Adjectives for Directory

Adjectives For Directory

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing directory, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Enhancing a 'directory' with the right adjectives not only specifies its type but also adds a layer of context and relevance. A 'current directory' suggests up-to-date information, essential in a fast-paced world. The 'same directory', on the other hand, might imply consistency or lack of change. Opting for a 'new directory' could hint at a recently launched resource, sparking interest due to its freshness. The term 'local directory' narrows down the focus, making it more relevant to a specific audience, while a 'virtual directory' touches upon the digital realm, attracting an online audience. The 'annual directory' promises regular, yearly updates, ensuring reliability. Discover the nuanced implications of these adjectives and explore the full list to enhance your directories' effectiveness.
currentOpen the file named 'foo.txt' in the current directory
sameThe file is located in the same directory as the script.
newWe created a new directory to store the project files.
localI saved a copy of the files to the local directory
virtualThe virtual directory provides a way to map a physical path on a web server to a different logical path.
annualI have also listed the address and telephone number of the centre in the annual directory
activeActive directory is a directory service developed by Microsoft for Windows domain networks.
internationalThe international directory contains the names, addresses, and phone numbers of businesses around the world.
temporaryThe temporary directory was used to store the intermediate files during the data processing.
mainThe main directory contains all the files and folders that are part of the project.
singleThe executable file is located in the single directory ~ / test.
officialThe official directory should include all the company's employees.
comprehensiveThe company has compiled a comprehensive directory of all its employees.
nationalI was able to easily find the contact details for the contractor in the national directory
levelThe level directory is located at /data/level.
appropriateYou can find the file in the appropriate directory
separateHer documents are stored in a separate directory
onlineI searched the online directory to find a local plumber.
completeThe scanner creates a complete directory of the computer's memory.
specificThe user uploaded the file to a specific directory in the cloud storage.
entireThe entire directory of customers has been uploaded to the cloud.
biographicalThe biographical directory contains a wealth of information about the lives and careers of notable people.
sharedTo collaborate efficiently, we created a shared directory on the server.
subThe files are located in the sub directory called 'documents'.
classifiedI found a classified directory with a list of local businesses.
remoteThe remote directory was not found.
centralThe central directory is located at the end of the zip file.
emptyThe empty directory was created successfully.
perThe Apache Struts 2 package configuration is stored in a file per directory and provides a place to define global configuration at the package level.
correctYou are in the correct directory
executiveThe executive directory of the company made a decision.
standardThe user was prompted to save the file to the standard directory
usefulI found a useful directory of resources online.
searchableThe searchable directory contains an extensive list of resources.
globalThe new global directory is now available to all employees.
topThe top directory of the file system is represented by a forward slash (/).
commercialI found the store's address in the commercial directory
electronicThis electronic directory lists all of the employees in the company.
windowsThe file is located in the windows directory
extensiveThe extensive directory provides a comprehensive overview of all the available resources.
alphabeticalThe alphabetical directory was easy to navigate.
datePlease upload the file from your date directory
latestThe latest directory in this path is '/usr/bin'.
pageThe page directory a data structure in computer systems, keeps track of the physical memory frames that are currently mapped to pages of a virtual memory system.
reverseI looked up the address in the reverse directory
annotatedThe annotated directory provides detailed information about each file and folder in the repository.
irishI looked up the Irish directory to find the new address for my friend.
procThe command 'proc directory' lists the processes running on the system.
basedThe backup operation will proceed from the specified based directory
yellowI searched for her contact details in the yellow directory
hiddenThe hidden directory was hiding a trove of secret documents.
correspondingThe archive contains a file structure that maps to the corresponding directory structure on the host.
centralizedThe centralized directory stores information about all files and folders on the server.
worldwideThe worldwide directory contains an extensive list of businesses from around the globe.
congressionalThe congressional directory is a publication of the United States Congress which contains biographical information about its members and their staffs.
linePlease find the number in the line directory and ask them to connect to our system.
printedThe printed directory contained a map of the city.

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