Adjectives for Disc

Adjectives For Disc

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing disc, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective to pair with 'disc' unlocks a world of nuanced meanings. An 'optic disc', vital for vision, contrasts dramatically with the data-storing 'compact disc'. Discussing an 'intervertebral disc' ventures into the human anatomy, while a 'circular disc' describes its geometric essence. The term 'herniated disc', however, delves into the realm of medical conditions, highlighting the delicacies of human health. Lastly, a 'small disc' can signify anything from a diminutive storage device to a minor anatomical detail, showcasing how adjectives meticulously shape our understanding of this versatile noun. Discover the rich tapestry of descriptors that bring 'disc' to life in the full list below.
opticThe optic disc is the point at which the optic nerve exits the eye.
compactI listened to my favorite music album on a compact disc
intervertebralThe intervertebral disc between the two vertebrae was herniated.
circularThe circular disc spun rapidly, creating a hypnotic effect.
herniatedThe herniated disc was causing her severe back pain.
smallThe small disc was spinning rapidly on the table.
flatThe flat disc was spinning rapidly.
lumbarThe lumbar disc was herniated, causing herniation of the nucleus pulposus.
solarThe solar disc is the visible surface of the sun.
centralThe central disc of the galaxy is remarkably bright.
embryonicThe embryonic disc is the first stage of development of an embryo.
thinThe thin disc is rotating at a high speed.
singleI need a single disc version of this CD
whiteShe held a white disc that reminded her of the full moon.
chokedThe doctor examined the patient and found a choked disc
opticalI burned the new album onto an optical disc
rotatingThe rotating disc spun at an increasing speed.
roundThe round disc rolled onto the floor.
redThe red disc caught my attention.
blackThe black disc spun slowly on the turntable.
prolapsedThe patient was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in their lower back.
rupturedThe MRI revealed a ruptured disc in my lower back.
hardPlease make sure the new hard disc is securely connected to the computer
normalThe doctor says that my spine has a normal disc
cervicalThe patient was diagnosed with a herniated cervical disc
germinalThe researchers used a microelectrode to deliver a current to a germinal disc
revolvingThe revolving disc of the CD player played the music.
magneticMagnetic discs are a type of storage device that uses a spinning disc to store data.
sunThe golden sun disc shimmered in the morning light.
inchThe tiny inch disc was polished to a brilliant shine.
digitalI am burning songs to a digital disc
perforatedThe perforated disc emitted a high-pitched whine as it spun rapidly.
upperThe upper disc of the vertebra is damaged.
wingedThe scarab pushed the winged disc towards the top of the dune.
lunarThe lunar disc peeked through the clouds, casting an ethereal glow on the surroundings.
goldenThe artist was awarded a golden disc for their album sales.
solidThe solid disc rotated about its axis at a constant angular velocity.
thickThe thick disc began to rotate rapidly, throwing off sparks and smoke.
brightThe bright disc peeked out from behind the clouds.
yellowA yellow disc appeared on the horizon.
woodenI picked up a wooden disc and twirled it between my fingers.
imaginalCells within imaginal discs, which are small pockets of embryonic epithelium, are the foundation for developing limbs, eyes, and other organs in adult flies.
plasticThe child threw the plastic disc into the air.
paleThe pale disc of the sun hung low in the sky.
intercalatedThe intercalated disc is a specialized structure that connects cardiac muscle cells and facilitates the coordinated contraction of the heart.
leftThe left disc is scratched deeply.
spinningThe spinning disc reflected the sunlight, creating a dazzling display.
blankI can't connect to the blank disc it's not properly inserted.
shapedThe flat, round object was a shaped disc
adhesiveThe gecko's adhesive disc helps it cling to surfaces.
soundMy uncle gave me a stack of old sound discs.
articularThe articular disc is a fibrocartilaginous structure that sits between the condyle of the mandible and the glenoid fossa of the temporal bone.
metallicThe metallic disc was spinning at an alarming speed.
doubleThe double disc harrow worked perfectly to prepare the field for planting.
apicalThe apical disc is a small circular structure at the tip of each of the three protrusions that extend from each LRO.
horizontalThe horizontal disc was spinning rapidly.
protrudedThe patient had severe leg pain due to a herniated disc that protruded disc into the spinal canal.
visceralThe visceral disc of the jellyfish is clear and very difficult to see.
blueThere was a blue disc sitting on the table.
broadThe broad disc of the sun appeared before them.
smallerThe smaller disc rotated smoothly on the larger one.
ovalThe Oval disc is a hard rock album.
opaqueThe opaque disc was so dark, it absorbed all the light in the room.
uniformA uniform disc rotates about a vertical axis passing through its centre.
degeneratedThe patient was diagnosed with a degenerated disc in the lumbar spine.
transparentThe researcher carefully examined the transparent disc under a microscope.
laserThe laser disc player was a popular home entertainment device in the 1980s and 1990s.
facialThe owl's large facial disc helps it to funnel sound to its ears.
sidedThey slide the sided disc across a smooth surface.
sinteredThe sintered disc is a porous ceramic disc used in filtration processes.
porousThe porous disc filtered the water effectively.
hugeThe huge disc floated through the air.
displacedThe displaced disc caused severe pain and limited mobility.
thoracicA thoracic disc herniation can put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves, causing pain, numbness, or weakness in the arms or legs.
visibleThe visible disc of the Moon was about half illuminated.
movableThe movable disc was made of a lightweight material.

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