Adjectives for Discount

Adjectives For Discount

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing discount, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a discount can subtly change the appeal of an offer. A special discount often suggests a unique opportunity, while a substantial discount emphasizes the significant savings a buyer could make. Using heavy or large discounts can convey the idea of an unbeatable offer, creating a sense of urgency among potential customers. On the other hand, an original discount might hint at a more creative or unique saving opportunity, differentiating it from regular sales. Each adjective paints a different picture in the consumer's mind, highlighting various aspects of the savings involved. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'discount' for more nuanced ways to promote your offers.
lessI'm sorry to inform you that your recent purchase is not eligible for the less discount unfortunately.
specialTake advantage of our special discount and save big on your next purchase.
substantialThe company offers a substantial discount to its loyal customers.
heavyYou can buy the latest smartphone at a heavy discount if you act fast.
originalThe original discount of the product is 30%.
largeThe store offered a large discount on all electronics.
forwardA forward discount is a situation where the forward price of a currency is lower than the spot price.
deepI took advantage of the deep discount on the winter coats.
unamortizedThe unamortized discount on the bond is $50,000.
liberalI got a liberal discount on my new car.
considerableThe appliance store is offering a considerable discount on washing machines this week.
smallI received a small discount on my purchase.
averageThe average discount on this item is 10%.
additionalYou can get an additional discount if you order more than 10 items.
trueThe true discount on a 60-day note with a face amount of $1,000 and a bank discount rate of 6% is $10.
significantThis item is available at a significant discount for a limited time.
usualHe got the product with the usual discount
singleThe store offered a single discount of 20% on all items.
bigI got a big discount on my new car.
totalThe total discount for the order was 10%.
seniorSarah saved a lot of money on her tickets because of her senior discount
extraI was able to get an extra discount on the already discounted price
greaterI would like to purchase the item with a greater discount
slightI was able to get a slight discount on the new car.
largerWith a larger discount the product is more attractive.
maximumI bought a new watch at a maximum discount of 50%.
appropriateI am eligible to get an appropriate discount on the purchase.
steepWe purchased these winter boots at a steep discount of 50% off.
furtherI'll offer you a further discount if you buy two more items.
higherI got it with a higher discount than what the app offered.
commercialThe commercial discount was applied to the total price of the purchase.
ruinousThe ruinous discount bankrupted the company.
regularThe regular discount of 10% applies to all purchases.
hugeI got a huge discount on my new car.
unearnedThe unearned discount is recorded as a liability until the related revenue is recognized.
standardWe offer a standard discount of 10% for all customers.
generousThe store offered a generous discount on all items.
functionalThe functional discount was applied to the final purchase price.
reasonableI got this product for a reasonable discount
professionalThe store offered a professional discount on all items purchased by teachers.
timeThe new car's time discount makes it more affordable to own.
enormousWe offer an enormous discount on our products for a limited time.
largestShe received the largest discount on her new car.
smallerThe smaller discount was very convenient for the tourist.
wholesaleWe offer a wholesale discount for bulk orders of over 100 items.
educationalStudents can take advantage of the educational discount when purchasing a laptop.
centA cent discount is given to customers who pay in cash.
annualI'm not sure how much the annual discount is, but I know it's a significant saving.
minimumThe minimum discount on this product is 10%.
biggerI can get a bigger discount if I buy in bulk.
cumulativeThe cumulative discount applied to the customer's order brought the total cost down by 10%.
seasonalThe store is running a seasonal discount on all winter clothing.
equivalentThe equivalent discount is applied to all customers.
heftyShe was able to buy a new laptop with a hefty discount
sizableThe store is currently offering a sizable discount on all items.
netThe customer received a net discount of 10% on their purchase.
promptThe customer was given a prompt discount for their early payment.
retailThe retail discount on the new phone was 15%.
tremendousYou should take advantage of the tremendous discount from this online shop.
customaryThe customary discount is applied to all purchases made by employees.
modestWe can offer you a modest discount on the purchase of this item.
correspondingCustomers will receive a corresponding discount for their loyalty.
fixedThe customer received a fixed discount of 10% on their purchase.
dueThe payment is due discount soon.
flatThe customer is given a flat discount of 10% on all purchases.

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