Adjectives for Discretion

Adjectives For Discretion

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing discretion, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

When we talk about 'discretion', the adjectives preceding it can significantly alter its understanding and implication. Utilizing 'own discretion' suggests a personal or individual judgment, emphasizing autonomy. 'Judicial discretion', on the other hand, hints at the legal context, where decisions are made based on law and justice. Words like 'wide' and 'considerable' underscore the extent or magnitude of discretion, suggesting a substantial latitude in decision-making. Moreover, 'administrative discretion' introduces a bureaucratic or organizational dimension, focusing on policy and procedural decisions within institutions.Each adjective surrounding 'discretion' invites us into a nuanced exploration of authority, choice, and judgment. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that shape our comprehension of discretion below.
ownThe manager has the own discretion to decide whether to approve the project or not.
judicialThe judge exercised judicial discretion in determining the appropriate sentence.
wideThe manager has wide discretion in making hiring decisions.
administrativeThe administrative discretion of the agency allowed it to make exceptions to the rule.
considerableThe CEO has considerable discretion over the company's budget.
moreThe manager was given more discretion in the handling of the matter.
soundHe used sound discretion while making that decision.
greatThe politician handled the sensitive information with great discretion
broadThe CEO has broad discretion in making decisions about the company's investments.
muchThe decision was made with much discretion
soleThe company has the sole discretion to decide on the winner.
absoluteOur accounting team has absolute discretion over the financial statements.
littleThe boss has little discretion over who gets promoted.
greaterThe department head has greater discretion in making decisions about hiring and firing.
managerialThe manager exercised his managerial discretion to allow the employee to work from home.
completeThe director acted with complete discretion in making the decision.
legislativeThe court found that the legislative discretion granted to the agency was broad enough to allow it to promulgate the regulation in question.
fullThe decision will be made at the court's full discretion
individualThe policy allows for individual discretion in applying the rules.
localThe matter is left to local discretion
executiveThe mayor's executive discretion allowed him to allocate funds to the city's most pressing needs.
personalThe decision was left to the personal discretion of the manager.
unfetteredThe judge was given unfettered discretion in sentencing the defendant.
prosecutorialThe prosecutor exercised prosecutorial discretion in deciding not to pursue charges.
utmostHe handled the matter with utmost discretion
unlimitedThe court granted the arbitrator unlimited discretion to determine the remedy for the breach of contract.
professionalThe lawyer exercised professional discretion when deciding whether to disclose the client's confidential information.
wiseThe judge handled the sensitive case with wise discretion
lessThe mayor acted with less discretion when he announced his plans to run for president.
arbitraryThe judge's arbitrary discretion in sentencing defendants is a source of concern for many legal reformers.
substantialThe judge has substantial discretion in sentencing the convicted felon.
bureaucraticThe bureaucratic discretion granted to the agency allowed it to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.
reasonableThe CEO gave his subordinates reasonable discretion in making decisions.
greatestUse your greatest discretion when dealing with this sensitive information.
officialThe official discretion used in this case was within the established parameters.
presidentialThe President's use of presidential discretion was widely criticized.
limitedThe authorities had limited discretion due to strict guidelines
uncontrolledThe judge displayed uncontrolled discretion when sentencing the defendants.
sufficientThe leader must have sufficient discretion to make important decisions.
legalThe judge has legal discretion to impose a sentence within a range defined by statute.
extremeHandle this urgent matter with extreme discretion
dueThe information was handled with due discretion
widerThe court granted the judge wider discretion in sentencing.
unbridledThe king wielded his unbridled discretion to banish the dissenter.
usualShe behaved with her usual discretion when she spoke.
ministerialThe judge granted ministerial discretion to the prosecutor in the sentencing of the defendant.
parentalParental discretion is advised for this film due to brief stints of strong language and violence.
editorialThe publisher reserves the right to exercise editorial discretion in the selection and presentation of material.
enormousHe has enormous discretion over how he spends the money.
regulatoryThe regulatory discretion exercised by the government was both necessary and appropriate.
equitableThe judge used equitable discretion to ensure a fair outcome in the case.
admirableShe demonstrated admirable discretion when handling the sensitive information.
rareWith rare discretion she chose the perfect outfit for the occasion.
maximumWe ask for maximum discretion on this matter.
statutoryThe court's statutory discretion allowed it to consider the defendant's mitigating circumstances when sentencing.
ampleThe judge has ample discretion in sentencing.
widestThe board of directors has the widest discretion in matters of corporate governance.
excessiveThe CEO's excessive discretion in firing employees has led to several wrongful termination lawsuits.
extraordinaryThe agent carried out their mission with extraordinary discretion
sovereignThe court exercised its sovereign discretion in dismissing the case.
singularThe decision was made at the manager's singular discretion
wholesomeThe doctor used his wholesome discretion to protect the patient's privacy.
governmentalThe local government exercised its governmental discretion in granting the permit.

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