Adjectives for Discs

Adjectives For Discs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing discs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe discs can significantly impact the perceivability and understanding of the context they're used in. Whether it's the compact size of a portable gadget, the optic technology behind advanced equipment, the simple yet essential small size for minimalistic designs, the developmental stages of imaginal discs in biology, the circular shape defining many objects in our universe, or the critical intervertebral discs in our bodies, each adjective unveils a unique aspect of the noun. Explore the full list of adjectives below to discover the multifaceted nature of discs.
compactI have a collection of compact discs from the 1990s.
opticThe doctor examined the patient's optic discs with an ophthalmoscope.
smallThe tiny ants were carrying small discs of green leaves back to their nest.
imaginalThese imaginal discs will develop later into the adult fly's external structures.
circularThe circular discs were spinning rapidly.
intervertebralIntervertebral discs provide cushioning and support between the vertebrae in the spine.
optical"John searched his desk for any optical discs that contained the data he needed."
herniatedI was diagnosed with herniated discs in my lower back due to heavy lifting.
flatThe flying discs were flat discs
intercalatedCardiac muscle cells, known as cardiomyocytes, connect to each other via highly organized structures called intercalated discs
lumbarThe lumbar discs are located in the lower back and provide cushioning between the vertebrae.
thinThe thin discs rotated rapidly on the spindle.
redTwo red discs had been placed in the center of the painting.
cervicalThe cervical discs are located between the vertebrae in the neck.
roundThe students are sawing round discs of wood.
inch"The tip of the round bar is turned to a diameter of 5 inches and is formed with 1 inch discs for 4 inches of the length."
magneticMagnetic discs are a data storage device used in computers.
blackThe sunlight glinted off of the black discs
whiteThe white discs glittered in the sunlight.
hardI need to buy some new hard discs for my computer.
normalA physical examination of the neck showed no masses, and a chest X-ray film and CT scan revealed normal discs
rupturedThe patient's back pain was caused by ruptured discs
perforatedThe perforated discs used in the process were carefully aligned.
woodenShe used wooden discs as coasters for the glasses.
digitalWe store our movies and music on digital discs
plasticThe child tossed the plastic discs into the air.
bloodThe blood discs were swimming in a sea of plasma.
rpmThe RPM discs were spinning rapidly in the player.
chokedThe doctor noticed he had swollen, choked discs at the back of his eyes from increased intracranial pressure.
thickThe thick discs of the galaxy are thought to be the remnants of an early merger event.
floppyHe inserted the floppy discs into the computer.
adhesiveThe gecko has adhesive discs on its feet that allow it to climb walls.
laserMy dad used to collect laser discs
biconcaveThe red blood cells are biconcave discs that carry oxygen throughout the body.
adjacentThe adjacent discs slid smoothly against each other.
shapedThe shaped discs were arranged in a circle on the tabletop.
solidThe team used wooden solid discs to create the set.
colouredThe biologist used coloured discs to study the reaction times of fruit flies.
blankHe had blank discs in his stereo.
largerThey have larger discs that weigh over 20 lbs.
audioI have a collection of audio discs that I listen to in my car.
coloredThe colored discs were spinning rapidly.
separateThe data was stored on separate discs
standardThey used standard discs for the competition.
multipleThe stack had multiple discs
smallerThe smaller discs fit perfectly inside the larger ones.
abrasiveThe abrasive discs were used to smooth the rough edges of the metal.
paleThe pale discs of the full moon hung low in the night sky.
yellowThe sunflowers had large, yellow discs in the center.
ceramicShe had to make sure the ceramic discs were assembled correctly.
likeThe images appeared like discs
metallicThe metallic discs were spinning rapidly, creating a hypnotic effect.
tinyI stared at the tiny discs as the laser beam danced across their surface.
sidedThe vinyl record was composed of black sided discs
parallelThe parallel discs were spinning rapidly.
ovalThe oval discs appeared on the radar screen.
prolapsedThe doctor diagnosed him with prolapsed discs and severe nerve damage.
antibioticThe doctor used antibiotic discs to test the bacteria's resistance to different drugs.
goldenThe golden discs were discovered in a cave filled with ancient artifacts.
outerThe outer discs of the nearby galaxy are too faint to see.
metalThe metal discs were spinning rapidly, creating a hypnotic effect.
greenThe shimmering green discs floated gracefully through the air.
degeneratedDegenerated discs in the spine can cause chronic pain.
frontI used my front discs to grind down the stump.
videoWe watched the movie on one of the video discs
porousThe porous discs allow for easy flow of water.
sunThe ancient Egyptians often decorated their temples with sun discs
thoracicThe thoracic discs provide support for the upper spine and may become a source of pain if damaged.
plainThe table was set with plain discs and silverware.
flexibleHe used to store his data on flexible discs
spinalIt is important to keep your spinal discs healthy by exercising regularly and maintaining a good posture.
coatedThe rubber-coated discs made a loud clatter as they fell to the floor.

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