Adjectives for Discharge

Adjectives For Discharge

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing discharge, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'discharge' can significantly alter its meaning, affecting the context and the reader's perception. For instance, a 'vaginal discharge' refers to a common gynecological phenomenon, while a 'purulent discharge' hints at an infection needing medical attention. The modifiers 'nasal' and 'electric' shift the focus to entirely different subjects, from health issues to physical phenomena. When we talk about 'electrical discharge', it evokes images of lightning or equipment operation, far from the biological connotations of the first examples. Adding 'honorable' to discharge brings an entirely different realm into consideration, discussing a status given upon military or organizational departure. Each adjective tailors the noun’s meaning, guiding the reader towards understanding the specific context intended. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly used with 'discharge' to explore these nuances further.
purulentThe patient had a purulent discharge from the wound.
nasalThe patient presented with a clear nasal discharge
electricThe electric discharge from the lightning bolt struck the ground nearby.
electricalThe electrical discharge from the lightning bolt set the tree ablaze.
honorableThe soldier was awarded an honorable discharge after serving a distinguished career.
faithfulThe faithful discharge of her duties earned her the respect of her colleagues.
profuseTheir profuse discharge of dopamine caused them to feel a rush of euphoria.
totalThe company will pay all outstanding costs and legal fees for the total discharge of its liabilities.
properThe employee left the company with a proper discharge
wateryThe patient had a watery discharge from their nose.
copiousThe patient experienced copious discharge after the surgery.
maximumThe power plant operates at its maximum discharge during peak hours.
fullThe battery was at full discharge
mucopurulentThe patient presented with a mucopurulent discharge from the nose.
continuousThe continuous discharge of polluted water from the factory had caused a significant decline in the fish population.
freeThe patient was admitted with a diagnosis of pneumonia and was discharged with free discharge after 5 days.
sympatheticThe sympathetic discharge caused by the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, prepares the body for immediate action by releasing the hormones adrenaline and cortisol.
mucousThe mucous discharge was clear and stringy.
spontaneousThe spontaneous discharge of a battery can be caused by a short circuit.
slightThe patient has a slight discharge from the wound.
dishonorableHe received a dishonorable discharge from the military.
annualThe annual discharge of the river is about 100 cubic meters per second.
thickThe thick discharge from her nose made it difficult to breathe.
accidentalThe police investigated the accidental discharge of a firearm in the incident.
abnormalI have an abnormal discharge that is causing me pain.
finalThe patient was released from the hospital with a final discharge diagnosis of pneumonia.
thinThis garlic was so pungent that it had a thin discharge coming out of it.
yellowThe doctor examined the patient and noted a yellow discharge coming from the wound.
constantThe constant discharge of water from the reservoir was a major concern for the engineers.
immediateThe patient's doctor has ordered her immediate discharge from the hospital.
averageThe river has an average discharge of 100 cubic meters per second.
excessiveHeavy rainfall caused excessive discharge into the river, leading to flooding downstream.
afterThe patient was discharged from the hospital after discharge planning was completed.
serousThe patient presented with a serous discharge from their ear.
offensiveThe offensive discharge from the factory was polluting the river.
medicalThe soldier was given a medical discharge due to his injuries.
meanThe mean discharge of the river is 100 cubic meters per second.
rapidThe battery's rapid discharge was a major problem during the long flight.
mucoidThe patient presented with a thick, mucoid discharge from the nose.
actualThe actual discharge date for the patient was March 15, 2023.
wrongfulAn employee filed a lawsuit against their former employer alleging wrongful discharge
chronicThe patient experienced a chronic discharge from their ears.
suddenThe sudden discharge of electricity shocked me.
smellingThe strong smelling discharge from the patient indicated a possible infection.
electrostaticElectrostatic discharge can cause damage to electronic equipment, so it is important to take precautions to avoid it.
clearThe doctor said that the clear discharge was a sign of infection.
dueThe debtor was released from his due discharge within a year.
epilepticThe patient experienced an epileptic discharge during the EEG.
heavyThe heavy discharge caused a power outage in the entire city.
nervousThe horse's nervous discharge was evident by its frequent snorting and pawing the ground.
persistentThe patient's persistent discharge from the wound raised concerns about a possible infection.
disruptiveThe sudden, uncontrolled release of energy from a stored electrical charge is known as disruptive discharge
foulThe foul discharge from the factory polluted the river.
silentThe silent discharge in the air cleaned all the dust.
dailyThe doctor said I have too much daily discharge
postThe patient was discharged from the hospital two days post discharge
effectiveThe effective discharge of his duties has won him the respect of his colleagues.
lochialThe lochial discharge is a normal part of the postpartum period.
conscientiousHe was given a conscientious discharge from the military after serving two years.
efficientThe most efficient discharge within the organization can be found in the information technology department.
stageThe stage discharge is the volume of water flowing through a river per unit time.
conditionalThe judge gave him a conditional discharge instead of a jail sentence.
partialPartial discharge can occur in electrical insulation systems, causing degradation and eventual failure.
gasThe gas discharge tube emitted a faint glow.
staticI was surprised by the static discharge when I touched the doorknob.
peakThe peak discharge of the river was reached at 4:00 PM.
involuntaryA sudden, involuntary discharge of water from the dam burst through the recently constructed embankment.
repetitiveThe repetitive discharge of the capacitor caused the light to flicker.
abundantThe abundant discharge from the wound was difficult to control.
yellowishThe doctor examined the woman and discovered a yellowish discharge
oscillatoryNeurons in the CA1 region exhibit an oscillatory discharge pattern during sharp-wave ripple events.
emotionalThe intense emotional discharge left her feeling exhausted.
intermittentThe intermittent discharge from the battery caused the device to malfunction.
prematureThe premature discharge of the patient was against medical advice.
steadyThe outlet ensures a steady discharge of water.

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