Adjectives for Discussion

Adjectives For Discussion

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing discussion, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a discussion can subtly change its tone and intention. A further discussion implies continuation and depth, suggesting there is more to explore or review. A detailed discussion indicates a comprehensive and precise examination of the topic, leaving no stone unturned. On the other hand, a general discussion provides a broad overview, perhaps lacking in specifics but useful for a wider audience. A brief discussion, meanwhile, suggests a concise and to-the-point conversation, efficient and focused. The word much can emphasize the intensity or volume of the dialogue, while a full discussion connotes a complete, thorough exploration of the subject. Each adjective nuances the nature of the discourse, inviting readers to consider the depth and angle of the conversation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives tailored for 'discussion' below.
detailedThe detailed discussion covered all aspects of the project.
generalDuring the general discussion attendees had the chance to ask questions and share their perspectives.
briefWe had a brief discussion about the project.
muchThere was much discussion about the new policy.
fullThe full discussion took place over the course of several days.
presentThe present discussion of quantum mechanics is based on the work of Max Planck.
publicThe public discussion about the new law was heated.
previousWe refer you to our previous discussion and give you the details.
fullerI plan to discuss the details in a fuller discussion that I'll call you about next week.
foregoingThe foregoing discussion has provided a comprehensive overview of the topic.
completeThe complete discussion includes the context and all the responses.
earlierWe can conclude our earlier discussion
longWe had a long discussion about the project's timeline.
extensiveThe extensive discussion yielded a consensus among the participants.
excellentThis was an excellent discussion and I learned a lot.
thoroughWe had a thorough discussion about the project's requirements.
freeThe students engaged in a free discussion about the topic.
extendedWe engaged in an extended discussion about the implications of the new policy.
considerableAfter considerable discussion they decided to go with the first option.
openLet's have an open discussion about the project.
criticalThe critical discussion highlighted the need for further research.
recentI've been following the recent discussion on the forum.
seriousWe had a serious discussion about the future of our relationship.
subsequentThe committee's subsequent discussion was marked by a high degree of consensus.
theoreticalThe author provides an in-depth theoretical discussion on the subject.
lengthyThe lengthy discussion lasted for hours and covered a wide range of topics.
comprehensiveWe had a comprehensive discussion about the future of the company.
livelyThe lively discussion lasted for several hours.
usefulWe had a useful discussion about the future of the company.
philosophicalThis philosophical discussion delves into the complexities of human existence and the nature of reality.
heatedThere was a heated discussion between the two sides.
informalWe engaged in an informal discussion about the project's progress.
additionalWe will need to have additional discussion on this topic before making a final decision.
preliminaryThe preliminary discussion covered the main points of the project.
frankThey had a frank discussion about the company's future.
depthWe engaged in a thorough depth discussion on the topic.
animatedThe animated discussion lasted for hours, covering a wide range of topics.
theologicalThe theological discussion lasted for hours, but they couldn't reach a consensus.
elaborateMy elaborate discussion about the topic included extensive research and analysis.
rationalLet's engage in a rational discussion to find a mutually acceptable solution.
helpfulThey had a helpful discussion about the future of the company.
technicalThe team engaged in a technical discussion regarding the project's implementation.
academicThe academic discussion explored the complexities of the issue.
valuableThank you for the valuable discussion today.
ongoingThe ongoing discussion has not yielded any consensus.
contemporaryContemporary discussion can help us make informed decisions about the topics that affect our lives.
carefulThe careful discussion led to a better understanding of the issue.
stimulatingThe stimulating discussion engaged the audience and sparked a lively debate.
illuminatingThe illuminating discussion shed light on the complex issue.
exhaustiveThe school had an exhaustive discussion over the new rules.
explicitThe teacher's explicit discussion of the novel's themes helped the students understand it better.
scholarlyThe scholarly discussion focused on the implications of the recent findings.
adequateHe provided adequate discussion in his response to the accusations.
intenseDuring the intense discussion opposing viewpoints clashed fiercely.
introductoryThe introductory discussion was thought-provoking.
broaderThe broader discussion about the future of the company will take place next week.
systematicThe systematic discussion of the pros and cons of the proposal was extensive.
endlessThere was endless discussion about the best way to proceed.
thoughtfulThe thoughtful discussion explored the nuances of the complex issue.
meaningfulLet's engage in a meaningful discussion to exchange ideas and perspectives.
intelligentIntelligent discussion fostered a better understanding among the team members.
prolongedThe prolonged discussion led to a resolution that satisfied both parties.

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