Adjectives for Dir

Adjectives For Dir

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing dir, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the vast landscape of language, the noun 'dir' becomes a canvas for expression when paired with descriptive adjectives. 'Musical dir' evokes a sense of rhythm and harmony, while 'former dir' introduces a narrative of change and transition. The term 'artistic dir' paints a picture of creativity and aesthetic intention, contrasting with 'documentary dir,' which implies a more factual, observational approach. 'Current dir' positions itself in the now, reflecting ongoing trends or situations. Each adjective not only modifies 'dir' but also unlocks a unique aspect of its identity, demonstrating the powerful nuance that language holds. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives connected with 'dir' and the diverse narratives they unfold below.
musicalThe musical dir was incredible.
formerThe former dir was not a good leader.
artisticHer artistic dir contributed to the gallery's new exhibition about female artists from the 19th century.
documentaryI saw a very interesting documentary dir on the history of the world.
currentThe current dir is "/home/user/current-dir"
heilHeil dir o Preußenland!
asstThe asst dir submitted the project plan to the CEO for review.
viceThe vice dir screamed at the top of his lungs.
variableThe variable dir can be used to access the current working directory.
soleI went for a walk by myself on a sunny day with a sole dir
commercialThe commercial director was responsible for the success of the advertising campaign.
2ndGo to the 2nd dir on the left
saudiThe Saudi dir grew against the U.S. dollar in the past year.
wehWeh dir du Armer!
subI will store important files in a sub directory on my computer.
proI'm sorry, I cannot provide a sentence with "pro dir".
fileThe user saved the file to the file dir
founderThe founder dir is located in the root directory of the project.
execThe new exec dir is responsible for the whole department.
recentPlease send me a photo of your recent dir
6thGo wait in the 6th dir from here.
diminutiveThe diminutive dir is a diminutive suffix in the English language.
clinicalThe clinical director met with the patient to discuss their treatment options.
scientificThe scientific director outlined the new research plan.
directHe gave his son a direct dir to the spot.
executiveThe executive dir is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.
creativeShe worked as the creative dir at an advertising agency.
privateI will put this file in my private dir
promptPlease prompt dir
withI like to walk with dir
dim"You mean," he observed, with a dim incredulity, "that you live on the very outskirts of this . . . this dim dir?"
wideThe wide dir by the road confused the driver.
prodI prod dir to run the program.
changeI need to change dir to the root directory.
timeThere is a time direction defined by the increasing values of a local coordinate.
administrativeThe administrative dir is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization.
graphicThe graphic dir is a good place to find images.
literaryThe play was a literary dir that was very well received.
deputyThe deputy dir must read the plan carefully.
regionalThe regional dir has been working on this project for several months.
locThe loc dir` command in bash returns the location of the directory of the specified file.
17thThe 17th dir is a place where you can find anything you need.
technicalThe technical dir rolled his eyes at the suggestion.
cadirSınıfa girebilecek her cadir dir
dankYou should drink the dank dir for your health.
libraryThe library dir is located in the root directory of the project.
20thTheir wedding anniversary is on the 20th dir of May.
werWer dir hilft, dem hilf du auch.
installI can't find the install dir for this program.
historyIt was written in the history dir of the book.
18thThe 18th dir is a challenging one.
quasiÈ quasi dir poco che si è divertito molto.
comiqueDer comique Dirk stand auf der Bühne und brachte die Leute zum Lachen.
intermediateThe intermediate dir is a subdirectory of the top-level directory.
setI set dir to 'ltr' on the div element.
overwriteThe overwrite dir command allows you to overwrite the contents of a directory.
wolwol dir dass du so viel gelernt hast
departmentalThe departmental dir is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the department.
choralThe opera opened with a stunning choral dir
operationalThe operational dir has a collection of data.
netYou can use the net dir command to view the directories on a remote server.
formerlyThe house was formerly dir but it has since been refurbished

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