Adjectives for Dimension

Adjectives For Dimension

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dimension, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of the adjective 'dimension' unlocks a world of depth and perspective. Whether describing a 'new dimension' that suggests uncharted territories waiting to be discovered, or the 'third dimension' that adds depth to our understanding, each adjective choice pits substance against the abstract. 'Important dimensions' highlight crucial aspects, while 'vertical' and 'second dimensions' offer layers of complexity. In a 'social dimension,' human interactions and relationships are examined, spotlighting the multifaceted nature of existence. These examples only scrape the surface of how adjectives enrich our conversations about dimensions. Dive deeper into how each adjective unveils unique aspects of dimensions, opening up new ways to comprehend and articulate our world.
newOur lives took on a new dimension that day.
thirdThe third dimension allows us to perceive depth and volume.
importantThe important dimension of this project is its impact on the environment.
verticalThe vertical dimension of the building was impressive.
secondThe second dimension is a plane that extends infinitely in two directions.
socialThe social dimension of the project involves outreach to underserved communities.
fourthThe fourth dimension is a hypothetical concept that physicists use to describe the fabric of spacetime.
politicalThe issue also has a significant political dimension
spiritualThe spiritual dimension of life is often overlooked in modern society.
singleThe array had a single dimension with no nested elements.
fractalThe fractal dimension of the coastline of Great Britain is about 1.2
temporalThe temporal dimension is a fundamental aspect of our understanding of the universe.
moralThe decision had a complex moral dimension that required careful consideration.
spatialThe spatial dimension of the object is three.
religiousThe religious dimension of the experience was undeniable, leaving an enduring impact on the participants.
historicalThe historical dimension of the event should not be underestimated.
extraI wonder if the extra dimension is a different universe.
internationalThe international dimension of the project is reflected in the participation of experts from various countries.
furtherThe scientific discovery opened up a whole further dimension of possibilities.
horizontalThe horizontal dimension of the rectangle was 10 centimeters.
culturalWe explored the cultural dimension of the community by studying its norms, values, and traditions.
addedThe intricate painting was given an added dimension by the subtle use of light and shadow.
additionalThe additional dimension added a whole new layer of complexity to the problem.
ethicalThe ethical dimension of the decision was carefully considered.
criticalThe critical dimension of the integrated circuit was 90 nanometers.
physicalThese particles are confined to two physical dimensions.
psychologicalThe psychological dimension is important to consider in understanding human behavior.
linearThe linear dimension of the object is 10 cm.
europeanThe European dimension of the problem cannot be underestimated.
significantThe project has taken on a significant dimension
greatestThe greatest dimension of the new structure is 12 feet.
aestheticThe canvas enchants us with the aesthetic dimension and the creative play of lines.
maximumThe maximum dimension of the array is 10.
cognitiveThe cognitive dimension of the user interface is important for ensuring that the system is easy to use.
fifthThe fifth dimension is a mysterious realm beyond our current understanding.
affectiveThe affective dimension of the experience was positive.
characteristicThe characteristic dimension of the system is the length of the side of the cube.
symbolicThe old oak tree stood as a symbolic dimension of strength and resilience.
crucialThe crucial dimension of the project is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
ideologicalThe ideological dimension of the conflict has also contributed to its intractability.
regionalThe economic integration of the region has a strong regional dimension
globalThe issue took on a global dimension when other countries began to experience similar problems.
relevantThe relevant dimension of the data is time.
essentialThe essential dimension of the project is its focus on community engagement.
emotionalHe danced with a raw emotional dimension that captivated the audience.
subjectiveThe subjective dimension of the experience was intense.
keyWe are growing in all key dimensions.
longestThe longest dimension of the rectangular parallelepiped is the length.
normativeThe normative dimension of language is based on its prescriptive rules.
largestThe largest dimension of the rectangle is 10 cm.
lateralShe is concerned about the lateral dimension of the galaxy.
leastThe objects having least dimension are most difficult to handle.
minimumThe minimum dimension of the object is 10 centimeters.
hiddenThe hidden dimension of the painting revealed itself under a black light.
structuralThe building's structural dimension needs to be reinforced.
visualThis painting has a rich visual dimension that captures the essence of the scene.
ethnicThe conflict has an ethnic dimension
universalThe universal dimension is a concept that has been discussed by philosophers and scientists for centuries.
theologicalThe theological dimension of the text highlights the importance of spiritual contemplation.
tragicThe tragic dimension of his death was eclipsed by the hopeful promise of his legacy.
cosmicThis spectacle has been unfolding on a cosmic dimension for eons.
smallestWe are seeking a precision part with a smallest dimension of 0.0001 inches.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical dimension transcended the boundaries of reality, inviting exploration into the enigmatic realms of consciousness and being.

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