Adjectives for Discounts

Adjectives For Discounts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing discounts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe discounts can significantly impact the perception of your offer. A special discount may imply exclusivity, while a substantial discount suggests a meaningful reduction in price. Opt for large to highlight the size of the savings, or deep to emphasize an impressive cut. Don't forget senior discounts which cater specifically to the elderly, showcasing respect and consideration. A significant discount, on the other hand, underscores the noteworthy value offered. Each adjective paints a distinct picture, inviting different reactions and emotional responses. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives for discounts and discover how to best articulate the value of your deals.
specialI am eligible for special discounts on my purchase.
substantialThe store offered substantial discounts on all clearance items.
largeThe store is offering large discounts on all their items.
deepShop early and take advantage of deep discounts
significantThe store is offering significant discounts on all items this weekend.
lessThe store offered less discounts than usual.
largerThey offered larger discounts to those who bought in bulk.
bigThe store is offering big discounts on all items this weekend.
additionalYou can utilize your membership points to receive additional discounts
successiveThe store offered successive discounts on the product, first 20% and then 10%.
heavyThey offered heavy discounts on all their products.
higherWe offered higher discounts to our loyal customers.
functionalThe company offered functional discounts to its customers based on the volume of their purchases.
hugeWe offer huge discounts on all items today!
seasonalTake advantage of seasonal discounts to save money on your favorite items.
commercialWe were able to get commercial discounts on the bulk purchase of office equipment.
greaterWe offer greater discounts to our loyal customers.
steepLooking forward to the steep discounts for the upcoming holiday season!
liberalWe are offering liberal discounts to our loyal customers.
availableCheck if there are any available discounts by contacting customer service.
furtherCustomers who order before the 1st of August will enjoy further discounts
generousThe store is offering generous discounts on all items this weekend.
extraTake advantage of our extra discounts to save money on your next purchase.
promotionalThe promotional discounts for the holiday season have started.
usualOur prices are already marked below the usual discounts
betterCustomers in the loyalty program can get better discounts on their purchases.
attractiveThe store is offering attractive discounts on all items.
cumulativeWe offered our repeat customers cumulative discounts on all their purchases.
seasonTake advantage of our generous season discounts and save big on your next purchase.
corporateBusinesses can often secure corporate discounts on travel and other expenses.
unearnedThe company's unearned discounts increased by $1 million during the quarter.
secretUnlock exclusive secret discounts only available to our valued customers.
quantityThe store offers quantity discounts on purchases of ten units or more.
educationalStudents can take advantage of educational discounts on software and other items.
excellentThe store is offering excellent discounts on all items this weekend.
appropriateApplying appropriate discounts the total comes to $45.
averageThe store is offering average discounts of 20% on all items.
maximumTake advantage of our maximum discounts for a limited time.
biggerThe store is offering bigger discounts on all items.
bulkWe offer bulk discounts on orders over $100.
deeperWe can offer you deeper discounts if you buy in bulk.
wholesaleWe offer wholesale discounts to businesses that purchase in bulk.
excessiveThe company was forced to stop offering excessive discounts on its products.
followingSome customers are not eligible for the following discounts
applicableThe company offers applicable discounts to all its employees.
smallerThe store offers smaller discounts for bulk purchases.
discriminatoryThe store's discriminatory discounts were found to be illegal.
retailI took advantage of the retail discounts to buy the shoes I wanted.
sizableThe store is offering sizable discounts on all items this weekend.
purchaseThe company is expected to take advantage of any purchase discounts available.
customaryCustomers took advantage of the customary discounts at the furniture store during the holiday season.
forwardForward discounts are used to hedge against the risk of future currency fluctuations.
preferentialWe were offered preferential discounts on the hotel due to our loyalty.
favorableI am eligible for favorable discounts on my insurance premiums because of my safe driving record.
multipleThe store is offering multiple discounts on all their products this week.
promptDon't miss the prompt discounts on our new products!
heftyCustomers can take advantage of hefty discounts on various items.
weeklySign up for our weekly discounts and stay up-to-date on flash sales.
endThe store will end discounts on all items after the sale.
monthlyThe store offers monthly discounts for loyalty members.
enormousThe store is offering enormous discounts on everything this weekend.
competitiveCustomers can avail competitive discounts on all products.

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