Adjectives for Direction

Adjectives For Direction

Discover the perfect adjectives for direction to enhance your communication. Whether you're describing the opposite, same, right, or a new direction, our examples provide clear and concise illustrations. Ideal for writers, educators, and communicators seeking precise language. Explore our collection to accurately convey direction in any context.

oppositeThe two cars were traveling in opposite direction
sameThe two trains are traveling in the same direction
rightThe compass needle points us in the right direction
newWe decided to try a different route, in hopes of finding a new direction
generalThe general direction of the wind was from the north.
differentI will switch to a different direction
wrongThe car was driving in the wrong direction
reverseThe ship started to move in the reverse direction
positiveWe should look for a positive direction in all things.
verticalThe plant grows in a vertical direction to catch the sunlight.
particularThe vehicle was moving in a particular direction
horizontalThe laser beam was pointed in a horizontal direction
forwardThe car moved in the forward direction
easterlyThe wind is blowing in an easterly direction
westerlyThe hikers navigated through the mountainous terrain in a general westerly direction
properThe car turned in the proper direction
longitudinalThe longitudinal direction of the beam is parallel to the axis of symmetry.
futureThe company is considering a future direction that will focus on sustainability.
radialThe force acts in a radial direction away from the center.
negativeThe bus was going in the negative direction
northerlyThe ship sailed in a northerly direction
contraryThe two cars were moving in contrary directions.
southerlyThe wind was blowing in the southerly direction
axialThe axial direction of the motor is perpendicular to the radial direction.
upwardThe spacecraft accelerated with great force in the upward direction
spiritualSpiritual direction can help guide individuals towards a deeper understanding of their spiritual nature.
strategicThe company's strategic direction is focused on expanding its market share in Asia.
downwardThe downward direction of the arrow pointed towards the ground.
definiteHe walked towards the house with definite direction
clearThe project lacked clear direction
westThe travelers headed in the west direction to reach their destination.
overallThe overall direction of the project is to develop a new product.
counterclockwiseThe fan was rotating in a counterclockwise direction
southThe bird was flying in the south direction
selfWith her newfound self direction she embarked on a journey of self-discovery.
expectedThe result was in the expected direction
lateralThe ship moved in a lateral direction in order to avoid hitting the other one.
correctThe correct direction is to the north.
preferredI prefer to travel in a preferred direction
obliqueThe bird flew in an oblique direction to avoid the tree.
eastA strong wind was blowing from the east direction
perpendicularThe two lines intersect at a perpendicular direction
northeasterlyThe wind blew northeasterly direction throughout the night.
backwardThe car ran in the backward direction
northwesterlyThe wind is blowing in a northwesterly direction
posteriorThe posterior direction of the vehicle was facing north.
southwesterlyThe wind is blowing in a southwesterly direction
southeasterlyThe wind was blowing in a southeasterly direction
clockwiseThe hands of the clock rotated in a clockwise direction
fixedThe birds flew in a fixed direction for many hours until they reached their destination.
desiredThe desired direction was provided to the team.
consciousThe board of directors gave the CEO conscious direction for the company's future.
tangentialThe tangential direction of the point is the direction of the tangent line.
intelligentThe intelligent direction of the coach led the team to victory.
unexpectedTheir plans went off in an unexpected direction due to a sudden change in circumstances.
parallelThe two lines run in parallel direction
downstreamThe river flows in a downstream direction
wiseShe sought wise direction in her spiritual journey.

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