Adjectives for Dip

Adjectives For Dip

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dip, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a dip can significantly alter the perception of the scenario or item being discussed. A hot dip might conjure up images of a delicious, bubbling cheese concoction, perfect for a party, whereas a slight dip in temperature suggests a subtle, perhaps barely noticeable change. The term general dip could imply a widespread decline across multiple areas, while a quick dip might be just a brief plunge into water or a momentary drop in sales figures. Regional variations highlight geographical differences, and a steep dip suggests a dramatic fall. Each adjective not only describes but also colors the context in unique ways. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe every kind of dip below.
hotThe hot dip galvanizing process can be used to protect steel from corrosion.
slightThe graph shows a slight dip in sales.
generalUse a small spoon, because a general dip is enough.
quickI took a quick dip in the pool to cool off.
regionalThere was a regional dip in migratory birds last year.
steepThe steep dip in stock prices wiped out his portfolio.
trueThe true dip of the fault is measured by a borehole oriented perpendicular to the fault plane.
downThe down dip extent of the deposit is not well defined.
magneticThe magnetic dip is the angle between the horizontal and the direction of the Earth's magnetic field.
gentleThe gentle dip in the road allowed the car to glide smoothly through the curve.
sharpThe sharp dip in stock prices caused investors to panic.
doubleChocolate is so good, I often double dip my strawberry in it.
apparent"The apparent dip of the beds is about 45 degrees to the east."
holyThis holy dip is from the Ganges, a sacred river in India.
averageThe average dip in the stock market this year was 10%.
lowShe's learning how to low dip
suddenThe stock market experienced a sudden dip after the announcement of new economic sanctions.
initialThe initial dip in the economy did not match the expected results.
skinnyShe decided to skinny dip in the cold mountain lake.
sheepThe farmer used the sheep dip to rid his animals of ticks and mites.
luckyI dipped into the lucky dip and was delighted to find a vintage toy car.
verticalThe results of the vertical dip measurements completed during the aeromagnetic survey helped to refine the anomaly map.
shallowThe shallow dip in the road caused water to pool after it rained.
easterlyThe easterly dip was a complex and challenging maneuver.
pinI was so hungry, I could have eaten a whole pin dip
coldThe cold dip into the lake invigorated her on a hot summer day.
refreshingThe cool, refreshing dip in the pool was just what we needed on a hot summer day.
westerlyThe westerly dip of the strata is due to the tilting of the Earth's crust.
pronouncedThe terrain had a pronounced dip in the middle.
deepThe diver took a deep dip into the pool.
southerlyThe strata exhibited a gentle southerly dip
briefThe economy took a brief dip this quarter.
equalThe ingredients were mixed together in equal dip
northerlyThe magnetic needle points in a northerly direction and has a slight downward or northerly dip in some regions.
finalThe final dip into the pool was refreshing.
occasionalThe hikers enjoyed their scenic walk with occasional dips in the cool mountain streams.
maximumThe maximum dip in the graph is at the point (2, -3).
bigThe rollercoaster took us on a big dip and then up again.
temporaryThe company experienced a temporary dip in profits due to the economic downturn.
downwardThe graph showed a downward dip in 2008.
coolThe cool dip was perfect on the hot day.
brightThe bright dip process is a chemical treatment used to improve the surface finish of metal components.
regularShe would dip into the water on a regular dip
uniformThe chocolate bar had a uniform dip to it, making it stand out from the rest.
structuralThe structural dip of the Faulted monocline can be measured by the angle between a horizontal line and the line connecting the inflection point and the crest or trough.
steeperThe roller coaster has a steeper dip than the other one
sunThe sun dip below the horizon, casting a golden glow across the sky.
eastThe drill hole was terminated at the east dip of the formation.
negativeThe market showed a negative dip in share prices last week.
characteristicThe speed of a car can be determined by its characteristic dip in the road.
dailyI look forward to my daily dip in the pool.
moderateThe company's stock price experienced a moderate dip in the past quarter.
tallowThe dim glow of the tallow dip barely illuminated the room.
southThe south dip is a geological feature that slopes downward to the south.
freshI love to eat fresh dip with my favorite chips.
narrowThe narrow dip in the road made it difficult for the car to pass.
minuteThe sudden minute dip in temperature caught us all off guard.
monoclinalThe strata show a monoclinal dip to the north-east.
measuredThe measured dip of the strata varied widely.
distinctThe graph had a distinct dip in the middle.
momentaryThe momentary dip in sales was quickly reversed.
meanThe mean dip in the stock market was due to the recent recession.
markedThe sales chart showed a marked dip in the third quarter.
lowestThe lowest dip in the stock market was in 2008.
inwardThe inward dip of the coastline created a natural harbor.
flatMy grandmother's flat dip was very tasty.
lambI can't decide between the roast beef and lamb dip
observedThe observed dip of the strata is about 45 degrees.

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