to each new hire.
quotientWhen dividing 12 by 3, the quotient digit is 4.
vocabularyThe vocabulary digit is an essential aspect of mathematics.
thirdThe third digit of the number is 5.
leastThe least digit of the number is 5.
decimalThe sum of the last two decimal digits of the number 12345 is 9.
multiplierFind the multiplier digit of the given number.
arithmeticThe arithmetic digit 7 represents the number seven in the decimal system.
variableIt was such a long number that it had multiple variable digits.
symbolThe symbol digit appeared in the text.
tenI typed my ten digit phone number into the form.
terminalThe terminal digit of the equation is 9.
codeThe code digit is 9.
connectedThe connected digit in the phone number is 5.
jointA joint digit in a number is where two or more digits are written next to each other without any space.
codingThe coding digit can be used to represent different types of data.
4thThe 4th digit of my phone number is 5.

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