Adjectives for Disclaimer

Adjectives For Disclaimer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing disclaimer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'disclaimer' can subtly change the tone and implication of a statement. A 'usual disclaimer' might convey a routine caution, while a 'modest disclaimer' adds a touch of humility, emphasizing minimal claims. A 'qualified disclaimer', on the other hand, suggests limitations or conditions that significantly alter the statement's scope. And a 'standard disclaimer'? It points to widely recognized or accepted cautions. Each adjective, from 'terminal' to 'such', imbues the noun with specific nuances, affecting how the disclaimer is perceived and understood. Delve deeper into how adjectives transform the complexion of 'disclaimer' by exploring the full list below.
usualThe usual disclaimer applies to this offer.
suchI am unable to provide a sentence with the term 'such disclaimer' as it is not valid in the context.
modestWith a modest disclaimer I admit that my understanding of the subject is limited.
qualified"Do you agree to the qualified disclaimer?" asked the lawyer.
standardThe standard disclaimer applies to all information provided on this website.
terminalThe terminal disclaimer explicitly disavows any liability or responsibility for any damages caused by the use of the product.
generalConsult a healthcare professional before using this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. General disclaimer applies.
legalPlease read the legal disclaimer carefully before proceeding.
similarThe document contained a similar disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
explicitThe company issued an explicit disclaimer of liability for any damages arising from the use of its product.
formalThe formal disclaimer was attached to the end of the document.
publicOur company has released a public disclaimer regarding the safety of our products.
specificThe contract includes a specific disclaimer regarding liability for consequential damages.
importantReview this important disclaimer before proceeding.
officialI am not responsible for any consequences resulting from your actions. Please read our official disclaimer for more information.
finalWe present this final disclaimer to ensure that you are fully aware of all the potential risks involved.
clearCustomers must agree to the clear disclaimer prior to using the service.
indignantHer indignant disclaimer did not convince the court of her innocence.
partialDespite a partial disclaimer the company was held liable for the damages.
briefDespite her brief disclaimer the ramifications of her actions were far-reaching.
appropriatePlease note that the following information is provided with an appropriate disclaimer
conventionalThe conventional disclaimer made it clear that no responsibility was accepted for errors or omissions.
customaryWe provided the customary disclaimer about the potential risks and benefits of the procedure.
effectiveThe document included an effective disclaimer that protected the company from liability.
initialThe initial disclaimer stated that the views expressed were solely those of the speaker.
validThis was a valid disclaimer written to ensure that certain risks were understood.
earlierWe apologize for any inconvenience caused by the earlier disclaimer
statutoryThe statutory disclaimer clearly stated the terms and conditions of using the service.
simplePlease read the simple disclaimer for more information about the product.
copyrightCopyright disclaimer The content of this publication is protected by copyright.
typicalPlease note that this is a typical disclaimer
quickI have to give you a quick disclaimer before we proceed.
aboveAbove disclaimer states that the information provided is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.
mereThe mere disclaimer was not sufficient to absolve the company of liability.
solemnWith this solemn disclaimer I hereby release myself from any and all liability.
mildThis is a sentence with a mild disclaimer
immediateWith an immediate disclaimer she clearly outlined her intent.
necessaryWe must include the necessary disclaimer in all our marketing materials.
editorialThe editorial disclaimer stated that the opinions expressed were solely those of the author.
prominentThe prominent disclaimer on the website alerted users to potential risks.
sufficientThe contract contained a sufficient disclaimer to relieve the company of liability.
apparentDespite the apparent disclaimer her comment was clearly malicious.
promptThe prompt disclaimer was present in the email reply.
disingenuousThe disingenuous disclaimer attempted to hide the politician's true intentions.
traditional"A traditional disclaimer may apply, but you should consult with a legal professional to be sure."
subsequentThe subsequent disclaimer stated that the company was not responsible for any damages.
familiarPlease note that the familiar disclaimer applies to this document.
timelyThe timely disclaimer revealed the true intentions of the corporation.
distinctThe study published a distinct disclaimer about the results.
hastyHe offered a hasty disclaimer when the reporter asked him about his involvement in the scandal.
laterUnfortunately, everything was subject to a later disclaimer
oralThe company released a statement with an oral disclaimer that the product had not been tested.
carefulPlease read the careful disclaimer before purchasing the product.
ironicAn ironic disclaimer is often used to highlight the absurdity or hypocrisy of a situation.
verbalThe verbal disclaimer absolved the company of any liability.
obviousThis is an obvious disclaimer The views expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of any other party.
conspicuousThe conspicuous disclaimer at the bottom of the page warned that the information provided was not to be taken as fact.
prefatoryThe prefatory disclaimer set the tone for the rest of the document.
passionateThe author expressed a passionate disclaimer disavowing any responsibility for the reader's interpretation of the work.
vehementThe vehement disclaimer made it clear that the speaker did not endorse the views expressed by the previous speaker.
humble"With all due respect," he said with a humble disclaimer "I think you may be mistaken."
contractualWe drafted a contractual disclaimer to absolve ourselves of any legal liability.
sincereThis letter is written with a sincere disclaimer that all information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
earnestThe earnest disclaimer explained that the results were not to be taken as fact.
impliedThe product comes with an implied disclaimer of warranty.
utterI offer this item with an utter disclaimer of any guarantees.
universalAll information provided is subject to our universal disclaimer
lengthyThis is a lengthy disclaimer
eloquentHer eloquent disclaimer absolved her of any responsibility.
honestIn this honest disclaimer please be aware of any potential conflicts of interest.
elaborateThe contract included an elaborate disclaimer that absolved the company of any liability in case of injury or damage.
curiousThe curious disclaimer at the bottom of the page shed light on the unknown origins of the artifact.
vigorousWhile the factory manager made a vigorous disclaimer about safety, the foreman knew that workers were still cutting corners.

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