Adjectives for Directories

Adjectives For Directories

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing directories, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'directories' often conjures images of mundane lists, but the adjectives used with it can drastically change its nuance and implication. For example, 'virtual directories' speak to a digital realm, distinct from the physical 'local directories' that might reside on a desk. The use of 'different' or 'various' suggests a range, perhaps in purpose or scope, while 'several' indicates a more quantitative aspect. Each adjective paints a unique picture, hinting at the variety and richness that directories can embody beyond their simple function of categorization and organization. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'directories' and explore the distinct scenarios they evoke below.
otherCan you please send me the files located in other directories?
localHe uses the local directories to store his important files.
virtualThe Web server supports virtual directories which allow you to map a URL to a specific directory on the server's file system.
differentThe files were organized into different directories
severalThe software has several directories containing assembly instructions.
variousI have several files stored in various directories
multipleThe application uses multiple directories to store data and configuration files.
generalThe general directories were used to make the project easier to navigate.
separateI have separate directories for different types of files.
subThe main directory contains several sub directories
biographical"Biographical Directories" include entries for notables -- both living and deceased.
specificThe files can be found in specific directories
currentPlease navigate to the current directories
onlineI found a great restaurant nearby by searching through online directories
mostMost directories contain a vast selection of files.
nationalThe national directories provide a comprehensive list of companies and their contact information.
subjectSubject directories are curated lists of websites organized by topic.
standardAccess standard directories like the home directory and temp directory with the `os` module.
followingWith one single line, you can easily delete all files in the following directories /var/www/html/test/, /tmp/.
commercialThe printed commercial directories were replaced by online listings.
appropriateIn order to facilitate ease of retrieval, several appropriate directories should be established.
annualThe college preparatory school publishes annual directories that include information on the faculty and students.
specializedWe can use specialized directories and other resources to find this information.
additionalI need to provide additional directories for the project.
specialThe special directories are used to store specific types of files.
sharedI can access the shared directories on the network.
professionalProfessional directories can help you connect with other professionals in your field.
individualThe files were divided among individual directories
internationalI need to look up some international directories
industrialShe found many useful industrial directories in the library.
emptyThe empty directories took up too much space on the hard drive.
levelThe company has many level directories
regionalRegional directories are an excellent way to find local businesses.
availableThe available directories are listed below.
unitedThe united directories helped me find the information I needed quickly and easily.
entireI accidentally deleted the entire directories off my computer.
classifiedI used to advertise in classified directories back in the day.
medicalThe medical directories included a wealth of information about local doctors and clinics.
remoteThe package can contain remote directories you need to connect to.
useful"There are many useful directories on the internet."
printedI prefer printed directories to online ones.
cityThe city directories listed many businesses and residents in the city.
electronicThe search engine indexed all the electronic directories
numerousThe system can navigate numerous directories and files with ease.
corporateWe use corporate directories to find the right people to contact.
hierarchicalThe company's data was organized in hierarchical directories
temporaryTemporary directories are useful for storing files.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive directories provide detailed information about various topics.
yellowI looked up the company in the yellow directories
contemporaryMany contemporary directories do not include lists of lists.
educationalThere are many educational directories available online, making it easy to find a school or program that fits your needs.
hiddenI need to check if the server is showing hidden directories before continuing.
writableThe program needs access to writable directories on the system.
basedThe program will look for the user in the based directories
necessaryThe program checks if all the necessary directories exist.
structuredOrganize your files into structured directories to ensure easy access and efficient management.
relevantThe relevant directories can be found by searching through the system's directory hierarchy.
officialThe official directories are a valuable resource for finding information about organizations and individuals.
mailPlease create mail directories for the new employees.
periodicalThe list of periodical directories provided by the library was very helpful.
respectiveThe files were placed in their respective directories
lineWe have listings in the line directories of many cities and towns.
createLet me first create directories to store the results.
intermediateThe new files will be placed in a directory structure that maintains the intermediate directories
relatedI will show you the files and related directories of the current one.
globalThe global directories list all the available datasets and services on the platform.

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