Adjectives for Disciplines

Adjectives For Disciplines

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing disciplines, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe disciplines can significantly influence the perception of your message. Whether referring to other disciplines that stray from the norm, different disciplines that offer a new perspective, various disciplines that encompass a broader spectrum, many disciplines signifying abundance, or highlighting the rigor of academic and scientific disciplines, each adjective carries its unique nuance. The adjectives we use shape the depth and breadth of the conversation about disciplines, reflecting our attitudes, knowledge, and respect for the field. Delve into the full list of adjectives to discover how each can alter your understanding and communication of disciplines.
otherStudents studying other disciplines are also interested in history.
differentResearchers from different disciplines collaborated on the project.
variousResearchers from various disciplines collaborated on the project.
manyMany disciplines contribute to the study of human behavior.
academicThe academic disciplines are listed in the university catalog.
scientificVarious scientific disciplines have contributed to our understanding of the natural world.
severalSeveral disciplines have contributed to the understanding of this phenomenon.
relatedThis course aims to teach the principles of machine learning and its applications to related disciplines
socialThe research journal focused on the social disciplines including history, sociology, political science, and economics.
traditionalThe traditional disciplines of math and science are still highly valued in today's world.
spiritualMindfulness meditation is an integral part of our spiritual disciplines
separateThe two separate disciplines were combined into one.
professionalHe excelled in the professional disciplines of law, medicine, and engineering.
specificCertain specific disciplines like mathematics and physics, require specialized knowledge.
diverseCross-functional teams with diverse disciplines can lead to better problem-solving.
intellectualIntellectual disciplines are not a recent invention, they have been passed down through the generations.
multipleThe success of the project depended on the collaboration of multiple disciplines
individualStudents are encouraged to share their expertise from their individual disciplines
basicStudents must maintain academic integrity in their basic disciplines
respectiveExperts from their respective disciplines gathered to discuss the latest findings.
relevantIn multidisciplinary research, knowledge from relevant disciplines is integrated to solve complex problems.
medicalThe medical disciplines of surgery and pediatrics are often combined in a hospital setting.
technicalThe engineering students excelled in technical disciplines such as computer science and electrical engineering.
scholarlyIn this college, even the creative scholarly disciplines require a working knowledge of basic programming.
subArt history consists of several sub disciplines including archaeology, art theory, and art conservation.
mentalMeditation and yoga are examples of mental disciplines
alliedThe allied disciplines of psychology and sociology provide complementary perspectives on human behavior.
specializedThe team comprises cross-trained personnel from various specialized disciplines
philosophicalThe philosophical disciplines provide a framework for understanding the nature of reality.
mathematicalThe mathematical disciplines are vast and varied.
distinctThe distinct disciplines of art and science can converge in unexpected ways.
numerousNumerous disciplines are represented in this project.
theologicalThe theological disciplines encompass a wide range of topics, including biblical studies, systematic theology, and practical theology.
biologicalBiological disciplines like molecular biology, cellular biology, and genetics are important for understanding the functioning of living organisms.
theoreticalTheoretical disciplines are those which are based on abstract concepts and principles, rather than on practical observation or experience.
subjectEach school year, America's school children participate in various subject disciplines
cognateStudents can take courses in cognate disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of their major field.
classicalThe classical disciplines such as mathematics, philosophy, and literature, provide a foundation for critical thinking and problem-solving.
disparateShe was an expert in disparate disciplines such as nuclear physics and ancient Greek literature.
multilateralMultilateral disciplines are often complex, involving multiple stakeholders and perspectives.
variedProfessionals with varied disciplines collaborated on the project.
neighboringGenetic engineering is an example of an interdisciplinary field that draws on concepts from neighboring disciplines such as biology, chemistry, and computer science.
liberalThe liberal disciplines are the foundation of a well-rounded education.
artisticDifferent artistic disciplines like music and painting are celebrated worldwide.
empirical"Values" is widely regarded as one of the most important empirical disciplines in the social sciences.
behavioralCognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most common behavioral disciplines
secularHistory and philosophy are secular disciplines
neighbouringSocial sciences such as political science, economics, sociology, and anthropology share a close relationship with neighbouring disciplines
establishedThese established disciplines should create benefits for the public.
asceticThe monk embraced ascetic disciplines in his quest for spiritual enlightenment.
associatedMultiple associated disciplines contribute to a comprehensive understanding of linguistics.
rigorousThe students underwent rigorous disciplines to excel in their studies.
strictThe teacher enforced strict disciplines in the classroom.
newerAnthropology and sociology are newer disciplines in the social sciences.
complementarySociology and psychology are complementary disciplines in the study of human behavior.

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