Adjectives for Directive

Adjectives For Directive

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing directive, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'directive' significantly shapes its interpretation and perceived importance. A 'new directive' often implies recent changes or updates that may need immediate attention. When paired with 'presidential,' it garners authority and a level of urgency, stemming from executive power. 'More directives' suggest an accumulation or ongoing process, possibly hinting at adjustments or a series of actions. The 'first directive' marks a pioneering step or foundational rule, while a 'prime directive' could denote the utmost priority within a set of rules. Lastly, 'general directive' broadens the scope, applying to a wider audience. Each adjective nuances the directive's impact and scope, revealing the intricate ways language shapes perception. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'directive' below.
newThe new directive will require all employees to wear masks.
presidentialThe presidential directive was not clear enough.
moreI need a more directive statement.
firstThe first directive of the Federation is to seek out new life and new civilizations.
primeThe Prime directive forbids interference in the internal development of alien civilizations.
generalThe commander issued a general directive to the troops.
clearFollow the clear directive
officialThe official directive from the headquarters was received this morning.
secondFollow the second directive from the Prime Directive.
europeanThe European directive on data protection has been in force since 1995.
specificPlease provide a specific directive
originalThe original directive was to complete the task as efficiently as possible.
secretThe secret directive was delivered to the agent through an encrypted channel.
medicalI have a medical directive that outlines my wishes for end-of-life care.
specialThe special directive was issued by the commander.
finalThe final directive was to destroy the Death Star.
recentThe company issued a recent directive that all employees must wear masks.
formalThe agency is soliciting formal directives from the government.
advancedMy advanced directive outlines my wishes for medical care in the event that I become incapacitated.
centralThe central directive provided clear guidance.
basicUse the basic directive to set the default value of the field to true.
simpleFollow the simple directive
constitutionalThe constitutional directive to provide for the common defense requires a strong national defense.
earlierWe should follow the earlier directive issued by the management.
administrativePlease submit the completed form to the administrative directive by the end of the day.
congressionalMembers of the House Foreign Affairs Committee released a bipartisan congressional directive for President Biden to secure the remaining weapons and equipment from Afghanistan.
initialThe initial directive was to proceed with caution.
explicit"Silence" is an explicit directive in libraries.
latest"That was our latest directive Follow it," he said.
divineThe divine directive compelled her to act.
relevantThe relevant directive provided clear guidance on how to proceed.
operationalThe operational directive was to ensure that the mission was completed successfully.
statutoryThe judge upheld the statutory directive and ruled against the motion.
primaryThe primary directive of the robot is to protect humans.
assemblerThe assembler directive is a special instruction that tells the assembler to perform a specific action.
compilerThe compiler directive instructs the compiler to perform specific actions during compilation.
highlyThe highly directive approach resulted in a rapid and efficient solution.
legislativeThe legislative directive mandates a comprehensive review of the agency's policies.
aboveThe above directive should be implemented in the next version of the software.
federalThe federal directive mandated the use of face masks in all public places.
fourthTheir fourth directive instructed them to rewrite all history.
ministerialThe EU's statements amount to a ministerial directive to withdraw preferential tariffs.
jointThe joint directive was issued by the two directors.
validThe director gave us a valid directive
cominternThe Comintern directive condemned the war as a betrayal of the working class.
environmentalThe environmental directive was introduced to protect the environment and ensure sustainable development.
broadThe broad directive was to improve the overall efficiency of the system.
strategicThe CEO announced the strategic directive to expand into new markets.
equalThe manager distributed the equal directive among the team members.
pointPlace your mouse pointer over the object and look for the point directive
verbalThe sergeant gave a verbal directive to the platoon.
firmThe commander issued a firm directive to his troops.
interimThe interim directive was issued in response to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.
executiveThe executive directive outlined the new company policy.
ineThe ine directive specifies that no actual operations are performed on resources.
paradoxicalThe paradoxical directive confused the team, as it instructed them to both approach and avoid the target simultaneously.
oralPlease follow the oral directive given by the doctor.
4thThe 4th directive has been issued.
famousThe famous directive from the boss was to finish the project by Friday.
royalThe royal directive was issued to all the provinces, demanding immediate compliance.
papalThe most recent papal directive on the matter came in 2016.

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