Adjectives for Disclosure

Adjectives For Disclosure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing disclosure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'disclosure' comes alive when paired with carefully chosen adjectives, each revealing a different shade of meaning. A 'full disclosure' suggests transparency and completeness, laying all details bare, while a 'self disclosure' emphasizes the personal nature of the information shared. 'Public disclosure' brings the aspect of information being open to the wider community, whereas 'non-disclosure' and 'unauthorized disclosure' highlight the boundaries of secrecy and confidentiality. Each adjective, from 'such' to 'unauthorized,' guides audiences through the complexities and nuances hidden within the act of revealing information. Curious about how other adjectives shape the meaning of 'disclosure'? Explore the full list below to uncover the intricacies each word unveils.
fullIn full disclosure I had lost my phone earlier that day.
selfHer therapist suggested that self disclosure would help her build trust.
publicThe public disclosure of the information led to widespread outrage.
suchSuch disclosure was required by law.
unauthorizedThe unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information put the company at risk.
financialThe company's recent financial disclosure revealed a significant increase in revenue.
completeWe've had complete disclosure for all our results.
voluntaryThe company's voluntary disclosure of its financial records reassured investors.
adequateThe business's annual report provided adequate disclosure of its financial status.
prematureThe premature disclosure of confidential information led to serious consequences.
personalJohn's personal disclosure about his childhood trauma stunned the group.
divineThe divine disclosure brought solace to the troubled soul.
greaterGreater disclosure can help to increase trust in the process.
furtherFurther disclosure of the sensitive information could result in security risks.
mandatoryCertain transactions involving related parties that are completed outside the normal course of business may require mandatory disclosure
corporateThe SEC requires corporate disclosure of material information.
appropriateThe appropriate disclosure of sensitive financial information ensures compliance with regulations.
selectiveThe company's selective disclosure of information has raised concerns among investors.
partialThe company's partial disclosure of its finances raised concerns among investors.
initialThe initial disclosure was made in the prospectus.
openTransparency and communication should be characterized by open disclosure
mutualThe mutual disclosure of personal information fostered trust between the two colleagues.
inadvertentTheir inadvertent disclosure put the whole operation at risk.
improperSharing confidential information without authorization constitutes improper disclosure
frankThe frank disclosure of his feelings surprised her.
timely"Timely disclosure" refers to the obligation of companies to disclose material information to the public in a timely manner.
emotionalThe therapist encouraged her to practice emotional disclosure as a way to cope with her trauma.
compulsoryThe compulsory disclosure of information is required by law.
honestAn honest disclosure is essential for building trust and maintaining relationships.
limitedThe limited disclosure of the confidential document left us with many unanswered questions.
separateThe company must provide separate disclosure of its operations in each business area where it has revenues from unrelated activities that constitute at least 10% of consolidated revenue.
suddenThe sudden disclosure of the secret sent shockwaves through the community.
properThe annual report included proper disclosure of all financial transactions.
fullerFollowing fuller disclosure the results were revised to reflect a higher success rate.
immediateThe immediate disclosure of the information was necessary to prevent further harm.
priorThe prior disclosure of financial information ensured transparency and accountability.
unauthorisedThe unauthorised disclosure of confidential information resulted in serious consequences.
accidentalThe accidental disclosure of sensitive information led to a security breach.
inadequateThe company's inadequate disclosure of material information led to financial losses for investors.
detailedThe company's detailed disclosure was praised by industry analysts.
requiredThe required disclosure must be provided in order to process the application.
gradualDr. Lowell's research on gradual disclosure of personal awareness data uncovered significant patterns in how people share information online.
verbalThe verbal disclosure of personal information can have serious consequences.
subsequentThe subsequent disclosure of the information caused a public outcry.
startlingThe startling disclosure left the audience in shock.
fairHe made a fair disclosure to the company about his new position.
confidentialThis confidential disclosure must remain strictly secret.
sufficientThe financial report provided sufficient disclosure of the company's risks and uncertainties.
extensiveThis document must provide extensive disclosure about the nature of the insurance policy.
promptWe demand prompt disclosure of all documents pertaining to the case.
incompleteThe loan was approved despite the incomplete disclosure of the borrower's financial situation.
inappropriateThe company was found to be in breach of the privacy act for inappropriate disclosure of personal information.
unexpectedThe unexpected disclosure of the secret documents caused a public uproar.
reciprocalReciprocal disclosure is the mutual exchange of personal information between two or more people.
wrongfulThe wrongful disclosure of confidential information can have serious consequences.
footnoteThe footnote disclosure provided additional details about the company's financial performance.
continuousThe continuous disclosure requirement ensures that companies keep the public informed of material events and changes that may affect the value of their shares.
writtenThe company was forced to make a written disclosure of its financial assets.
fullestIn the spirit of fullest disclosure I must confess that I am biased towards the plaintiff.
truthfulAn honest and forthright presentation of relevant information is an example of truthful disclosure
insufficientThe contract was voided due to insufficient disclosure of potential risks.
worldThe world disclosure of the corporation's unethical practices caused an uproar among shareholders.
meaningfulMeaningful disclosure refers to the process of consciously sharing personal information with others.
candidThe candid disclosure of his past mistakes surprised everyone.

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